6 Best Towels For Blackstone Griddle In 2022

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Blackstone magnetic kitchen towel holder is attached to the side shelf or frame in the kitchen to enable you to have something to wipe off on. In this way, it effectively takes care of juices from kitchen condiments rubbing off on either the floor or the kitchen door handle.

Powerful magnets stick to girdle surfaces that are made of steel so that the kitchen towel will be maintained neat and within reach too. Now, what are the best towels for Blackstone?

Blackstone griddle towels

If you’re in a hurry to just grab the best towels for Blackstone griddle, we strongly recommend the towels below, they are most efficient based on several criteria we considered.


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Best Towels For Blackstone – Buyer’s Guide

Most towels for Blackstone come in appreciatively big sizes since they can measure up to about 18 × 28 inches or even more.

Like most items supplied by Amazon, they are sold on friendly terms that allow for a return, replacement, or a full refund where you are dissatisfied with the product after purchase.

They are very durable and are also sold at prices that are considered affordable without any compromise on their qualities despite this price leniency. They are machine washable, wrinkle-free, and do not harden after washing. 

Their impressive softness and absorbency are attributed to their cotton fabrics, although some are designed using microfiber as well as other fabrics too.

These globally famed towels are completely lint-free, highly absorptive, and are fitted with a Carabiner clip too. They have more than 300 accessories to select from, which are the best thing for a grill.

The clips attached to their sides enable you to quickly hang the towel to your belt or give you easy and quick access. However, you are advised to always wash them separately after first use to avoid any possible colour contamination, since dark colours may bleed.

With these kinds of towels, you are free to machine wash them either cold or warm, whichever you prefer. Do not apply any chlorine-based bleach on them, but you can tumble dry them on low heat which is safe. 

A pack of the product contains one luxury Napoleon Grill Towel which is multi-functional and very easy to maintain too. Your kitchen is going to benefit from the addition of this famous towel.  With its accessories, you can now produce delicious grilled food and improve on your cooking too.

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Best Towels For Blackstone Griddle – Reviews

1. Napoleon 62150 Towel Grill Accessory

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These towels are sizeable enough since they measure about 18 × 28 inches and are made from natural cotton, which makes them very durable, highly absorbent, and easily machine washable.

They are assured to last as long as possible while still retaining their original colours and beauty. Their designs are such that needless fraying is prevented through the hemmings on their edges.

They are sold subject to the conditions of a full refund, replacement, or return if you no longer need them after purchase. In addition to the fact that they are sold at affordable prices, they are also widely available almost everywhere for ease of purchase.

It is guaranteed that they will be found to be as absorbent as any towels on the market and equally as soft and wrinkle resistant too.

They are not likely to leave any marks on cleaned surfaces since they are not abrasive. These towels are also lint-free and easily washable as well. After washing and as long as you wring them properly, they are assured to dry completely in no time.


  • They are as good as advertised.
  • The product does not harden after use.
  • They retain their brilliance in the face of frequent washes.


  • The use of unrecommended cleaning soaps can affect them.

2. Harrington’s Kitchen Dish Cotton Towels

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These classic towels are also made from 100 per cent cotton fibre too and each pack contains 12 tea towels. They are large dish clothes that can measure up to about 28 × 20 inches and are highly absorbent too.

They are produced in multiple colours for more flexible choices. Their terms of sale make them eligible for a return, refund, or replacement of items that may suffer any production defects after purchase.

They are very easily machine washable and dry fast too. These towels are not likely to harm the environment since they are known to be very eco-friendly.

In addition to being machine washable, these towels are also totally lint-free and they do not leave abrasions or scratches on the surfaces of cleaned wares. Their prices are very customer friendly and they can be readily obtained from most retail outlets anywhere.


  • They are extremely durable due to the quality of their fabrics and colours.
  • The products are machine washable and dry very fast.
  • They retain their softness over time.


  • They can be affected by the use of any chlorine-based bleach.

3. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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These are cotton towels that are very widely available for purchase anywhere, and they are sold at very friendly prices too.

Their high-end quality and durability are fully attested to by the multiple-star reviews they enjoy from customers worldwide.

They are sold with lengthy guarantees and warranty terms for customer satisfaction. The towels are also renowned for their high absorbency and resistance to wrinkling after washing.

They soak up moisture from surfaces fast and effectively without hardening afterward. The style of their sewing is such that the edges are carefully hemmed to prevent fraying.

Their colours are so carefully chosen that they can retain their exemplary brilliance even after repeated washings. Due to their beauty and special design, they are a perfect gift item to friends and loved ones on special occasions such as Christmas.

The microfiber materials used in their design make them so soft that they do not leave any scratches or marks on the surfaces they are used to clean.

In other words, these towels are not abrasive and they are lint-free too. When it comes to hand towels, this brand has got all the answers to your every question.

They are relatively large since they measure about 12 × 12 inches in size when spread out. They are fully and safely machine washable.

