How To Get Wax Out Of Microfiber Towels In Seconds

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There is always that microfiber towel that is specifically reserved or bought to handle the ‘dirty’ jobs. But, the fact that they take care of dirty chores does not in any way warrant them to stay dirty. 

The proper care campaign of microfiber cloths is not directed at towels meant for a particular function only. All microfiber towels need to be kept clean and that includes the one responsible for apply that sticky, dirty looking wax too. 

Now, how then do we get wax out of our towels so as to get them ready for our next use? We’ll find out in the next few paragraphs. 

Wax on microfiber towels


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Pro Steps To Getting Wax Out Of Microfiber Towels

Is it possible for wax to come off a microfiber towel? It is usually not an easy task but, yes, it is possible. If you have been unable to get wax off your towels, it could be that you are yet to know and apply the simple logic required to do that. Find out just how in 7 easy steps:

  1. The first step is to rinse out towels under warm flowing water. As you rinse, put your hands to work and use them to push out the wax.
  2. The next step is to soak with HOT WATER. The hot water supplies a sufficient dose of heat that is required to loosen up the wax and soften it’s base thereby making it easy to glide out.
  3. It is not just enough to soak with hot water. You will also need the powerful cleaning aid of a microfiber-friendly detergent.
  4. After adding your detergent, leave towels to soak for a long period of time. If possible, soak overnight. After which you might notice that some of the wax has already found it’s way to the top of the water.
  5. Rescue towels from the wax filled water. You can do that by sieving out the wax. It is important that you do not wash your microfiber towels in this water as it might end up attracting the expunged wax back to it.
  6. Place microfiber towels in a fresh clean water, add a bit of detergent again and give it an intense wash.
  7. Be generous with water as you rinse. Rinse a second time again but, this time, under flowing water to get the wax and detergent out completely.

Can microfiber towels used in applying wax be reused? 

Except they are disposable, microfiber towels used in the application of wax can definitely be reused. What is strongly not advised is redirecting it to perform a different function altogether. 

What this means is that you are not to convert towels previously used in applying wax to perform duties other than that. Doing that would be unsanitary and pose as a health risk. 

Microfiber towels used in applying car wax can be used for several other applications. It is just necessary you wash them clean after every use so it can return back to its state of optimum efficiency and, stay ready for your next use. 

Remember, unwashed microfiber towels can be easily contaminated. Remember also to wash quickly before the wax dries up on the towels for it would be so much easier to get them out that way.

Tips to note while washing wax off a microfiber towel

In the quest of achieving any feat, there’s always the right way, the not so right way and the wrong way. A lot of people can be found in the category of doing things the not so right way.

Thing is, the right way gives you excellent results while the not so right way gives a fair result that people end up accepting as the best due to ignorance. 

Find below, simple and straightforward tips on what you should or should not do in the process of removing wax from microfiber towels. 

Do not use cold water

This is downright not advised because while the heat from hot water helps in releasing the wax’s hold on the towel, cold water does the exact opposite. 

Using cold water might see you scrubbing hard over and over again. You might be able to get some wax out, especially those yet to dry on the towels but, there’s no point settling for a fair enough clean when you can actually get better results using hot water. 

Separate microfiber towels when washing

If you have gathered your microfiber towels for wash, best practice is to separate the extremely dirty ones from the not so dirty ones. 

Do not wash microfiber towels used in the application of wax for instance, with microfiber towels used in the kitchen or wash with any other material. Doing that would result in cross contamination in the home. For sanitary and safety reasons, separate your microfiber towels before wash. 

Use a detergent that is totally without any form of additives

You can search specifically for microfiber detergents that you can use. For a job as tasking as removal of wax, you need a detergent whose powerful cleaning properties can be fully absorbed by the towel in order for it to get down to work in forcefully ejecting the wax.

That aside, using regular detergents might block or damage the fibers. 

Dry naturally

As you are striving to get rid of wax on your microfiber towels, drying naturally is recommended so you don’t end up encountering another problem (lint) while trying to solve one.

Is a microfiber towel even ideal for applying wax? 

Absolutely! The microfiber towels are as a matter of fact, most preferred in the application of wax. They do a smooth job and cause no scratch at all to the colour coating.

Always remember though, to use a clean microfiber towel. A clean microfiber towel is one that is washed clean, lint and debris free and preserved from dust.


What kind of microfiber towels can I use for waxing? 

When it comes to waxing, only the best quality microfiber towels should be considered. A high quality microfiber towel is one that consists of the two most important properties; polyester and poly amide and in the right blend of 70/30 or 80/20 too.

Is proper storage necessary for microfiber towels used in waxing? 

The fact that waxing seems somewhat like a ‘dirty job’ does not in any way mean that the microfiber towels used in carrying out the job must be left unkempt. 

Proper care of the microfiber towel is a must regardless of the task they are being used for. As a matter of fact, washing your microfiber towels after waxing without properly storing them would be tantamount to a waste effort. This is because, if not suitably stored, it would continue to attract dirt and dust to itself which they will unleash upon your next use. 

What is the right way to wax a car using a microfiber towel? 

The microfiber towel is usually preferred to apply wax than any other material because of its super soft texture and absorbing quality. Find how to apply wax with it using these simple steps below:

  • Get your washed microfiber towel. (Note: it is advised that you wash still before use even if the towels are new to let out the lint and dust).
  • Scoop a little amount of wax unto your microfiber towel. Be careful not to squeeze out too much wax as that would be counterproductive.
  • Apply directly to the car focusing on a particular section before moving on the next. Be sure to even out the wax on the car before it dries up to guarantee a smooth coating.
  • You can apply another coating if you so desire following the same process.
  • Wash towels afterwards, be sure they are completely dried before carefully storing them till next time.

How To Get Wax Out Of Microfiber Towels – Conclusion

Consumers all around the world can attest to the superior power of the microfiber towel especially for heavy duty tasks like applying wax or sealant. 

However, most people are taken aback by the extra effort they are made to put in washing and effectively storing them after usage. 

Actually,this does not come as a surprise at all as washing the microfiber towels used in applying wax can be unimaginably difficult and time consuming. 

All the same, if you fall into this category, take advantage of the following options available to you. 

Option 1

Instead of reusable towels, get a disposable microfiber towel to use. They are just as reliable and as efficient as the reusable ones plus, you save yourself the trouble of washing after use and just carefully trash them instead. 

Option  2

Alternatively, you can make use of the the small microfiber towels or buffer pads that can be found in the wax. Usually, the newly purchased wax comes with a small, plush microfiber cloth that you can use when applying.

Now, because these towels are not as big and thick as others, they are usually very easy to wash wax off especially when you wash off immediately. 

Whatever it is, do not miss out on the awesome magic effect of the microfiber towels in all your waxing jobs.

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