5 Best Towels For Cast Iron To Check Out In 2022

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A towel is generally any piece of thick and absorbent cloth or paper used mainly for drying or wiping fluids off surfaces. In some cases, these towels are washable for future use.

However, with paper towels, it is mostly the practice to discard them after use. However, we may use them, what are the commonest qualities of the best towels for use on cast iron?

Towels for cast iron

If you’re in a hurry to just grab the best towels for cast iron, we strongly recommend the towels below, they are most efficient based on several criteria we considered.


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Best Towel For Cast Iron – Buyer’s Guide

Before you commit any money to the purchase of towels of any kind, you should make sure that certain recommended qualities or properties are assured for your convenience.

Preferably, towels should be made from very soft and absorbent fabrics like cotton or microfiber. The more the percentage of cotton in the towel, the better it is for the customers.

Good towels for cast iron should also be large with secured edges to guard against quick fraying. These towels should also be very durable such that they can retain their colours for very long despite frequent washing.

 Another highly desirable quality for good towels is that they should be washable both manually and with the aid of a washing machine too.

In addition, they are supposed to be sold at prices that most people can afford. Furthermore, they are widely available in most places for ease of purchase.

These products are also eligible for a return, refund, or replacement as the case may be. It is also good for them to be highly absorbent, thick, and soft.

They are designed eco-friendly and lint-free too. In their designs, there should be careful hemming which can stop unravelling after just a few washes. They should also be easy to care for and very versatile as well as highly absorbent and lint-free. 

They must not become unduly wrinkled after washing as long as you adhere to the recommendations of washing them properly.

You have the option of washing them either manually or with a washing machine and their fabrics should be strong enough to withstand even extreme stress.

They are also required to be easy to wash and should dry faster too. Their colours are not supposed to fade even after several washes. All good towels for cast iron are commonly large sized for more convenience since they can measure up to 15.71 × 11.1 × 2.4 inches in size or more. 

Most good towels for the cast are produced using fast-drying and extra absorbent cotton or microfiber for best performances.

They come in different colours and designs such that you can always get your choice whenever you made one. They are eco-friendly, machine washable, and lint-free too.

You should also be able to care for them easily since they have superior stitching and hemming on their edges. Finally, these towels should not be too heavy as well.

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Best Towel For Cast Iron – Reviews

1. Harrington’s Kitchen Dish Towels

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This item comes in a set of 12 tea towels that are 100 per cent cotton. They are large, soft, and very absorbent too. They are designed in multiple attractive colours to enable you to choose what colour you need.

They are sold subject to eligibility for return, replacement, or total refund of the money paid in the event of dissatisfaction with the product after purchase.

In addition, these towels are eco-friendly and hence, an effective substitute for paper towels. They are equally machine washable and lint-free.

The commercial style hemming in their tailoring is meant to guard against unravelling even after several washes. They are renowned for exemplary qualities, versatility, ease of care, absorbency, and absence of after-wash wrinkles.

Their prices are also quite affordable. They are items you can readily purchase from major retail outlets anywhere you live.


  • They have a hanging loop on the side for ease of storage.
  • You can order them in single colours if you want.
  • They are very nice looking and do not smell off.


  • They can be affected by any chlorine-based bleach.
  • They are not very absorbent sometimes.
  • The product can fray with too many washes.

2. Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels

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It is also a cotton towel with 12 pieces in each pack. They are relatively large such that they will be able to absorb moisture as quickly as possible when applied.

To this effect, they are thick, soft, and highly absorbent and they measure 28 × 28 inches in length and width. Like all Amazon supplies, they are eligible for a return, replacement, or full refund after purchase if you activate the provision.

They are designed with 100 per cent cotton fabric which adds to their durability and great appeal. They are sold at very affordable prices and are equally available for purchase anywhere.

Their highly absorbent natures make them simply perfect for most sundry needs at home such as cleaning dust, drying of the hands, wiping off stains, cleaning of windows and doors, as cheese strainers, salad spinners, and lots more.

The cotton is sewn in a diagonal fashion which makes them command exemplary performance in cleaning all sorts of dirt or grime. They are lightweight, lint-free with professionally hemmed edges to prevent fraying unnecessarily.

They are fully and very safely machine washable too. Finally, they do not shrink or wrinkle after washing as most towels are wont to after washing.


  • This product is a perfect gift item due to its beauty.
  • It boasts of rare absorption capacity.
  • It rarely frays due to the hemmed edges.


  • It does not dry quickly.
  • Too much frequent washing can damage its fabric.
  • Sometimes the colours can fade too quickly.

3. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths and Dish Towels for Christmas and Holiday

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They are towels for holidays or Christmas due to their impressive look at all times. These premium coral velvet towels are as durable as any other competing products on the market.

Their size is impressive since they measure up to 12 by 12 inches in size. After purchase, if you do not want the product anymore, they are eligible for a return, replacement, or full refund.

The product also forms a perfect gift item for friends and loved ones on special occasions. They are sold at affordable prices and are also widely available anywhere too.

The product is equally machine washable and available in multiple colours to aid you in making a more satisfactory choice.

