How Fast Do Microfiber Towels Dry?

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As expected, how fast washed clothes dry will depend on the nature of their fabrics, how they are being spread, and also the prevailing atmospheric conditions such as whether the day is sunny and bright or not.

On sunny and bright days, the rate of evaporation is at its highest, and clothes tend to dry a lot faster than would otherwise have been the case.

Be that as it may, how fast do microfiber towels dry when placed side by side with other types of fabrics like cotton or polyester? We shall see to that and many other similar questions in this article.

Microfiber towel drying time

On a general note, microfiber towels are known to dry in about one hour if spread out in a shady environment or only about between 5 and 10 minutes if it is in the sun.

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However, this realistic estimate is made knowing the fact that you would spread out the cloth conspicuously and not just bundled in a heap, a situation that will prolong how fast they dry.

Microfiber cloths are intrinsically made and designed to dry faster than most other fabrics by their natures. To this effect, they are made of polyester which normally dries much faster than all others like cotton.

They are equally very plush and extremely absorbent towels which feel great, but surprisingly, if they are not properly spread, they can take forever to dry due to their cotton content in some instances. Specifically, microfiber towels are extremely effective when used to polish cars after washing. 

Although these microfiber drying towels are very absorbent and they won’t leave either swirl marks or damage on your paint, you just have to be meticulous about how you use them, otherwise, things can turn out differently.

Comparatively, microfiber towels are much better than cotton, for instance. However, this fabric cannot stand cotton when it comes to overall performance.

Specifically, cotton fabric is much softer and more gentle, but still, microfiber towels maintain their shape after washing and drying. They also provide about the best absorbency compared to most other towel materials in common use today other than cotton itself.

 A special type of microfiber, the Waffle Weave Microfiber, will accord you an excellent comfy rub as well as enough thickness to make a comfy wrap, which is good if you are using its towel.

In addition, microfiber is known to have very exemplary stress resistance, which is believed to be simply great for the beach or camping as a good material for surfing.

Another added advantage is the fact that all fast drying towels are machine washable and dryer safe as well.  All you need to do is make sure that you apply only low heat when drying them. 

Finally, microfiber towels are said to provide a rare experience when it comes to drying the hair, which also confers on it healthier looks over time.

They may not be as soft as their cotton competitors, but in truth, they dry faster and are easier to wear and cater for, because not only do they dry faster than cotton towels, they are also easier to handle and more durable despite whatever you may use them for.

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Do all microfiber towels dry faster?

Compared to almost all other fabrics, microfiber towels dry faster. However, in some instances, you may find a negligible inclusion of other fabrics in some microfiber towels as a sort of blending, which slows the rate at which they dry.

Therefore, it is safe to state that microfiber towels dry faster, but even among them, some blends of the fabric do not dry as fast as the pure variety, but generally speaking, they certainly dry very fast.

As a result of this possibility, always make sure that you choose a towel made of polyester like the microfiber towels, and also be very selective in where and how you spread the towels after washing.

This choice is important since spreading them in shady environments delays their rate or speed of drying when compared to drying them out in the blazing sun.

What types of microfiber towels dry faster?

Although it has been established comprehensively that microfiber towels dry faster, some varieties of the fabric dry faster than others.

Some examples of microfiber towels that are exemplary in fast-drying include JML Fast Drying Microfiber Towels, Mallorca Beach Towels, and many others.

Note that super plush and highly absorbent towels might be simply great in most cases, but they can take longer to dry compared to microfiber towels because of their dense cotton loops content.

Although there are other methods of drying other than just spreading them out in the sun, microfiber towels are not recommended for drying in the electric dryer and other similar gadgets because they can get easily denatured by excessive heat.

Therefore, when you are drying these towels in an electric drier, please use a low heat setting only.  Hence, open sun drying is the best for them.

Where should I dry a microfiber towel for it to get dried faster?

If you want your microfiber towel to dry faster, you should carefully choose where and how you spread them. For example, your microfiber towel will dry much faster if you dry them spread out in the sun especially on windy days.

You should spread them out properly and fully stretched out if you want their exceptional fast drying ability. On the contrary, if you spread in shady environments and on days in which the sun does not shine so brightly, they are most likely not going to dry that fast.

So, if you want your microfiber towel to dry very fast, spread it out in the open and preferably on sunny and windy days, but not in enclosed and shaded places.

Are our microfiber towels good for drying?

Microfiber towels are known to be much faster in drying than most other fabrics because these special towels are made of polyester.

Consequently, all microfiber towels are simply great for drying and more so if there is no blend in them with other types of fabrics in what is commonly called a blend.


What towels dry the fastest?

Without any fear of contradiction, microfiber towels dry the fastest when compared to all others. This is primarily because their fabric is made of polyester, a substance that is renowned for fast drying.

All the same, even among the microfiber towels, some products dry comparatively faster than others, and for you to make a more appropriate choice, you will do well to inquire from the manufacturers which type among them dry the fastest.

Clothes are commonly designed differently. While some are loose and light, which makes them easy to dry, others are dense and thick by their natures.

This second category is of those which will not dry as fast as the loose types. Therefore, if you seek a towel that is assured to dry fast, choose products that are made of loose and less dense polyester as you have in microfiber towels.

How long does it take a towel to air dry?

How long your towel takes to dry depends on a lot of factors. One, towels spread for drying in the open on sunny and windy days dry much faster than others of the same materials.

Specifically, cotton towels take about the longest time to dry because of their dense and absorbent nature. All in all, if you open dry your microfiber towel on a sunny day and not under a shade, it is likely to dry in just about 5 to 10 minutes.

On the contrary, they can also dry in about one hour or even more if they are spread out in a shaded place. Make sure that when drying, the cloth is well spread out and not crumpled or folded in places. This will facilitate how fast they dry.

Can I sleep in a microfiber towel?

There is nothing the matter in sleeping in your microfiber towel as long as you are comfortable in it. Despite this, it is important to know that some people have skins that are easily irritated by some fabrics due to the peculiar characteristics of the skins.

However, if you find out from the experts that your skin will not be irritated by any prolonged contact throughout the night with the microfiber fabric, you are free to sleep in it without any fear.

On the other hand, if after a few attempts your skin becomes unduly irritated, you should know that your skin is one of those allergic to prolonged contact with the fabric.

If you are sure you have nothing to worry about concerning skin irritation, then you can sleep quite comfortably in your microfiber towel without any fear.

How Fast Do Microfiber Towels Dry – Conclusion

How fast or slow your towel dries is a very important criterion for choice when it comes to selecting the right towels. On this premise, if you wish for towels that are likely to dry as fast as possible, or even faster than all others, you will do well to go for microfiber towels.

What is more, microfiber towels are not overly too heavy, they are easy and fast to wash, and they are also as durable or resilient as any other fabric on the market. Microfiber towels are certainly a good choice when it comes to reliable fabrics ordinarily used in towel designs.

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