Microfiber towel's substitute

What To Use Instead Of A Microfiber Towel For Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, the microfiber is unarguably the preferred go-to tool for households, cars, hospitals, wherever. Their super ...
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Discolored towels

Why Do Towels Get Discolored?

Seeing a possession of yours do a swift switch from its natural color into one unrecognizable, faded-looking material is one ...
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Hot water and microfibre towels

Can You Wash Microfiber Towels In Hot Water?

Proper care of your microfiber towels is not negotiable if you desire to enjoy its superior cleaning quality for a ...
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Is Shamwow Microfiber?

Is Shamwow Microfiber? Shamwow’s can be placed in the category of microfibers with a very low quality. You know how ...
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Is washing microfiber towels before use needed

Do You Need To Wash Microfiber Towels Before Use?

Do You Need To Wash Microfiber Towels Before Use? As a rule, the microfiber is meant to be washed before ...
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Wax on microfiber towels

How To Get Wax Out Of Microfiber Towels In Seconds

There is always that microfiber towel that is specifically reserved or bought to handle the ‘dirty’ jobs. But, the fact ...
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Urine smell in towels

How To Get Urine Smell Out Of Towels In Seconds

When we get questions like this, we begin to imagine the correlation between a towel and urine. But that is ...
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Lint on microfiber cloths

How To Get Lint Off Microfiber Cloths In Seconds

This is a very important question considering that the essence of microfibre cloths is to scrub, take off dirt and ...
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Will i scratch my car with microfiber towels

Do Microfiber Towels Scratch Car Paint?

Is a microfiber cloth capable of scratching? I mean can that seemingly smooth and delicate-looking silky=like material that feels so ...
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Microfiber towels reviving

How To Revive Microfiber Towels Quickly In 2022

It is often repeated that, proper care of your microfiber towels would make them serve you for long. But, what ...
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Microfibre towels storing

How To Store Microfiber Towels The Right Way In 2022

Proper storage of your microfiber towels has immense benefits and greatly contributes to maintaining its durability. Well-organized storage of the ...
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Debris on microfiber towels

How To Remove Debris From Microfiber Towels Easily

Debris!!! Those waste remains of anything you can think about, are not what should be closely associated with a microfiber ...
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Weight of paper towel

How Much Does A Paper Towel Weigh? 

How Much Does A Paper Towel Weigh? This is far from being a straightforward question and here is the reason why: ...
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How long is a paper tower roll

How Long Is A Roll Of Paper Towels?

Paper Towels are being sought every day because they come in handy and serve many purposes; from wiping spills and ...
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Is wax appliable with microfiber towel

Can You Apply Wax With A Microfiber Towel?

It is a fact that microfiber towels are a bunch of multipurpose and multifunctional cleaning tools but, can they really ...
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