Why Do Towels Get Discolored?

Why Are My Gray Towels Turning Oran...
Why Are My Gray Towels Turning Orange?
Why do towels get discolored

Seeing a possession of yours do a swift switch from its natural color into one unrecognizable, faded-looking material is one of the most unpleasant things ever. When the color suddenly turns dull especially when it is actually not so old and then those patches? No, don’t even get me started with those irritating patches that … Read more

Is Shamwow Microfiber?

Is shamwow microfiber

Is Shamwow Microfiber? Shamwow’s can be placed in the category of microfibers with a very low quality. You know how some materials are called microfibers but are not exactly like microfibers? That is just what the Shamwow is. The ShamWow is surprisingly very absorbent, but just like any other material asides from the microfiber, you … Read more