Do You Need To Wash Microfiber Towels Before Use?

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Do You Need To Wash Microfiber Towels Before Use? As a rule, the microfiber is meant to be washed before each use. Now you might be wondering why a new microfiber cloth that has never been utilized still needs to be washed before its first use.

The reasons are plain simple: for the microfiber towel to correctly carry out its functions which includes; dusting, wiping, disinfecting, and others, it has to be extremely clean and free from lint.

Now a new microfiber towel even though it is yet to be used, has a certain kind of finish. This can be traced to the stages of its production. Washing new microfiber towels just before you use them helps to erase that finish.

Is washing microfiber towels before use needed


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What cleaning method is best for new microfiber towels?

Washing microfiber towels especially the ones used for extremely dirty duties can be such a drill. But, not to worry, for this particular washing process is not as intense as the usual routine.

A thorough examination of your newly purchased microfiber towel is required before even attempting to use them. Most times, due to factory or production errors, most of these microfiber towels come with very uneven fibers. What you should do if you notice this, is to make them even by cutting out the protruding fiber sticks. 

The next step would be to wash the towels. Washing new microfiber towels before you use them would wash out the lint, clear out paper odor and leave your microfiber towel dust-free, ready to take on your cleaning jobs effectively well.

Now, washing new microfiber towels does not require any special process unlike washing the ones in active service. Simply toss towels into a bowl of water, in this case, water temperatures ranging from cold to warm water will work just fine. 

Please, do not use hot water as the extreme heat might damage the fibers. Hot water is usually advised for microfiber towels that are extremely dirty to the extent that the dirt has its entire fibers clogged. Here, hot water is used to kill the germs and unblock the microfibers again.

After putting your towels into a bowl of either cold or warm water, add a bit of a microfiber-friendly detergent and wash.

No heavy scrubbing needed, the need for soaking also does not arise here, and that of washing a second time too. As for microfiber-friendly detergents, they can easily be found in stores or you can look up for some recommendations online.  After its wash, dry naturally or on low or no heat and store till when you are ready to use.

Please see to the fact that the tags on the microfiber towels are cut off even before you begin any of these processes. These seemingly harmless tags can cause a scratch to paint coatings of your car or furniture. So, best practice would be to carefully cut them off before use.

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How often should I get a new microfiber towel?

There is really not a straightforward answer to this question. This is so because; the microfiber towel does not have a stated life span.

Yes we know they are highly durable and capable of lasting for years but, at the end of the day, it is all dependent on you.

Yes, the life of your microfiber towel is solely in your hands. Its longevity and prolonged effective cleaning strength depends on the way you care for them.

What this means is that; a microfiber towel can last for a couple of months, a few years or even a few days depending on its usage and maintenance.

However, there are certain signs your microfiber gives you that tells you that its time is up. When you notice these signs, you should automatically know that they are due for a replacement. The signs include:

Shredding microfiber towels

Your microfiber towels becoming very thin and on the verge of tearing apart is a clear signal that it is long overdue for a change.

These sets of towels cannot even be converted to handle any other function no matter how small. Reason is that they will always leave lint and thread pieces everywhere. Shredding microfiber towels is straight up trash can material.

Discolored or stained microfiber towels

When you use microfiber towels frequently and fail to wash out the dirt and stains immediately, it becomes somewhat difficult to blot them out completely afterwards.

Overtime, this improper act causes the microfiber towel to get discolored. Just for the purpose of aesthetics, these set of microfiber towels should be demoted to doing other simple cleaning tasks like dusting and cleaning of shoes while you get new ones to take their place.

Old and worn-out looking microfiber towels

Take a look at that old, faded and tired looking microfiber cloth. What does your mind tell you? Yep, you guessed right, it is due for a change!

New but ineffective microfiber towels

There are microfiber towels that no matter what you do or how well you take care of them, they never ever clean well. They are not shredding nor old, fairly new but never gives you the desired result.

There is only one possible explanation to this; What this means is that the microfiber in question is not original. Low quality microfiber towels or fake products posing as a microfiber can never work as efficiently as a high quality microfiber cloth. Best option would be to ditch them and carefully look out for original microfiber towels to buy.


The importance of maintaining your microfiber towels

Proper maintenance of microfiber towels is a duty you owe to yourself to do so as to enjoy good value for your money.

Towels are to be washed religiously after every use. The longer you leave them lying around dirty, the more chances of experiencing cross-contamination.

These microfiber towels trap in bacteria and germs, you cannot possibly allow the bacteria to thrive freely within the microfiber towels or put yourself and others at risk whenever there is direct contact.

One other thing worthy of mention is that they age quickly when you leave them dirty for days. This is because, when you finally get down to washing it, it takes a lot more effort and intense scrubbing because the stains have become so ingrained in them. Frequent intense scrubbing by the way, gets your towel looking faded and worn out soon enough.

So, if you want to enjoy optimum satisfaction from using your towels, you might have to start paying close attention to its welfare. The key to achieving this is to get used to the ways of preserving them properly.

Are new disposable microfiber towels meant to be washed as well before use?

Ideally, disposable microfiber towels are meant to be used for a single cleaning round and disposed of thereafter. But it might interest you to know that we have very durable ones, produced extremely strong enough to survive a few washes while still serving you maximally. Other disposable microfiber towels might shrink and threaten to rip apart when they are washed.

Now, to answer the question above, disposable microfiber towels safe for the extremely durable ones, are not to be pre-washed.

Regarding the concerns about the possibility of dust and lint on them, it is worth knowing that they are impressively produced lint-free and tightly sealed in order to avoid the towels attracting lint in the market or stores.  

Are high quality microfiber towel required to be washed too before use?

There has been an unsettled argument as to whether high-grade microfiber towels need to be washed as well before their first use.

One of the reasons why we advocate for new microfiber cloths to be pre-washed before use is because the lint present since production and that gathered during its stay at the market or stores need to be washed out.

Though, a high quality microfiber towel would be totally lint-free, but notwithstanding, I will still advise a quick wash before use, if not anything, to totally remove the smell of its finish.

Do You Need To Wash Microfiber Towels Before Use – Conclusion

Getting new microfiber towels is a good economic investment. It is absolutely, a step in the right direction. But, it’s not just about making the purchase, it is imperative that you are also mentally ready to properly care for them.

This entails things like; familiarizing yourself with all the necessary information about proper care for the microfiber towels and taking time to read about the different kinds of microfiber cloths in order to know the particular variant that perfectly suits your needs.  

Proper care for your microfiber towel is an action that commences as soon as you make the purchase. The work begins immediately!

It is important that you do not wave any of the rules aside or categorize some of them as inconsequential, for the rules guiding the treatment and proper care of microfiber towels stems out from a wide range of deep researches.

They were deduced from practical experiments and careful studies. Always remember this any time you feel like skipping some of these golden rules.

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