Can You Wash And Reuse Microfiber Towels?

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Can You Wash And Reuse Microfiber Towels? The simple answer to this straightforward question is a Yes and a No. Yes, there are reusable microfiber towels that can be washed and rewashed.

And No, there are others that are not to be washed or reused. They are disposable and meant to be discarded after use. On the other hand, reusable microfiber towels can either be hand washed or washed with a machine and reused for as long as possible. 

Are microfiber towels reusable


Reuseable and disposable microfiber towels – the positives 

As it is with almost everything in life, there are positives and negatives. Microfiber cloths are specifically produced to not just attract but retain dirt and as such,  might seem like an uphill task getting the cloth rid of all the dirt and germs on a continuous basis.

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To this end, disposable microfiber cloth was produced as a solution to this challenge. It is specially designed to competently clean and disinfect dirty areas.

You don’t have to worry about the retention of stubborn dirt, germs, virus, or debris on your cloth even after washing. Perfect for hospital use and in other public places, it guarantees a high sanitary level and prevents cross-contamination.

What’s more? You don’t have to worry about the performance capacity of your microfiber cloth, dwindling after every wash.

You will agree that one of the major advantages of disposable microfiber cloth is CONVENIENCE. In a busy setting such as in hospitals or an Old Peoples Home, for instance, there will always be the need for constant cleaning and disinfecting of surface areas in the environment and mopping up of spills too.

And so,  a high level of hygiene is expected to be maintained there. For such a large volume of cleaning, the disposable MFCs would come in quite handy.

Dirty areas and surfaces can be swiftly cleaned, the MFCs disposed of, thereby putting paid to the possibility of the spread of germs. The disposable microfiber cloth would save time and conserve energy.

The washable and reusable microfiber cloths have their own fair share of pros too. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of the advantages of the reusable MFCs is the fact that IT SAVES COST.

The reuseable microfiber cloth saves you huge amounts of money that would have been expended as part of your cleaning costs. This should count for something, right?

Microfiber can be washed as many times as possible and reused without losing its optimum cleaning capacity. In order words, you can use a microfiber cloth for years and enjoy its cleaning efficacy in the duration of those years as long as it is properly maintained.

Another benefit of the reusable microfiber cloth is that it can be machine washed. So, you can easily preserve your energy by having it machine washed instead of hand washing.

It is worthy of note though, that the MFCs are only to be washed along with other microfiber materials.

Washing your microfiber cloth separately will ensure that the debris from other materials does not clog its fiber pores. The more the fiber pores stay clear, the longer years of efficient cleaning are assured for you.

The right way to wash and maintain your microfiber cloth

It is a given that microfiber cloths can last for years without their strength depleting. But for that to happen, you must make a conscious effort to properly care for it. Outlined below are some of the ways in which we can clean our MFCs and retain its durability.

1. Depending on the volume of area cleaned, it is advised that you wash your microfiber cloths after each use. However, if your MFCs are not heavily soiled, you can consider washing after the third use. This is necessary so as to forestall the spread of germs from one person to another.

2. Do not keep your MFCs dirty for too long. If you cant wash immediately, there is the option of soaking.

3. Before washing, make sure you dust out the dirt and debris. This would make washing easier and more effective.

4. Always wash your microfiber cloths separately or together with other microfiber materials. This is particularly advised in order for it not to attract lint from other materials to it. 

5. Always ensure the use of detergents compliant with microfiber materials when washing. Not all detergents can be used to wash microfiber cloths, they might clog or block the fiber material thereby rendering it useless. Plus, when it comes to washing microfiber cloths with detergents, always remember that less is more.

6. For an effective washing experience, soak in warm or semi-hot water. This kills some of the germs and bacteria present on the cloth. The ones lucky to have escaped would definitely be killed when the washing proper is done.

7. Drying outside is best for your MFCs. Natural drying has been proven to be the best way to dry your MFCs. It prevents them from gathering lint and dirt from the dryer.

Aside from that, the heat from the sun kills whatever is left of the germs and bacteria. If you must use a dryer, set it on low heat as direct high heat to the MFC, which can cause it to wrinkle and subsequently get damaged.

8. Always keep your microfiber dry when not in use. This will help prevent the growth of mold and stop the breed of bacteria. 