After washing, they are known to dry fast too. Multiple colours are produced to widen the horizon of individual preferences and they are very readily reusable.

Finally, their colours do not fade as long as you adhere to the instructions of the manufacturers and they are very easy to clean.


  • They are washable both manually and with a washing machine.
  • The towels dry fast.
  • They are very soft and highly absorbent.


  • They can fray quickly if you do not obey the instructions for washing recommended by the manufacturers.

4. Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels

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These towels are produced using 100 per cent natural cotton fabric which makes them very soft, highly absorbent, and durable.

Furthermore, their colours do not fade over time even in the face of frequent washing as long as you use the correct cleaning soaps. They are easy to wash and they dry very fast too.

These towels are available for purchase anywhere you may want them and they are sold subject to highly impressive guarantee and warranty terms as well.

They are not only lint-free, but they also do not leave scratches or marks on the surfaces they clean because they are non-abrasive.

They are also machine washable. In terms of their durability, softness, value for money spent, absorbency, and ease of cleaning, they have very enviable reviews from their users all over the world.

If you talk about hand towels, this brand takes the Oscar. To make sure that you continue to enjoy them for very long, their edges are fully hemmed during sewing and they are fully reusable cleaning cloths.

Finally, the three blue signature stripes down the middle of these towels are a classic feature exclusively for Zippoli hand towels that give timeless design and aesthetics.


  • Washing is very easy for which you may need only water without any chemicals.
  • They are extremely absorbent.
  • Do not fray easily.


  • The use of unrecommended soaps for cleaning can affect them.

5. Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels

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They come in packs containing 12 natural cotton towels each that measure 28 × 28 inches which means that they are large towels.

They are sold on terms that are fully agreeable to the customers through long guarantees and warranty agreements. Hence, they can be returned, replaced, or fully refunded in the case of any dissatisfaction.

They are easily machine washable and do not wrinkle after washing. These towels are made of 100 per cent cotton which makes them very soft and highly absorbent.

They clean the surfaces of glass and other ornaments without causing scratches or abrasions on them. Their prices are considered very affordable and they are available in most places for purchase.

Most notably, these hand towels are reputable for their ease of care, durability, absorbency, and quality of materials in their designs. Finally, they can be used as gift items on special occasions to friends and loved ones.


  • They are completely lint-free.
  • These towels do not harden after use.
  • Their colours do not fade easily even after washing repeatedly.


  • They can be affected by any chlorine-based bleach.

6. Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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These kitchen towels measure 12.6 × 12.6 inches which are large enough for most cleaning applications in the kitchen and elsewhere.

They are eligible for a return, refund, and replacement if you are no longer interested in the product. They clean without leaving any abrasions on surfaces since they are made of microfiber.

Their durability and extreme resistance are impressive and therefore, they are very easily machine washable without the tendency of developing wrinkles afterward.

In addition, these towels do not harden after use as is common with most competing brands on the market. They are available at most retail outlets anywhere and are sold at pocket-friendly prices too.

Associated with their sales are lengthy guarantees and warranty terms for customer protection and satisfaction. Their colours are carefully chosen to ensure that they do not fade even after repeated washing. They are so soft and absorbent that they do not leave abrasions on the surfaces they clean.


  • They have very durable and easily washable fabrics.
  • They do not shrink or wrinkle after washing.
  • The hemming on their edges prevents fraying prematurely.


  • They can be damaged by the use of recommended cleaning agents.


(1). What is a Blackstone towel?

Simply put, a Blackstone towel is a piece of cloth on which we rub off liquids and other smears in the kitchen as we cook or bake.

A Blackstone magnetic hand or kitchen towel holder stick is placed on a side shelf or frame so that you can always have a surface on which to wipe your hands while working in the kitchen or elsewhere.

This implies that there will no more be meat juices on the floor or door handle to the kitchen. Very strong magnetic sticks fixed to the griddle surfaces made of steel will effectively keep your towel within easy reach always.

(2). How do you maintain towels for Blackstone?

Ideally, you should get at least 2 Blackstone towels at all times which should be neatly folded too. Pull them out only when there is a need to use them, and after every use, you can wash them up and restore them once again.

(3). Do all towels leave lint on a griddle?

Not. There are good and standard towels that do not leave lint on the griddle. Therefore, if you do not want lint left on your griddle, choose only towels that are confirmed to be lint-free. The customer care unit can help you with this.

(4). How do you get lint off Blackstone?

To get lint off Blackstone, you can use clean rags and scrub repeatedly in circular motions. Alternatively, you can put a thin strip of a clean rag and rub it around the griddle for a bit. 

Best Towels For Blackstone – Conclusion

Blackstone kitchen towels are an absolute necessity if you wish to keep your kitchen door handles clean at all times, or if you wish to prevent liquids from splashing all around the kitchen too.

Hang them as recommended and within reach too. However, before you purchase any, find out the features and qualities you should look out for. Fortunately, this article has discussed a lot in that respect such that you will hardly make avoidable mistakes.

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