Why Does My Towel Smell Like Butt?

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Oftentimes, after using your towel in your shower, it ends up smelling awful leaving you worried.  Fortunately, this problem is one of the most common problems all over the place, so, let’s find out more about Why Your Towel Smell Like Butt?”

Towel smells like butt

Your towel smells like butt because bacteria is growing on it. No matter how well you wash, you aren’t completely clean, and if your towel doesn’t dry thoroughly after use, bacteria will start breaking the towel down, which is where the smell is emanating from. 

When you dry yourself with your towel, you’d have dead skin, hairs, dirt, and all sorts on your towel. Keep in mind that bacteria dwell more in damp areas, and they multiply easily.

Besides, improper storing of your towel can cause it to smell. The best thing to do is hang your towel out in the sun after use, to kill any germs that could be on it. Let’s find out how to get rid of the smell on your towel.

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How do I eliminate the butt smell from my towel? 

When your towel starts smelling, the best thing is to rewash it, get rid of the odor, and dry it properly. For you to get rid of the smell, you need some equipment, materials, and also need to heed a few steps. Below are the materials and steps to get the butt smell off your towel. 


  • White vinegar.
  • Water.
  • Bowl.
  • Baking soda.
  • Mild laundry detergent. 


  • Washing machine. 
  • Clothing rack.
  • Clothing clips.

Step 1: Wash your towels with white vinegar

Put your towels in the washing machine, set the cycle to the regular cycle with hot or warm water, and mild laundry detergent, then, put one cup of white vinegar to be used as a fabric softener during the rinse cycle. 

Step 2: Wash your towels with baking soda

Baking soda can also get rid of bad odor. However, this time, you won’t be needing the laundry detergent or fabric softener, just the baking soda, and water. Put the towel in the washing machine on the regular wash cycle with a ½ cup of baking soda.

Step 3: Parch the towels thoroughly 

After washing your towels with white vinegar and baking soda, another important thing you should do is dry your towels thoroughly. Remember that not drying your towels could cause a bad odor as a result of the dead cells from your skin. 

Place your towels flat on the clothing rack and use your clothing clips to pin them down. Let it dry completely. You can put your towels in the dryer with wool dryer balls, and let them dry.

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How do I prevent my towel from smelling like butt?

Even if you wash your towels often, you need to do certain things to prevent them from smelling like butt, because your towels can still smell after washing them.

As the folks always say, prevention is better than cure. It’s better to prevent the smell than to have yourself go through the stress of curing the smell. 

Below are the ways you can prevent your towels from smelling like butt. 

  1. Do not put damp towels in the laundry basket.
  2. Ensure you dry the towels instantly after washing.
  3. Store your towels only when they are dried thoroughly.
  4. Lay flat your towels up to dry after every use.

Do not put damp towels in the laundry basket

Putting your damp towel in the basket can cause it to smell like butt due to the heat circulating in there for hours.

Ensure you dry the towels instantly after washing

Leaving your towels damp in the wash or on the counter could make them develop the awful smell you don’t want. Also, ensure you wash your towels often.

Store your towels only when they are dried thoroughly 

Your towels can smell like your cabinet or wardrobe when they are stored damp, so, to prevent the butt smell, store the towels when they are dried. 

Lay flat your towels up to dry after every use

Drying your towel is important. Even if you don’t wash the towel immediately after use, drying it well can prevent it from smelling bad. You can either use a dryer with wool drying balls or dry them in direct sunlight. 

What are the tips for having a healthy towel?

Your towel needs pampering as it’s one of the household clothing that is used often. There are ways by which you can have a healthy towel to prevent your towels from smelling bad and making you sick. 

Here are the tips to have a healthy towel. 

  • Wash your towels more often if you are sick to avoid reinfection. You should also do the laundry more than weekly if your home moisture is increased, especially during summer if you don’t have the air conditioning. 
  • Use a clean towel after working out. Do not use the damp towel abandoned for hours in your gym bag as it is already stinky and muggy.
  • Bacteria love damp or swampy areas because they can easily grow and reproduce there. So, you should dry your towel flat after every use. You can use a towel radiator or dryer to dry your towels. 
  • It is okay to share your towels with your partner or family if they don’t have any skin issues. Moreover, it is advisable to not let kids share their towels as they have poor hygiene, and are easily prone to germs that cause eczema. 
  • Wash your towels often and also change them after every six months. 

What is the best way to dry your towels?

The best way is to dry your towels on a towel bar, also known as a towel rail or radiator. This towel rail is available in different sizes, and they are adhesive enough to glue to your bathroom wall.

The rails are made with enough space to dry your towels. They are thick enough to withstand heavy towels. Your towels might not dry properly on the hook if your bathroom is not well ventilated, which means you can only use hooks to dry any clothing in a ventilated area.

In addition, towel rails can be used in the kitchen, cabinet, closet, and other places in your home. Some towel rails come with small hooks for your sponge and other things, you should get yours now, so you can dry your towels easily after use. 


Do towels dry easily on hooks or bars

Towels dry easily on both hooks and bars, they are just of different sizes. While hook saves space when used in the bathroom, bars take a lot of space due to the length.

Also, while hooks are easy to fix on your bathroom wall, towel bars are a hassle.  In the end, your towel still gets to dry. However, it is more advisable to dry your towel on bars. 

Bars are similar to clothing lines because you can lay flat your towels for them to dry properly. Unlike hooks, your towels get to be hung with the tip. You’d have to wait for long hours for your towel to dry while using the hook. 

What should I do with unused towel bars?

You can hang other clothing on it while you don’t have any towels to hang, or you can take them off the bathroom walls.

Towel bars don’t have one functionality, they have diverse. If you don’t use them to dry towels, you can use them to dry your underwear, socks, and so on. Besides, you should get more towels, instead of using one. 

Purchase more towels, so you can interchange them when you do the laundry. If you are lucky enough to purchase towel bars with small sets, you can use them to dry your sponges.

Where should I put my wet towels?

You should dry your wet towels and not set them aside. Putting your wet towels aside, or leaving them in the washing machine can cause them to stink very badly. You can use your dryer to dry your towels, rather than tossing them aside. 

However, before you start the dry cycle, ensure you put the wool drying balls in the dryer along with your towels to make them soft. 

NB – not drying your towels can cause the spread of bacteria which can lead to skin infections. You should maintain proper hygiene to stop your towels from stinking, and stop the spread of germs. 

Conclusion- Why Does My Towel Smell Like Butt?

As long as you dry your towels properly, they won’t smell like butt, but if at all your towels end up smelling awful, you should rewash them using the steps provided in this article.

Also, ensure you take note of the tips and prevention to help you have a healthy towel. A safe path to follow will always be to change your towels every six months as specified in this article.

I hope your questions have been well answered, kindly put down your comments in the comment section below. Cheers…

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