Do Towel Warmers Use A Lot Of Electricity?

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Do Towel Warmers Use A Lot Of Electricity? By their designs and special features, towel warmers do not use much electricity to operate, unlike many other electric heaters.

For this reason, they are said to affect your electricity bill as little as possible even in situations where you leave them on for long periods regularly.

Electrity consumption on towel warmers

This is a most welcome characteristic for the simple fact that, should they consume much electricity, they will be more likely to scorch or ruin the towels.

To furnish you with a little more detail, most common towel warmers use only about 100 to 200 watts of electricity after every hour.

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In addition, electrically heated towel rails operate more or less like any other electric heater as well. Therefore, they can be turned either on or off with not more than just a flick of their switches.

The towel rails are said to also avoid the issue of having to turn on the rest of the central heating system in the house. All the same, they can be expensive to run mainly as a result of the power needs of the heated element in them.

Notably, the heated towel rails are some of the most neglected appliances. Although they cannot be said to use much power or electricity, these rails still operate at rates ranging from about 60 to 80 Watts, and the majority of them are operated for almost 24 hours every day, which is time enough to dry your towels and other garments many times over.

Because hydronic water warmers use the existing hot water supply in the house, which also does not put much demand on the water heater, they are categorized among some of the most energy-efficient gadgets.

It is also known that the water that runs in them is mostly returned to its parent source to warm once again, which makes them very water efficient as well.

Electric towel rails have an average cost of operation of around 15 cents each day, based on the national electricity rates.

However, this projected cost can vary depending on the price of power supply in the place where you live or stay. For reduced electricity bills and easy installation, the electric plug-in towel warmers are specifically recommended since they are also quick to install without the need for much expertise.

All in all, electric towel rails are, for the most part, safe, very efficient, and also cost-effective heating sources too. These gadgets are purposely manufactured for use in bathrooms.

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How can you tell if a towel warmer uses much electricity?

It is easy to know whether your towel rail uses too much electricity or not. The commonest means is by analyzing or comparing any surge in the bills effective from when you installed the towel warmer.

In addition, the electric meter reading can also give you a good idea of whether or not your gadget is consuming much power too.

Although it is said that these towel warmers use much less electricity such that your bill may not be increased, all the same, you should know your towel warmer is bound to consume more electricity based on the length of time you leave on.

How much electricity is consumed by the towel warmer?

In truth, a typical towel warmer does not consume much electricity when compared to other electric heaters in the house which we use regularly.

Mostly, they do not use more than 40 to 100 Watts of electricity every one hour. This wattage can add up with time,  especially if you operate multiple items in the house that consume a relatively small amount of electricity.

Another angle we can look at this question is based on cost as well. To this effect, electric towel warmers, based on the average national electricity rate, can cost about 15 cents for a whole 24 hours.

However, this cost will most likely change depending on the price of power tariff in the place you live or stay. Conversely, electric plug-in towel warmers are especially very easy to install even without much experience or help.

Most of these towel rails operate at between 60 to 80 Watts for the whole day, which is enough time to dry several bales of other garments.

Can I reduce the electricity consumed by a towel rail?

Whether it is by a negligible or small amount, one way you can reduce the electricity consumption of your towel rail is by first, reducing the length of time it stays on.

This is very important because, the longer they stay working, the more the electricity consumed will increase, and the higher your electric bill will be as well.

Should your towel warmer be equipped with an electric thermostat, you can regulate the length of time it stays on.  Secondly, you can also cut down on any excessive electricity consumption tariff by purchasing a unit that is said to have a very friendly electricity consumption history.

A quick inquiry about this need from their customer service or any specialist on how to cut expenses will also help.

In addition to what was discussed above on reducing power consumption, there are still other measures you can adopt to achieve the same result.

One, you should purchase timers for the towel rails which will enable them to come either on or off automatically at the times you have chosen and set it.

Two, you should remember to turn off the gadget when not in use since the unit can complete its task in about just two hours.

What happens to my electricity if I use the towel warmer overnight?

Although it has been established that the electric towel warmer does not use much electricity to operate, they still do not consume much even when you leave them in operation overnight.

At least, we are aware that their rates of power consumption is very minimal and hardly enough to cause any inflation of the bills. This means that even when they are left to operate overnight, they do not consume much electricity.


Should heated towel rails be left on?

These heating equipment have been specially designed to consume much less energy, and for that reason, there ought to be no reason why they should not be left to operate for 24 hours without any fear.

However, the issue is much more than that. For instance, it is only logical to expect sudden malfunctions or disrepair in any electric gadget at home or elsewhere, particularly when they are left to operate continuously without monitoring.

Sometimes, the electric towel rail can burst up in flame when it is overheated or when you leave it on for too long. Despite this consolatory recommendation, it is best if you switch them off after drying your cloth or whenever you are leaving the house for anywhere.

This is judged as a safe practice and a  preventive measure, just in case. All in all, you should not leave your electric towel rail on for any long period. Hence, you should turn them off once you are done drying.

How effective are heated towel rails?

As far as the purpose for which they are constructed is concerned, electric towel rails are as effective as any other gadget we use at home.

One, they can very effectively dry up your towel and warm them in just a matter of minutes. Second, they can help in warming up the room in which they are kept too.

Three, regardless of how long you use them, they have a most friendly electricity consumption rate. Although depending on the quantities and sizes of the towels you plan to warm up, still, you can make the gadget more effective by choosing which to buy correctly, since there are different types. Therefore, electric towel rails are very effective indeed.

Can I convert my towel rail to electric?

Usually, most electric towel radiators and heated towel rails or warmers are initially produced and designed so that they can be a component of a central heating system.

Therefore, most of them can be readily converted to electric uses as well. To execute this conversion, rather than purchasing a new pair of valves, you should simply buy an electric heating element along with a blanking plug. So, yes, you can convert your towel rail to electric.

Do Towel Warmers Use A Lot Of Electricity – Conclusion

Electrically heated rails are simply great when it comes to warming your towels and other garments as well as the room in which the rails are accommodated.

In just a matter of a couple of minutes, they can effectively warm and dry your towels perfectly. What is more, the rate of their power consumption is unbelievably low such that even after continuous operation for a month, these electric rails will not increase your bills by any significant amount.

Still, there are ways or means through which you can further increase their power economy by installing timers, turning them off after every use rather than leaving them on perpetually.

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