5 Best Towels For Espresso Machines In 2022

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An espresso machine is a device that brews coffee by forcing highly pressurized water that is close to boiling point through what is commonly called a ‘puck’ of ground coffee beans and a filter to produce coffee that is thick and concentrated known as espresso.

The major difference between an espresso and a coffee maker is that an espresso operates with high pressure whereas a coffee maker depends on the influence of gravitational power that will force water through filters. Now, how do we choose the best towels for the espresso machine?

Espresso machine towel

If you’re in a hurry to just grab the best towels for espresso machines, we strongly recommend the towels below, they are most efficient based on several criteria we considered.


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Best Towel For Espresso Machine – Buyer’s Guide

The choice of the best towels for an espresso machine should be done with due reference to certain very important parameters or indices such as the quality of the fabric, colours, durability, usable techniques for washing, terms or conditions of sale, and so on.

Types of fabrics and their durability

The type of fabrics used in producing kitchen towels is of paramount importance in their performance. First, suitable fabrics for this occasion are those which are very durable and can withstand regular washing and stress.

To this effect, cotton and microfiber are the most used. This is because they have most of the qualities required to function satisfactorily.

These fabrics are easily washable either manually or with a washing machine and they are fast in drying too. Both cotton and microfiber are very soft and highly absorbent as well.

Therefore, they can serve effectively in their function to soak up as much water as possible without actually getting wet themselves.

Colours of the fabrics

Another criterion to watch out for in some of the best kitchen towels is their colours. The colours for kitchen towels are also carefully chosen such that only very durable ones are used.

These are colours that do not wash off or fade over time. In other words, the colours for kitchen towels, and indeed those of other items of clothing too, should withstand fading even after repeated and prolonged washing.

They should retain their brightness and sparkle for as long as possible. These colours should be as varied as possible in a way that anybody will surely get his/her preferred colour (s). Although, no matter how good any colour is, you are not recommended to use chlorine bleach on them which is very harmful.

Methods of washing and drying

The methods available through which you can wash your kitchen towel are equally very important too. While some materials are washable only manually, others can be washed either manually or with a washing machine or both.

Highly recommended towel fabrics are the ones you can wash through both ways without the possibility of the washed fabric to shrink or wrinkle after washing. You should also be able to tumble dry these towels if you want.

Terms and conditions of sale

Some of the best towels for the espresso machine are also very widely available for sale in most retail businesses around the world due to their popularity.

In addition, they should be sold at affordable prices too so that most people will be able to procure them. These kitchen towels are also sold on terms that are very considerate of the satisfaction of the buyers through lengthy terms of the guarantee and warranty agreements if there is any complaint or lack of satisfaction with the towel.

The products should also be eligible for a full refund or replacement of any defective items for several years after purchase.

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Best Towel For Espresso Machine – Reviews

1. Crema PRO Barista Micro Cloth

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They are assured to be easy and fast to clean up after use and they are sold on very friendly terms too. This implies that they are eligible for a return, full refund, or replacement in case of any dissatisfaction after the purchase.

Their prices are affordable and they are widely supplied and available for ease of purchase anywhere you live. They can clean thoroughly without any abrasions on cleaned items since they are made of microfiber which is known for its durability, softness, and absorbency.

They are quite sizeable in shape since they measure 8.5 ×1.8 ×9.1 inches. Also, they are easily washable with the aid of a washing machine.

These kitchen towels are simply perfect for spills of any kind in the kitchen or elsewhere. They are also cleverly crafted with premium materials to ensure a long-lasting and effective performance that will suit your needs.

For all these reasons, they enjoy a multiple-star rating from customers all over the world due to their ease of cleaning, absorbency, and value for money spent.


  • They do not melt or stick when used to clean hot steam.
  • You can hang them safely using the loop name tag.
  • They are as good as advertised.


  • Their packaging is cheap and weird-looking.

2. Barista Micro Cleaning Towels

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Like all other kitchen towels of distinction, they are soft, very absorbent, and non-abrasive cleaning cloths. These towels are also made of microfiber which is sold eligible for a return, refund, or replacement where and when necessary.

Their prices are equally very pocket-friendly too. Due to their commendable softness, they do not leave marks or scratches on the surfaces they are used to clean and their packaging is also very standard as well.

They can be washed with a machine and they dry much faster than most other competing kitchen towels on the market. Their sizes are also perfect such that they can easily fit into your pocket, hands, and pretty well anywhere else for concealment or storage.

With these towels, the removal of stains and grime becomes easy and quick. They are multi-purpose, which means that you can effectively use them in cleaning many things at home or office.

For their impressive qualities, they enjoy many star ratings from users all over the world also. They do not fray easily and command long durability than most other sister products worldwide.


  • They are valued for the money spent on them.
  • These towels have hemmed edges for more durability.
  • They are easy and fast to wash with just water and no chemicals.


  • These towels can be damaged by chlorine bleach if used on them regularly.

