Are Towels Considered Linens?

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A lot of household items that we often use are made with linen, but does it include towels? Well, you’ll discover these and many more in this article.

Linen Towels

So, Are Towels Considered Linens? Of course, towels are considered to be linens, as a matter of fact, all home materials items that are used frequently are considered as linen. Household items such as table garments, napkins, bedspreads, pillow cloths, including towels are regarded as linen.

Most times, linen is also called church linens which is the fabric used on church altars. More questions on linens and other types of towels will be discussed in this article as promised earlier.


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Why are towels referred to as linen?

Towels were referred to as linen from the 18th century as towels have been in several patterns for centuries. In those centuries, towels like tea towels and napkins were made in the UK with linen materials, however, napkins and tea towels are recently made with materials such as polyester and cotton other than linen.

These materials are used to make the maintenance, porosity, and toughness of the towels easy. Although there are still tea towels made with linens, they are no longer embroidered like in the decades, but they are still beautiful enough to fit your kitchen and tables. 

What are linen clothes?

Linen clothes are 100% biological fibres produced from flax baits. However, this linen isn’t what your shower towel is made with.

Flax baits are exceptionally reliable, absorbent, and dry up quicker than cotton material. Due to these exceptional features of linen, they are used to produce summer costumes, and also tea towels.

Linens are used to make napkins, tablecloths, and the old handkerchief. The only con of a linen material is that it wrinkles when mishandled, and you’d have to iron it.

However, this linen handkerchief is mostly found in men’s pockets, and it fits their dressing. It can also be used for the other gender because it’s in different styles. 

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What other materials are towels made from?

The modern towels are made with different materials such as Turkish elegant cotton fabric, polyester, bamboo, Pima cotton, microfiber, and linens.

These materials have different features that are focused on. For instance, if you need a very fluffy towel, purchase towels made with bamboo.

While if you need total porosity, you can purchase towels made with Turkish and Pima cotton. Also, if you need a durable towel for your daily exercise, you can purchase towels made with polyester. Below are the towels you can purchase. 

Porous towel

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These luxury towels are made from 100% ring-spun cotton. They are mostly found in spas and at hotels. These towels are extra-large, super thick, and extra fluffy.  Other features of these towels are below.


  • Thickness- Due to the material used (ring-spun cotton), these towels are thick and they are called luxury towels. Though it’s thick, it is gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Absorbency- These towels are water absorbent. Also, there are about 4 large towels in the sets. They make it easy to wrap yourself after a hot or cold shower.
  • Colours- Aside from the effectiveness of a towel, you need one with good colour and design. Who doesn’t love nice colours? These towels are in different colours. Although the colour you pick is what you find in the 4 sets. The colours make you feel like royalty. 
  • Carry bag- Carrying these towels in your hands can be stressful, may be inappropriate. This towel brand has made it easy for you by including Carry bags for your towels. So, if you have to go to the sauna with your towel, you can fold it in the carry bag with some other things you’d be needing. 


  • Works great for water absorption.
  • Gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Extra Large, super thick, and fluffy.
  • Carry bags are included. 
  • Available in luxurious colours and designs. 
  • Durable and giftable. 


  • The colours could start fading after three showers. 

Fluffy towel

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These are soft towels made from natural materials. They are uniquely made for all genders, and they are super large. These bamboo Bathroom Towels have a lot of amazing features. Below are the features.


  • Materials- These towels are made in two different materials such as 60% natural bamboo and 40% premium cotton. However, they are called bamboo towels. The mixture of bamboo and cotton is good which makes the towel soft and gentle.
  • Soft and thick- These towels are in 3 sets- 1 pc of a washcloth, 1 pc of hand towel, and 1 pc of Bath Towel. These towels are soft and super thick. Most especially the bath towel is big enough to wrap yourself after your shower. 
  • Porosity- Although these towels are soft, they are also porous. This is due to the high percentage of bamboo used for the towel. Naturally, bamboo is highly absorbent. 
  • Odour resistant- Another fantastic feature about these towels is that they are odour resistant. It remains fresh after use. Plus, they are suitable for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. It is also very comfortable and makes you feel refreshed after your bath. 


  • They are anti-fungal and hypo-allergenic.
  • Unique and eco-friendly.
  • Gentle on any kind of skin.
  • Produced with natural materials. 
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Highly Absorbent.


  • It is heavy.

Easy to maintain towel

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This is for those who need towels that can be easy to maintain and also durable after a lot of use. These towels are super easy to wash, and they have other features that make them unique. Below are the features.


  • Materials- These towels are made with Microfibers with a soft and gentle feeling against your skin when in use.  
  • Easy to maintain- The material used makes it easy to maintain after use. The fabric makes the towels fluffy and durable.
  • Lightweight- These towels are lightweight and comfortable when you use them after your bath. It is also available in different colours. 


  • They are soft and absorbent.
  • Durable after several uses. 
  • Lightweight unlike other types of towels.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Unique designs and colours. 


  • Too thick.


Which fabric is more absorbent cotton or linen?

Both cotton and linen are 100% absorbent since water makes both linen and cotton strong. However, cotton is a little bit more absorbent than linen. For instance, cotton can hold 55% of water, and linen is 45% of water.

The two fabrics are used to produce towels, however, recent towels are mostly made with cotton fabrics because of their absorbency

Linen is used for a lot of luxurious pieces of cloth as they get softer and more luxurious the more you use them. They don’t break down as much as cotton after frequent use.

How often should you wash your linen?

How often you wash your linen clothes depends on a lot of things, but it mostly depends on the type of linen you are using. Professionals advise that you wash your linen every week. For bedsheets, towels, and napkins, you should wash them weekly as advised.

However, you can still wash your linen after every two weeks of use, only if you don’t sleep on your bed every night. You might ask how possible is that? Well, it can be possible for those that work overnight. 

Are linen considered pillows? 

Yes, linens are considered a pillow. Naturally, linens are known to be sheets, tablecloths, napkins, and pillows. You can change your pillowcases after using them for a week. Also, you can put out the used towels and set new ones in.

As aforementioned, almost all household items are considered pillows. All towels except bath towels aren’t made with linens, they are mostly made with cotton or bamboo. However, linens are luxurious when used for other items. 

Are Towels Considered Linens – Conclusion

Having known that towels are considered linen, except for some bath towels, it is appropriate to call them linens. They are luxurious when used to make other items for home uses.

The only disadvantage of linen is just the wrinkles when mishandled, however, when you handle your linen properly, you won’t have to go through the stress of ironing. Towels are also made with other materials as mentioned above. 

The features of those materials have been included in the above article, and I also recommended some towels that you can purchase.

I hope all of your questions have been answered in this article. Kindly put down your comments in the comment section below.

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