Is Shamwow Microfiber?

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Is Shamwow Microfiber? Shamwow’s can be placed in the category of microfibers with a very low quality. You know how some materials are called microfibers but are not exactly like microfibers? That is just what the Shamwow is.

The ShamWow is surprisingly very absorbent, but just like any other material asides from the microfiber, you will have to put in twice the effort to perfectly clean up a spill. This is because of the low-grade non-split microfibers that they are made out of.


The intriguing and most outstanding thing about the Shamwow is that they are like a combination of a sponge, towel, and chamois all together!


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What are Shamwow’s made of?

Rayon and polypropylene are the two most important materials used in the production of Shamwow cloths. Any material made from rayon is a material made from a textile fiber sourced from regenerated viscose also known as cellulose, while polypropylene (also known as PP plastic), is a synthetic resin made out of petroleum-based thermoplastic polymers.

The soft texture of ShamWow cloths can be directly linked to the presence of rayon. It makes it soft to the touch and enables it to absorb liquids effectively enough.

Rayon handles the aesthetics of ShamWow cloths pretty good. Due to it, the cloths comes out looking very appealing to the eyes plus, it gives it a smooth feel, makes it liquid absorbent and breathable.

Polypropylene, on the other hand, is responsible for its durability. As a result of the semi-crystalline properties of polypropylene, it has a tough quality and a solid base resistance to chemicals, acids, and heat. 

Things to consider when getting a cleaning material

While thinking about cleaning tools and preparing to shop for them, it is usually advised that you factor in your reason(s) for needing them so as to know which one fits perfectly into your plan.

For instance, the owner of a daycare center would most likely go for a very absorbent towel for cleaning purposes in her institution as the possibility of frequent spills in a place with children is very high.

A young adult living alone, on the other hand, would most probably get a pack of paper towels and be fine with it. This is because he is in a controlled environment and the risk of big or frequent spills is likely to be low.

When you are done outlining your cleaning needs, the next step is to research the best product that meets or is closer to your needs.

That done, check out the reviews of the particular product. Customer reviews help us in making very informed choices so, read through them and that of other products too that offer you the same level of comparative advantage before finally making a purchase.

To get a Shamwow or a microfiber towel?

Comparisons between one cleaning material and another one are very normal occurrences. This is because; consumers want to be sure that they are getting products that are competent yet economical and best suited for their needs.

The shamwow and the microfiber both have a few striking qualities in common. They are very absorbent, highly durable, and also reusable. But when the question of who does it better arises, the microfiber seamlessly takes the prize. 

On the maintenance angle though, the shamwows are much easier to care for. They are not as delicate as the microfiber cloths that require separate washing and specific storage conditions. All in all, what you should be concerned about as a consumer, is what best fits your needs.

Shamwow’s  vs Paper towels

Shamwow cloths are more like paper towels only that they are stronger, more durable, and can be reused for years depending on how well you maintain them.

One of the points of argument when comparing the Shamwow to paper towels is its affordability and maintenance. Paper towels no doubt are cheaper and a lot easier to maintain as they are used just once and disposed of.

But, when you decide to consider affordability on long terms, you would realize that the shamwow’s are good enough investments as well due to its long-lasting nature. The shamwow can be washed, and reused for years while still doing an excellent job in your cleaning department.

Asides from the angle of affordability, a number of people factor in the question of the most hygienic one out of the two.

Some people are of the opinion that it is more hygienic to use a paper towel to clean up stuff like soup spills, fish water, and other smelly kinds of spills. They prefer using a paper towel that they can easily throw away once the job is done. 

Realistically though, I will say that this tilts more to the angle of convenience rather than hygiene. It is possible to maintain a healthy level of hygiene using shamwow cloths too.

You just have to be ready to wash it after each use to kill bacteria’s within and eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination in your environment.

However, paper towels are a more suitable substitute for people who will have a hard time washing and properly maintaining the shamwow.

How to properly care for your Shamwow

Caring for your shamwow towel is pretty straightforward. For starters, leaving filthy shamwow’s is strongly discouraged. The good thing is that shamwow’s can conveniently be machine washed using warm or cold water with any kind of detergent. Bleach can also be added if you think it necessary to disinfect.

However, additives like fabric softeners are totally prohibited for use on the shamwow. Also, when it comes to drying the washed shamwows, natural outdoor drying is advised. Using a machine dryer would damage the fibers and in the process, reduce its absorbing strength and the overall efficiency of the towel. 

Proper care of your shamwow towels is significantly connected to its durability. So, to attain optimum customer satisfaction and experience more ‘wow’ than ‘sham,’ you should pay attention to its proper maintenance.


Can Shamwow clothes be washed?

Shamwow’s are not disposable items; they are cleaning cloths that can serve you for years. So of course, they can be washed and should be washed regularly. You can hand wash or machine wash them. It also tolerates bleach in the right quantity.

What kind of duties can the shamwow perform?

Do you possess a shamwow towel? That is just the same as having a multipurpose cleaning tool. The shamwow is highly useful and serves efficiently well in a variety of duties.

It can be used in the home to clean up spills on the floor, scoop out debris, wipe countertops clean, and so on. Shamwow’s are also perfect for cleaning windows and glasses. They do a fabulous job also polishing your furniture and other surfaces.  They do this perfectly without causing a single scratch on the item.

They can also be used outdoors too. For the washing of your vehicles super clean and other cleaning jobs that you might have in your garage.

Again, it can also be used to clean up stains on a wall too. Furthermore, they are a swimmer’s best companion. Be sure to take a shamwow along when next you go swimming. It consumes little space in your swimming bag and gets you warm quickly after a swimming session.

What’s more? Shamwow’s produced in large sizes contain fibers of zinc. Wondering what the importance of zinc fibers is all about?

Well, asides from the proper cleaning your shamwow is known for, the presence of these zinc fibers helps in combating offensive odors and mold. However, these zinc fibers can only be found in the large versions of shamwow.   

Are Shamwow cloths overrated?

Absolutely not. The shamwow’s are equally very effective cleaning tools. It is absorbing to a very large extent, more absorbent compared to other cleaning materials, in fact, it is said to hold its weight of liquid 10 times over!

All in all, we can agree that as long as it delivers on its claims to the best of its ability and serves you dexterously, then its ratings can be said to be accurate. 

Is Shamwow Microfiber – Conclusion

The wonderful invention called shamwow, is an absolutely brilliant cleaning tool. It functions optimally well, be they dry or wet.

The absorbing feature derived from the rayon makes it a preferable choice when it comes to mopping up spills. As light as the shamwow is, it claims to hold in moisture, 10 times its weight! It can be washed and reused for years cutting down costs for you.

The shamwow cloth is not a sham and definitely not a scam. But to get the best out of it, ensure that you get the original and do not use it for duties way outside of its ability.

For instance, when it comes to large spills, look for a more capable absorbing material like the high quality microfiber towels. Using the shamwow to clean up a big spill would only see you spending more time and also having to do a proper finish at the end with a paper towel.

Utilizing the powerful cleaning strength of the shamwow within the ambits of its capabilities would see you screaming ‘wow’ after each use.

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