3. Barista Micro Cleaning Towels With Hook

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Like all other good kitchen towels, they are made of a very reliable fabric that is soft, very absorbent, and highly durable too.

Their colours hardly bleach despite any repeated washing provided no harmful cleaning chemicals are used on them. They are easy to clean and they dry fast as well.

Their terms of sale are very customer-friendly due to the return, refund, and replacement policies governing their distribution. You can get them for sale at most retail outfits all over the world.

They are not likely to leave behind any cracks or abrasions on surfaces after cleaning due to their softness. In addition, they do not harden after use too.

You can wash them safely in any washing machine. These kitchen towels are also a multi-purpose cleaning tool that can be used to sanitize many kinds of household wares fast and very effective as well. They come equipped with hanging hooks and hence, can be placed within reach in the kitchen as you work.


  •  These towels are very easy to clean and dry fast.
  • They have very commendable and friendly terms of sale.
  • They do not shrink or wrinkle after use or washing.


They can be affected by certain chemicals during washing like chlorine bleach.

4. Rhinowares Barista Cloth

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The Barista Rhinowares Kitchen towels are a product of some of the best fabrics anywhere. For this reason, they enjoy impressive durability and ease of washing.

In addition, they can be machine washed and they neither shrink nor wrinkle after use or cleaning. They are sold at prices that are affordable and are also widely available in most places for ease of purchase wherever you may live.

They are so soft and thick that they do not cause any scratches, abrasions, or cracks on cleaned ornaments. You also have the option of cleaning them with a machine safely.

They do not tend to shrink or wrinkle after washing. They are lint-free and large enough for proper cleaning. These kitchen towels are equally sold on terms that make them eligible for a return, refund, or replacement as the case may be in the case of any disappointment with the product. They are very absorptive, easy to clean, and fast to dry too.


  • They are machine washable.
  • Their size is such that they are very effective in cleaning effectively.
  • They are very widely available anywhere you may be.
  • The hems on their edges prevent premature damage.


  • Poor handling can make them fray easily.

5. Usanooks Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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These kitchen towels are also produced using microfiber which makes them very durable and highly absorbent. The fact that they are very soft enables them to be used safely in cleaning glass ornaments and surfaces without scratches or abrasions.

They are sold at very affordable or pocket-friendly prices. In addition, their supply is widespread such that you can easily get them for purchase anywhere you may be.

Washing them is easy and they dry fast too. To make it more impressive, you can even clean these kitchen towels without the need for any chemicals other than just water alone.

They do not wrinkle or shrink after washing or use, and impressively, they are lint-free too. Like most other items sold on Amazon, they are supplied with long warranty and guarantee provisions. The towels are well designed and painted in colours that hardly lose their brilliance over time.


  • They are easy to wash and do not shrink or wrinkle afterward.
  • They are as durable as any other competing products on the market.
  • Their colours do not fade due to their refined quality.


  • These products can be degraded by any chemicals not recommended by the manufacturers.


(1). What towels do baristas use?

Baristas commonly use small washcloths, dish towels, or sometimes bar rags too which are known to work best. However, some people prefer to use very fancy microfiber garments. In any case, you are strongly advised to keep them separate.

(2). What do you do with a barista towel?

Baristas are people who produce both hot and cold drinks with the aid of different kinds of machines. Some of these machines are blenders, grinders, coffee machines, and lots more.

Therefore, while brewing coffee, they are expected to keep themselves and the surroundings clean, hence the need for barista towels. Therefore, barista towels are used to remove spills and smears from surfaces to keep the kitchen clean.

(3). How many towels should a barista have while preparing the expresso?

Traditionally, a barista should have at least three towels. One of these towels is for the portafilters to maintain everything clean and dry. While the second towel should be moist and used as a steam wand. The last towel is used to wipe any drip tray of the espresso machine.

(4). What do I need with my espresso machine?

There are a few types of equipment you need with your espresso machine. These are a semi-automatic espresso maker, a burr grinder( if there is none inbuilt), a tamper, some espresso beans, a scale(optional), a milk thermometer, and a milk steamer.

(5). Can I use vinegar to clean my espresso machine?

You can safely use vinegar in cleaning your espresso machine. This will remove the natural oils and any dyes that have stained the surfaces. However,  descaling a coffee machine with vinegar is both easy and fast. Simply mix 3 parts of vinegar with one part of water before you run the machine.

How often should an espresso machine be cleaned?

How often you clean an espresso machine will depend on how regularly you use it. All the same, it is good if you will clean it at least once every two months, but if you want, you can clean it a bit more regularly than that based on how you use it too.

Best Towel For Espresso Machine – Conclusion

The choice of towels should be based on their types of fabrics which have to be soft, absorbent, and very durable. Therefore, you should know what you are looking for before you commit any money on them.

A careful study of the criteria of evaluation discussed in this article is a timely heads-up on the matter. If you hearken to what you have read so far, you will certainly make informed choices that will serve you satisfactorily.

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