Why Does My Dog/Cat Rub On My Towel?

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From time immemorial, a dog has remained one of the most favourite and closest allies of man. Dogs are so homely that they reserve a special greeting for special persons, ranging from wagging of the tail, jumping excitedly, and down to rubbing or smelling you or your garments!

Why do dogs do this, and what else should we know about their habits? This question, along with many others similar to it, will be answered as much as is realistically and scientifically possible.

Pet rubbing on towel

So, Why Does My Dog Rub On My Towel? It is known that the most acceptable explanation as to why your dog/cat rubs itself on your used clothes and towels is because it likes your scent.

It is obviously pleased with the presence of your scent all over your garments, since you stand as its most favorite and loved human being.

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Again, there are people who theorize that your dog only wants to establish a place in your household, or possibly to leave its scent on your clothes as a signal to other animals that you belong to him, when it rubs your clothes.

It is kind of impulsive for dogs to establish dominance over competitors. This is a sort of defensive mechanism against potential predators. It shouldn’t give any cause for worry. 

Sometimes, if you happen to be away for quite a while, your dog is most likely going to get so over excited and joyful that it will literally be all over you; your clothes, and all.

At such moments, the dog is simply telling you it has been sometime when it saw and touched you, and that today it is quite happy seeing you again.

It simply can’t hide its excitation and joy. In essence therefore, dogs love to rub on you, roll on your clothes, towels and smell them, all in one go, because of the immeasurable and untainted love it has for you.

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Do dogs/cats love towels?

Naturally, dogs and cats love cosy places where they lie on smooth and snuggly surfaces. However, it has still been observed that they always prefer to roll on and smell your clothes as against those of any other human being.

This is established to be a process through which it demonstrates dominance and membership in your household and life. Anybody who dares has him to contend with.

They want to leave their identity on your belongs too, as a warning to ‘poachers’. Although they like soft and homely surroundings, but they prefer to roll and smell yours mainly.

Clean, quiet, and secluded environments are very attractive to dogs. When they lie down in such places, they have a feeling of safety and assurance.

It is their most attractive place to lie down, and towels, clean towels, give them that feeling and security. That’s where you will most likely see them most of the time, particularly if the place they are is shaded and cool.

This is because dogs like cool and airy surroundings. So, in summary, dogs love towels, particularly those very special towels.

Is it safe for a dog/cat to rub on my towel?

As much as is possible, if the dog is clean and has no external injuries or any skin pests, there is nothing to fret or worry about for rubbing on your towel.

It is perfectly safe, however, if you are still not comfortable with the practice, then, you can either get them cleaned and sanitized immediately or to put them in places beyond its reach.

Still, it will rub on the clothes you are wearing. It is a remarkable bond; however you try, your dog must rub on you and your clothes. Yes, it is perfectly safe for your dog to rub on your clothes.

How do I stop my dog/cat from rubbing on my towel?

How you can stop your dog from rubbing on your towel is easy and you have just got to be persistent in your approach. Luckily, dogs are teachable and intuitive.

Therefore, with regards to stopping it from rubbing your towel, your best option is to teach it how to. Persist in making it sit in one place away from your used clothes for very long periods at a time.

The animal may forget and veer of course in the beginning, however, later, as time goes on, it will make it a habit. Another effective procedure is keeping all your used clothes beyond its reach and access.

If you do this without fail and relentlessly, the animal will learn to obey, and you are home safe and dry. There is another method of getting your dog frightened from going near your towels at any time.

For instance, if you make a habit to always chase off and best or threaten to beat your dog when it rubs your towel, it will gradually get the cue and avoid them entirely.

This method is pretty much the same as that which spoke about teaching a dog with decorum, but this method is crude and intuitive, although they are both meant to teach a habit. 

Can I get health issues should my dog/cat rub on my towel?

No, you are not likely to get any health complaints because of your dog running on your towel. However, before this can be assured is by first, making certain that the animal does have any parasite on its skin and second, that it is also clean and immunized.

Once, these facts have been established, then there is absolutely no problem or threat to your health or safety from the dog running on your towel.

Finally, even though you are assured there is no threat to your health when your dig rubs on your towel, you should still make sure that your hands are thoroughly clean before meals, if you have either handled the dog with bare hands or that you have handled the towels that it has rubbed.

This is just a preventive measure against any infection that can occur ignorantly, but through deliberately flaunting common advice in self-hygiene, for your good.

Do cats rub on towels?

Yes, cats rub on towels, but preferably not on dirty towels. Naturally, cats are animals that love softness and comfort. This gives them a feeling of security and joy.

Despite this fact, just like dogs, they want to establish dominance and territorial control. To this end, they will want to use this as a means of warning off predators, establishing their position, and leaving something of their scents on what belongs to.

This will warn all those who dare to encroach on this claimed territory from the animal kingdom. This is the most plausible explanation as to cats love to rub on your towel. Therefore, in answer to the question asked, cats also love to rub on towels.


Why does my dog rub against me after I shower?

Dogs are very special and gifted animals. Judging from the feats they demonstrate for their unending love to their owners, it is little wonder why your dog will want to rub on you after a shower.

It relishes the chance to touch, cuddle, and run around you. This is more after you have taken a shower. At such times, your pure and sustained body scent will become very pronounced and fresh, and as such, the dog can hardly resist the temptation to touch and rub impulsively.

What else do you expect, when the only other living being it loves after itself is you? Therefore, it is sheer love and purity of familiar body scent, which you exude after shower that forces your dog to smell and rub against you at that moment.

Why does my dog like clean sheets?

Naturally, dogs like clean sheets. In addition, dogs also like that, soft, and quiet surroundings to rest, while their ears and noses are strained for any strange sound and smell that may encroach.

The only exception is when any dirty clothes belong to you because they exude your scent. Your dog is fully acquainted with your personal body scent many times more than you,  it is pleased at any time to perceive your scent and not the scents of others, whom it is ready to devour.

If your dirty clothes are strewn all over the place or in one heap, your dog will rather sit and rub on them than any other sheets or bedding around.

So, although dogs love clean sheets, they wouldn’t mind your dirty sheets, no matter how dirty they may be. After all, the dirtier your clothes are, the more strongly they give off your scent, and the more your dog will love them; will like to rub, smell, and jump all over them as a demonstration of its love for you.

Why Does My Dog Rub On My Towel – Conclusion

Cats and dogs are very special and gifted animals. They are undoubtedly among the best and closest friends to man; the one cannot do without the other, and that’s for a fact. These animals have a very acute sense of smell.

They can store the characteristics of any scent for decades. Knowing your scent is their strength, which they can pick out among all others precisely.

This is the strongest reason why they always want to rub your clothes, lie on them, or just keep jumping on them. It is their hallmark of unending love for you. Those with pet dogs among you know all too well what the article is saying.

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