Do Towels Dry Better On Hooks Or Bars?

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Do Towels Dry Better On Hooks Or Bars? Having a place to hang your towels in your bathroom is necessary because it needs to dry before the next use. Drying towels on bars is way better than drying on a hook because of a couple of reasons which I’ll get into in a moment.

Bars or hooks

Not properly drying your towel could mean that bacteria will begin to form on them and it would begin to smell after a while. Therefore, which of them is a better fit for you and the space you have.


Here are a few PROS and CONS of Hook and Bars to consider before making a decision


Hooks are small, usually metal prongs that are curved in a manner to help you put your towel on them to hold them in place, it typically comes in single sets and multiples, depending on how many items you’re looking to hang.

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Saves space

When you install a hook hanging system in your bathroom for your towels, it saves you a lot of space because it’s so small.

This is ideal for bathrooms with smaller space, with the extra space, you could add other features in your bathroom like a cabinet for your medications and other toiletries. Check out this Wall Towel Hook for Bathrooms.


Installing hooks in your bathroom is super easy, depending on the fastening system. All you need is a hand drill and a few screws and a screwdriver.

You don’t need any prior construction knowledge or you don’t need to pay someone to do it. You can have it up in less than 5 minutes as long as you have the right tools for the job.


Hooks are very portable, especially the single sets. It can even fit in your pocket. Not only will that save you space but because it’s so portable and lightweight, it is super easy to transport.

The best things in life are portable, and for me, this is a huge plus. I dislike bulky things that take up space. That’s just me, however.

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More towels at a time

If you share your bathroom with other people or you have several towels, with hooks you can have a row of at least 5 hooks, one for every towel depending on the space you have and you’ll barely take up to 5 feet of wall space. More towels get to hang at the same time, no one feels left out and everyone is happy.


Breaks easily

One of the negatives is that because it’s so small and portable if you hang heavy or large towels on it, it tends to bend pretty easily and may even break after a while.

The way around this would be to always dry medium-sized towels on it and only hang one at a time, if you have multiple towels, get more hooks.

There are also larger hooks if you have big towels, those may be a little bit more pricey but it’s going to be worth it.

Dries Slowly

Another negative would be the drying speed, because the towel sort of folds up when you hang it on a hook, it does not aerate properly. Which ends up prolonging the drying time, and this could cause mould to begin to grow on the towel.

The best way around this would be to allow proper ventilation in your bathroom to allow enough airflow through the towels.

Does not hold towels properly

Because the hook is so small and the surface area of a towel is large, you only hang a bit of the towel which is the edge. This however makes the towel more prone to slipping off and falling to the wet bathroom floor.

Or a dry bathroom floor? I don’t know the state of your bathroom. Nevertheless, there are germs and stuff on the floor and that should be avoided if possible.


This is a long metal, typically 4 feet long or more, which is installed on the wall of bathrooms to help you spread your towel on after use. Bars can be found in larger bathrooms with wider space and are typically installed close to the bathtub. Here are some pros and cons to consider.



The metal bar is usually heavy because it’s metal and all. Therefore, the installation process is usually very precise and it is built to be very sturdy so it doesn’t fail when you dry your towels on it.

This sturdy nature helps hold your towel no matter the weight, even if it’s soaking wet. This is a huge plus in my book.

Can easily remove towels

The metal bar is usually coated with a stainless steel alloy which makes it less prone to rusting and this also makes it slippery but not so slippery your towel falls off when you hang them. It is slippery enough that you can just slide them off when you’re done bathing and need to dry your body.

Wider surface area

The bar has a wider surface area which means your towels can be spread properly across it, this will help the towel properly aerate and not develop a funky smell. This also makes the towels dry way faster than it will with hooks.

More attractive aesthetic-wise

When you have bars for your towels, it is way better looking than hooks because it makes the bathroom look more organized.

Hooks just make your wall seem like a museum where you keep artefacts. If you want your bathroom to look great, and keep your towels fresh at the same time then install bars. Check out this Matte Black Bar for Bathroom.


Occupies space

If your bathroom space is small, then having bars for your towels would be impractical. Bars are ideal when you have a lot of space because it’s usually long. For smaller bathrooms, use hooks. Save your space, hang more towels.

One at a time

One negative is that with bars, you can only hang one towel at a time depending on the length of the bar. If you hang more at a time I would mean they would not dry properly which defeats the purpose of the bars.

If you have the space and you have multiple towels, then you should install multiple bars.

Hassle to Install

It is usually a hassle to install towel bars if you’re going to be doing it yourself. You have to get a professional to do it because there are many steps involved.

First, you have to take the wall measurements, then find the best fit, and figure out the best position for it. However, if you’ve got the time and the money, then it’s all going to be worth it in the end.


Do towels dry properly on hooks?

If the bathroom is well ventilated, your towels can dry properly on a hook. However, it may take longer than it would when you dry it on a bar.

However, if you have a small bathroom space then hooks should work just fine and get the job done. Just ensure your bathroom gets adequate airflow.

What is the best way to hang towels?

The best way to hang towels would be by spreading them in bars, but due to some constraints. The best way would be determined by your bathroom situation. But the recommendation would be to install a bar, and no not the type you drink at.

Where do you put wet towels in a small bathroom?

You should not be putting soaking wet towels in your bathroom unless you have a dryer in there, then pop them in. If you don’t, take your wet towels outside to properly air dry or sun dry. Whichever works for you.

What can I do with unused towel bars?

If you have unused towel bars you may as well take them off, because they would just occupy space. Or you can just save the space in case you purchase more towels. Which you should, you can’t be using one towel. Get 2 more.

The bars could also be used to hang other clothing items like your underwear for example. If you wanna air dry them and you don’t want them out in the open, you can hang them on the bars.

Are rings the same as hooks?

They are similar aesthetic-wise but they are different functionally, a ring is small and mounted on the wall, it has a hoop-like thing where you slide your towel in for drying. I would recommend a hook instead of a ring for drying, a hook is faster for drying and that’s saying a lot.

If you prefer to use a towel ring here is a guide on how to install one.

Do Towels Dry Better On Hooks Or Bars – Conclusion

As long as you have the space, I suggest you install a bar in your bathroom for hanging your towels. Hooks are more practical if you want to save space but it dries your towels slower than a bar would.

Either way, ensure your bathroom gets proper ventilation and airflow. So your towels don’t start harbouring bacteria and develop a funk, if the towels are very wet, take them outside to see the sun for a bit. Good luck!

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