How To Unclog A Toilet Clogged With Paper Towels

Why Are My Gray Towels Turning Oran...
Why Are My Gray Towels Turning Orange?
How To Unclog A Toilet Clogged With Paper Towels

What a mess. Wonder why toilet papers with the clear inscription ‘toilet’ are overlooked and paper towels made to take their place?  A clogged toilet is one of the most frustrating situations ever. A lot of things are affected when a toilet is clogged. The sewer, the drainage, and the whole toilet pretty much stop … Read more

How Do You Dry Towels In A Camper? 

How do you dry towels in a camper

Camper vans fall under the large umbrella called recreational vehicles specially designed as a mobile home providing the same comfort and sometimes, the luxury of an actual home. Under this RV umbrella also the likes of coaches, caravans, pop-up campers, truck campers, motor homes and so many more can be found.  They are mostly used … Read more

Why Are My Towels Fraying? 

Why are my towels fraying

Urg! What an ugly sight to behold. Towels looking strained, with the threads loosing, coupled with different tear here and there especially at the edges can be classified under one of the most irritating sights ever.  Why do towels fray? Could it be that they are old and tired? or it has something to do … Read more