Microfiber cloth – the multipurpose cleaning agent

When it comes to the function of microfiber towels, the first thing that is likely to come to our mind is surface areas and other basic cleanings. But the microfiber towel is and can be a lot more.

That delicate-looking piece of cloth is a very versatile tool when it comes to the cleaning of so many other things aside surfaces in the home.

For starters, they are very effective in cleaning the interior and exterior of vehicles. Do away with those harsh pieces of material you use in cleaning your cars and get a microfiber cloth instead.

The MFC is gentle to the feel and soft to the touch, it ensures your car is cleaned thoroughly leaving no scratch or friction whatsoever.

It zaps out dirt, gives it an obvious glow, and leaves it spot-free. Consider pampering your vehicles by cleaning them with high-quality microfiber towels and join in attesting to its superiority. 

Microfibers are also excellent in the cleaning of glass and mirrors. As a matter of fact, the fastest way to achieve a streak-free and clear mirror or glass is by making use of a microfiber towel.

Simply grab a dry MFC and clean spots of the stain and streak. The microfiber towel clears the stain and other surface debris and leaves your glass and mirrors clear. 

Now, for thorough cleaning of your glass and mirrors, especially the kitchen glass mirrors that is bound to get covered with grease and grime from time to time, there are simple and easy steps to follow in order to get brilliant results.

The only cleaning tool you need is an extremely powerful window cleaning spray or liquid to work hand in hand with the microfiber towel. There are so many of them available for purchase in stores and in markets.

They help in softening the greasy dirt and grime so as it make it easy for the microfiber cloth to suck it completely away all in one swoop.

With your MFC and window cleaner ready, proceed next to giving the window a generous rinse. This is done so as to get off surface dirt and debris.

Then, spray the window cleaner on the glass and wipe gently with your microfiber cloth. The reward is a clean, clear, and lint-free window.

I’m sure you didn’t see this coming but, the microfiber cloth can also serve as a face cleanser. Yes, that’s right. You can use your MFCs to clean off makeup and gently exfoliate.

For people that usually react to chemically made cleansers, using the MFC would be ideal for you. With the MFC, you don’t need facial cleansers, you just need water to get rid of the bacteria. Furthermore, It is gentle on the skin and causes no reaction at all.

Are you fully utilizing the strength of your microfiber towels? Are you enjoying the many benefits it has to offer? Now you know that beyond cleaning up spills, cleaning surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom, scrubbing off dirt and debris, your microfiber can be and do a lot more.

Go ahead and try it out, its benefits are yours for the taking. However, it is advised that you get multiple MFCs for different functions.


How often should I change my microfiber cloths?

Generally, microfiber cloths are very durable and can last for years as long as they are properly taken care of. But unfortunately, it cannot last forever. The more you wash and use, the more the fiber thins out and the cloth becomes worn out. 

The microfiber can last for a couple of years, a couple of months, or even weeks. It’s all dependent on how you take care of it. You will know you need a change of towels when they cease to clean as effectively as they used to. 

Which is more cost-effective, reusable or disposable microfiber cloth?

Realistically, reusable microfiber towels are more cost-effective. The fact that it is washable and can be reused for years gives consumers the opportunity to spend less and save more.

What happens if I reuse my disposable microfiber towel?

Except you intend to do another round of cleaning with a fresh disposable microfiber towel, there is absolutely no point in reusing a disposable microfiber towel much less, washing it. 

When you wash disposable microfiber towels, they crumple and lose their strength.

 Furthermore, to curb the spread of germs and diseases, non-reusable microfiber towels must be immediately disposed of properly after use.

Can You Wash And Reuse Microfiber Towels – Conclusion

Microfiber towels are extremely important no doubt, and over the years, more people have come to realize the important role it plays in maintaining a sanitary environment.

Their usefulness spans far beyond the home front as they are used in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and the likes. Its ability to remove 99% of bacteria and germs makes it a preferred option for the bulk of the consumers out there.

Truthfully, we really cannot emphasize the importance of microfiber towels enough. Whether it’s disposable or reusable, the microfiber towel is a highly efficient super cleaning tool. It not just cleans, but eradicates bacteria and helps you maintain a high level of both personal and environmental hygiene. 

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