Why Does My Cat/Dog Pee On Towels?

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It can be frustrating when you get home from a busy day and find out your cat peed on your linens such as towels. Now aside from taking a shower, you’d have to wash that stinking towel or clothes.

You are probably wondering “Why does my cat pee on towels?” Especially if it has happened more than once. Below are the reasons why your cat pee on towels;

Pet peeing on towels

  • Your cat/dog has a medical issue
  • Your cat/dog has aged
  • Your cat/dog is new to the area
  • Your cat is stressed out


Your cat has a medical issue

One of the reasons why your cat pee on towels is because of a medical issue such as urinary tract infection (UTI), kidney infection, bladder stone, and so on.

However, the most common cause is urinalysis. Technically, UTI is usually painful for humans, likewise for cats. The pain your cat feels due to the infection could make it uncomfortable to use the clutter tray, thereby choosing another easy alternative which is peeing on your towels. 

Your cat has aged

According to the characteristics of living things, all living things including animals will experience growth. Another reason why your cat pee on towels is because it has grown old.

Due to the growth, your cat would find a place that is much more beneficial, which is your towels than the clutter tray. 

Your cat is new to the area

Perhaps you just moved to a new house, or you just got your cat, it would still be unfamiliar with the whole place. This change could cause it to choose to pee on clothes or towels till it is more familiar with the clutter tray spot. 

Your cat is stressed out

If your cat had to stay in the cattery whilst you were out with your family or friends, it could be stressed out for not being able to move around. 

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What do I do when my cat/dog pee on towels often?

If you notice that your cat peed on towels or other clothes more often, then you should take a step by finding a solution to what your cat does. Below are what you should do when your cat pees on towels.

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1. Know why your cat chooses other alternatives instead of the clutter tray 

Keeping in mind that your cat can’t talk, you need to check for any changes that could make your cat pee elsewhere instead of the litter tray.

Now, your question would be what should you check for.  Not to worry, I’d help you with the things you should examine and understand. 

  • Check the texture of the litter tray.
  • Look for the new place your cat is soiling. 
  • Change the location of the clutter tray. 
  • Buy or make a new clutter tray for your cat.

Check the texture of the litter

Your cat might have been using the litter you bought happily, then abruptly decide that it is uncomfortable for its claws. If this is the reason, you should remake the litter to something fluffier and more comfortable. 

Look for the new place your cat is soiling

This is common amongst old cats. Perhaps your cat finds the bathroom more comfortable to pee other than the litter tray spot, you can make another clutter tray for your cat in the bathroom. If you just need to confirm, make a momentary clutter in the form of a box and place it on plastic. By doing it that way, it would look like a normal toilet. 

Change the location of the clutter tray

Perhaps you moved to a new house, or you placed your cat’s clutter in another place, it’s possible that your cat doesn’t like the location of the tray. Try putting the clutter tray somewhere else. I mean somewhere that you know your cat loves staying. 

Buy or make a new clutter tray for your cat 

Just like the way humans make their choice for any product, cats too make their choice. Just like they have their choice for food, they have choices for their clutter. Your cat might not like the smell or the type of clutter tray you bought or made. Try to make or buy a new one to see if it would go there. 

2. Take your cat to a veterinary clinic 

The next thing to do is take your cat to a vet. The vet will do a test for urinary tract infection, and commence medication on it. The doctor would also test for other things like anxiety or FIC ( Feline Idiopathic Cystitis).

The symptoms of Idiopathic Cystitis include blood in pee, cat peeing in any place, and so on. If there’s nothing medically wrong with your cat, ask the doctor for help or other treatments for your cat.

3. Re-train your cat

In other cases, you would have to re-train your cat. This is most common with minor cats as they are just trying to settle in as they would want to create their space and master it. Training your cat would give you control over it, except if you are okay with the way it pees in other places. 

How do I wash my cat/dog pee from my towel? 

The smell of cat pee on clothes or towels isn’t pleasing at all, so you need to wash it off once you notice it. You can choose to hand wash or machine-wash your towel. Below are the materials and instructions to wash your cat pee from your towel.


  • Mild detergent 
  • White vinegar.
  • Baking soda.

Step 1

Firstly, you need to remove the pee. Add warm water and a little detergent, then Soak your towel in the soapy water leaving it for about 30 minutes or an hour. 

Step 2

After soaking the towel, add vinegar to eliminate the odour and stain.

Step 3

You need to be sure that the towel smells nice and is clean, so add baking soda to the spot. Then, scrub the towel very well.

Step 4

After scrubbing the towel till you are satisfied, rinse the towel twice or thrice to remove excess detergent or soda, then dry the towel. 

What kind of litter tray can I purchase for my cat?

In case you do not have an idea of the kind of litter box that you can buy for your cat, I’d recommend the ones I’m familiar with. 

Maohegou Large Cat Litter Box for Kittens to Senior Cat

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This litter box is one of the best you can purchase for your cat. Your cat is going to love the feels of this box. Below are the features of this box.


  • Collapsible- if you are travelling with your cat, you can take this box along as it is simple to carry. You can make it flat and also fold it. 
  • Low entry- older cats can easily go into the box without any issue. 
  • Large space- Large cats can feel comfortable in the box as the length and width are wide enough. 


  • For large and older cats.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Foldable for travelling.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.


  • Not so effective for shallow configuration.

SpeedySift Corrugated Plastic Board 


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Another one to purchase is the speedyshift litter box. Below are the features.


  • Innovative offset-stacked liners- the liners in this box acts as a sieve. When the liners stack together to build a solid base to prevent urine leakage. 
  • Quick and easy to do- you can easily fix the liners in a second. 
  • Lightweight- the litter box is lightweight and comfortable. 


  • No More scooping.
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and highly affordable.
  • Quick and easy to fix for a little period.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The liners could get bad easily. 


Do cats pee when they are scared?

Oh, yea! Cats pee when they are scared, just like humans. Cats have almost the same hormones as humans, so they can react the way we do.

Although this isn’t the actual reason why cats pee on towels, furniture, and other unusual places, they pee due to medical issues, behaviour changes, litter tray, and so on. 

What makes cats scared?

There are different reasons why cats get scared, and those reasons would be discussed. Below are the reasons why cats get scared.

  • Fellow counterparts. 
  • Horrible occurrences. 
  • Harpies.

Fellow counterparts

Some cats also get scared of their fellow counterparts. Perhaps the cat in your neighbourhood is older, it could get your cat scared. Also, your cat could get stressed out. 

Horrible occurrences 

This is one reason why your cat could get scared. Maybe before you purchased the cat or after you purchased it, it went through a horrible occurrence that was unknown to you. This could make your cat scared of moving closer to humans or other pets like it. It could also be due to animal abuse or something else entirely


Harpies such as foxes, wolves, local or police dogs could get your cat frightened when it is chased down by them frequently. This situation could cause your cat to be less interactive causing it to be nervous unnecessarily. 

Why Does My Cat Pee On Towels – Conclusion

Take note of the things indicated in this article to know why your cats pee on towels. Kindly put your comments in the comment section below.

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