All these features make them simply ideal for cleaning car windows without leaving behind any scratches or lint. It is a product that does not constitute any harm to the environment after discarding. They are just great for their absorbency, durability, and ease of cleaning.


  • They are highly absorbent.
  • Their colours are hardly affected by washing.
  • They are excellent for their prices and quality.


  • Frequent washing can destroy the fabric of these towels.
  • Sometimes they can smell off when new before the first wash.
  • They are susceptible to damage by chlorine bleach if used regularly on them.

4. Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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They are among the largest towels you can get anywhere for their impressive size of 12.6 × 12.6 inches in a pack of 12. They are designed using microfiber fabric which is very well known for its impressive durability and colour retention despite repeated washings.

They are sold subject to the terms of eligibility for return, replacement, or a full refund after purchase in case of any dissatisfaction. They are perfect for cleaning glasses and other delicate surfaces that need constant tidying up.

They are designed in multiple colours to widen the variety for more satisfying choices. They are widely circulated so that you can easily get them for purchase anywhere you may live. Their prices are also very pocket-friendly too.


  • The items are as good as advertised.
  • The quality of their fabric makes them very durable.
  • Their colours hardly fade unless you do not wash them as recommended.


  • They can fray prematurely if they are washed too often with the wrong chemicals.
  • They are a little too thin.
  • They can be damaged or oven-dried.

5. Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels

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These towels are produced using 100 per cent natural cotton which confers on it extremely high performance as a reusable kitchen cleaning cloth. They are guaranteed to be highly absorbent and machine washable too.

They are relatively large compared to most other hand towels in common use because they measure about 14 × 24 inches. They are sold subject to the condition of return, replacement, and a full refund for any defective item.

The cotton used is so soft and non-abrasive that it will leave no scratch or any lint on cleaned surfaces. The towels are also sold at prices that are quite affordable.

They are easy to clean without the possibility of shrinking or developing wrinkles afterward. They come in 15 pieces for every pack of the product.

These towels are manufactured after going through several hours of rigorous testing to ascertain their qualities before supply to the customers. In addition to all the features already mentioned, these hand towels are also lightweight and hence can dry very quickly even on less windy or sunny days.

You are also assured of trouble-free care. This means that they can be used over and over again thereby saving you money on paper towels. They are supplied in sealed polybags.

Contrastingly, these products are famous for their easy to care nature, durability, absorbency, and lack of tendency to become easily wrinkled.

They form well-appreciated gift items to friends and loved ones on special occasions. You are guaranteed that these highly researched towels will not fall apart after cleaning or repeated washing as most others do.

They never move liquids around and they still absorb like a sponge and dry much quicker too. Similarly, they are not known to harden either after use or washing.

Therefore, to save on paper towels, use these washable and easily reusable Zeppoli Kitchen Towels for both light and heavy-duty kitchen cleaning.

Their 3 blue stripes across the middle of the towels are a classic design for purely aesthetic purposes only. Add glamour to your kitchen with Zeppoli hand towels.


  • They are available in packs with different numbers of towel contents.
  • They are produced with 100 per cent cotton which makes them very soft and easy to wash.
  • They are extremely absorptive of any kind of liquid.


  • They could be difficult to wash especially if you do not obey the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Repeated and regular washing may degrade the cotton fabric.
  • They can be damaged by chlorine bleach if used regularly to wash them.


(1). What kind of towels do you use on cast iron?

Specifically, you are advised never to use paper towels on cast iron. Doing that will leave lint on the iron. Consequently, over time, this lint will build up and may cause problems during cooking.

Therefore, always use a lint-free rag on cast iron ornaments in the kitchen. You are also free to use an E-cloth scrubber or microfiber on cast iron whether dried or wet, but make sure to rinse off all stuck-on food residues immediately after scrubbing.

(2). Why do paper towels stick to cast iron?

Paper towels stick to cast iron when it is not hot enough. Therefore, you should not start cooking in a cold pan. Similarly, you should avoid any sticky situations by making sure to heat your cast iron pan over a fire. Alternatively, you can also use salt and a paper towel, but not a paper towel alone which will stick to the iron.

(3). Can you use microfiber on cast iron?

Yes, you are free to use any good E-cloth scrubber whether wet or dry on cast iron. However, you should make sure that you clean up any stuck-on food afterward.

(4). How do I get lint off my cast iron skillet?

Getting lint off your cast iron involves using some well-planned steps if you must get it right.

Step 1.

You should first heat the cast iron over a low burner flame until it is reasonably warm.

Step 2.

Next, place a big pinch or two of kosher salt into the pan.

Step 3.

Now, using a paper towel or any lint-free rag, scrub the surface of your pan in cyclical motions thoroughly.

Step 4.

Proceed to rinse the pan with water.

Step 5.

Finally, place the cast iron pan over a warm burner or fire to dry it.

Best Towel For Cast Iron – Conclusion

There are laid down criteria according to which you should choose your kitchen towels to accord you maximum satisfaction at all times. Fortunately, the article has dwelt on that enough for you to go about the whole effort successfully. 

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