Why Does My Husband’s Towel Stink After He Showers?

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Why Does My Husband’s Towel Stink After He Showers? A towel can smell for so many terrible reasons. It could be hormonal imbalance, diabetes, mildew, bacterial build-up, taking meds or probably he/she doesn’t wash very well. all of these could be the reason why your husbands/wives towel smells awful after the shower.

Stinky husbands towels

A towel is a vessel specially made to perform the spectacular purpose of drying off our body after a good bath. They come in sizes and forms. Some are soft, fluffy and comfortable, others can be hard and you know the rest. They also come in different qualities.

However the form or size of a towel, it does not make it completely superior to absorbing smells, accumulating dirt and emitting bad smells. We are going to discuss some of them next.


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Reasons why your towel smells/stinks after shower

Body odour

This is one major source through which your towels could stink after shower. Bathing does not clear off body odour except when you get some medical assistance.

This implies that as your soap fragrance sticks to your towels when you use them to dry up after a shower, so can your body odour. Body odour could be a result of stress, a bad diet or even a health condition.

It could be embarrassing when you have a body odour I know right, as it messes with your confidence to hang around people once you’re conscious of it.

To save yourself from hurting and heartbreaking words/moments from intolerant people, you could just buy a deodorant, Roll-on or get you a nice body spray to help curb it, if you can’t pay for a medical session/treat

Not properly bathing

The reason we bathe is not just for the fun of it. We bath when we may have sweated, done a dirty job or feel the need to freshen up. But bathing has to be done properly to clean the skin well.

You should try scratching your skin after a bath to see if your nails will have dirt particles in them. When you don’t clean your skin well after a shower, your towel gets all the dirt and dead skin residues on your skin.

This can eventually lead to body odour if taken for granted. This is because those dirt accumulates and give room for body odour germs to form. Why do you think homeless people stink? It is because they bathe less and in an improper manner.

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If a soap has a bad fragrance, it sure leaves it in your towels. This is especially true when you don’t wash your towels often.

As you bath and dry your skin, the residues that were left as a result of the shower will eventually be transferred to your towel.

Bathing without soap is like boiling an egg without water. It just won’t work. Soaps have skin-soothing particles that soften dirt on your body and wash them off during a shower. Check out this amazing Nivea nourishing body wash.

And again, every soap has a fragrance and most soaps have nice fragrances that keep you smelling fresh for hours even. This means that a bad fragrance from the soap can make your towels stink, as much as a nice fragrance gives it the luxury of fresh smells.

Dirty pipes and water

If you have a rusty pipe, it will definitely give you dirty water. Dirty water is the home for growing microbes and microbial growths lead to bad smells.

Now you see how connected to having a stinking towel after a shower, is dirty pipe and water. Having a rusty pipe is like breaking a general’s most relied defence wall during a wall, it leaves all other soldiers vulnerable to whatever the enemies bring.

Stinking towels do not just hover around you drying your skin after a shower with dirty water from a dirty pipe but could also be the result of washing your towels with dirty or contaminated water.

Musty towel

This has to do with the bad storage of towels. If you wash and properly dry a towel but keep it in a warm environment, it leaves it susceptible to picking up a bad smell.

It is advisable to always keep your clean towels in a cool dry place. This prevents the formation and growth stinks.

Damp towel

The drying method for your towels could do a great deal in preventing them from stinking. If your towels are not exposed to the air method of drying, it becomes damp and when it does, it smells eventually.

Hanging your towels in your dark and often moist bathroom will not save it but rather make it a smell prone agent. This is because denying your towels an environment to dry properly causes them to smell after a while of retaining wetness.

Your towels dry in the dryer through the use of heat, which is the major source of damp. There is no way your towels will dry completely well if they are dried in the dryer. This is simply because heat leaves heat wherever it touches.

And without proper disposal, heat causes towels to become wet, especially when they are kept in a warm and heat promoting environment.

It means that you must ensure to stick to the sun drying or air drying methods which are very natural and are the best for your towels if you don’t want them to stink.


When your water is dirty, it gives room for bacteria to breed and grow. In this essence, they form an army and take over the territory of your towels.

This act of colonizing your towels makes them expand as there may be nothing to hold them back or kill them. The only way their presence can be known is through the bad smell your towel will send-off.

This means that if you don’t notice these bacterias in your water and use it to wash your towels, they will eventually begin to breed and grow on the towels, thereby causing your towels to smell the smell of the bacterias.

However, when we store water in our heater during winter for baths, we may not exhaust some before the end of winter and for the fact we won’t need to use the heater until another winter, we may leave the water stagnant in our heater.

This stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for bacterias.

Dirty towels

Dirt is the source of many terrible smells. When we shower and dry our body, we clean off the dead skin, water and soap may have softened and these particles have their own kind of smell.

When we fail to wash our towels regularly and properly, dirt will stick, accumulate and Make your towels stink. It is advisable that we wash our towels properly and regularly after each third use.

When you use a dirty towel to dry your skin after a shower, you only have activated its ability to smell better by making it wet.

Low-quality towels

If you had purchased a towel because the cost was low, it means you should not expect any outcome other than the value for your money.

Cheap towels have cheap materials and cheap features. When your towel material is not good enough, it repels water and picks up smells easily. You can know a good towel by its characteristics if you want to shop online. Check out this absorbent quick dry bath towel on Amazon.

Dirty washing machine

Sometimes, all our towels need to pick up a bad smell is a dirty washing machine. When we wash, the soil particles from our clothes are left in the washer and if not properly cleaned, it will transfer those soil residues on our towels during laundry.

These soil particles will eventually begin to cause our towels to have a sour or foul odour if not attentively cared for. They hang on our towels and after a while, they begin to emit smells.


How do I stop my towels from smelling after a shower?

After every shower, dry your towels properly. Sun-drying or air drying is preferably the best approach to use. Exposure to air and sun gives your wet towel a good opportunity to be well dried and creates a refreshing smell on them.

It is an all-natural and healthy way to keep your towels from smelling before or after you use them.

Who do towels smell musty?

This is often as a result of a bad storage system. When you store your towels in a warm place, they begin to get hot as a result of the atmospheric pressure. That eventually causes them to pick a musty smell.

Where do you put vinegar in the washing machine?

It is quite easy to know as there are dispensers in washing machines. You can put it in the bleach dispenser or fabric softener compartment. If you are new to using washing machines, you should read the user’s manual for directions.

If your washing machine does not have dispensers, then you can pour your vinegar a few minutes before you start your washing cycle.

How often should towels be washed?

The cleaning institute advised that towels should be washed at least after the third time of use. This will help to hold off germs and bacterias greatly from thriving on your towels as much as prevent them from absorbing and keeping bad smells.

Do bacteria grow on wet towels?

Yes. A wet and warm place is the breed and ground for bacteria. It feeds on the wetness, explores it and achieves growth.

Why Does My Husband’s Towel Stink After He Showers – Conclusion

A towel can be very comforting and enjoyable when it is well kept. But without proper care and attention, it can be the worst thing to have.

You must remember to always keep your towels clean, avoid moist environments, bathe very well and store towels in a cool and dry place to avoid bad smells.

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