Why Do My Towels Smell Like Corn Chips?

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Why Do My Towels Smell Like Corn Chips? An environment warm and moist is the most welcoming place for germs. When a towel begins to smell sour or musty, it is an indication that bacteria is beginning to breed and thrive on it.

Sometimes what a bacteria colony needs to camp and take over a territory is just some bunched up damp towels, residing in a warm room. They colonize, explore and stamp their presence with a nice bad smell.

Corn Chips smell


Reasons why your towels smell awful/like corn chips

Body odour

A health condition might cause you to have a bad body smell. It can result also from the kind of food you eat, not bathing well, or sweat due to stress.

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When you pick up a bad body smell, you are likely to transfer it to your towels after a shower by simply drying your body with them. Just using soap and water cannot completely wash off a body odour.

When body odour is transferred to your towels, it can begin to smell like corn chips. Most especially as it may combine with your soap fragrance.

You may need to see a doctor if yours is a condition or your body odour due to certain conditions, gets worse. They can help save you.

However, you can curb body odour by simply using deodorants. You can purchase a roll-on, perfume or body spray. This is because it gets embarrassing, discomforting and restricting around people.


A damp surface is a favourable and conducive environment for bacterias to breed and grow. Your towel is likely to pick an unlikely smell that resembles that of corn chips if you leave it wet. When they are left wet oftentimes it results in the formation and sending off of corn chips smell.

This is because you may have ignored the necessity to dry your towels properly or expose them to the sun drying method. When your towels don’t get enough air attention, they retain wetness and begin to smell. This smell may often resemble that of corn chips.

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Corn chips

This may be unlikely but it can not be ignored. When you make corn chips, your hands make contact with them during the process, except you may have worn hand gloves.

If you wear gloves, your hands are safe but how about your skin? The corn chips smell off into the fabrics of your clothes which makes direct contact with your skin. The smell sticks, especially when you sweat in the process.

After cooking, the next thing that comes to your mind is a quick shower, to get back into the ‘smelling fresh’ business. But before you take a shower, we often like to tie our towels around our waist down for men and around our chest to the thigh for women.

While we wrap our towels around our bodies in preparation for a shower, they can pick up the smells that have been sticking to our bodies from the kitchen.

After a bath, we dry our body off with the same towel and it smells like corn chips. There is nothing unlikely to happen other than that.

Bad cooking habits

Some of us may not even know, let alone stick to good cooking hygiene. Some people don’t properly cover their hair or wear aprons in the kitchen while cooking.

When you dress in your normal house outfit in the kitchen to cook, it must pick up food smells and cause it to stick to your skin. But having and properly using your kitchen linens will save you a lot when it comes to picking up smells.

Sometimes, we are guilty of looking cute in the kitchen or just trying to fix a plate before your shower after a long day at work. In the process, you can’t be patient enough.

So you go on to tie your towels around you while cooking so that you can quickly walk into the bathroom. This could be that you get fatigued after a meal or may even fall asleep while waiting for the good to digest.

When you tie a towel to the kitchen, it will definitely pick up some smells that when not properly attended to, may turn into bad ones eventually.


Microbial growth is often popular on damp surfaces or environments. When you allow these to grow in your bathroom as a result of the stagnant water or maybe a bad water drain, it causes your bathroom to smell.

When this smell makes contact with your towels, they absorb, neutralize and emit the smells. Thereby, making it part of their existence.

This implies that your bathroom must always be clean to have a fresh smell that will also rub on your towels when you hang them there.

You can use a cleaner spray to wash your bathroom and give it a nice look of freshness thereafter. Avoid storing water in your heater, especially when you don’t use them anymore.

When you want to go on a long vacation, exhaust the water in your heater and keep it dry always. That will go a long way in helping to prevent the growth of odour-causing germs or microbes in your bathroom.


Why do my towels smell like food?

Your dish towels could smell like food because you use them to clean hands that may have made contact with food itself. When things spill, we use them to wipe them off.

When a place or room is messed up with Grime or food, we also use these towels to remove them. And oftentimes, they do not get the luxury of drying off properly due to their numerous responsibilities.

When they should be drying off, they are needed to straighten a mess or retain cleanliness. This makes them have bad smells.

Why does my bath towel smell like cat pee?

Detergent and soap buildup on towels can eventually cause them to pick a foul smell. Also, when you use fabric softener on your towels often, the residues attract mildew, which as a result makes your towels smell bad.

Detergents could smell nice but when overused or not properly used, to the point they leave residues, it becomes a bad thing. The irony becomes the case in the aspect of smell.

Why do older towels smell?

Even though we always try to keep our towels clean, they still may not really have that nice smell we expect of them. This gets frustrating sometimes.

One of the things that could cause that is accumulated soap particles in the fabrics of your towel. This prevents the towels from absorbing much water and causes good drying restraints which make a towel damp and smelly.

Using a towel after a long while makes it prone to all of these harsh conditions, especially as the fabrics may have gone soft and weak enough to resist detergent attacks.

How do I get the urine smell out of towels?

There is a simple trick to it. First of all, get a cup of white vinegar and three cups of water. Mix them well and soak the items that were stained by urine and allow it for some minutes.

If it pleases you, you may use baking soda to cover the stained areas. Using baking soda and vinegar combined will work better to help absorb and neutralize the odour your towel may have picked.

How do you disinfect towels?

A 3/4 cup of regular bleach can be used for bleachable and even white towels. You can also use the same measurement to use colour-safe bleach when you are washing coloured towels.

You can manually mix the bleach in a quarter of water, that is if your washing machine does not have a bleach dispenser.

Five minutes before you start your washing cycle, add this mixture so that it can become one with the washing water and also for the sake of good and effective results.

How often should you wash towels?

It is recommended by the cleaning institute that towels should be washed with proper procedures after every third time you use them. This implies that, if you are a regular shower person, you will have to do a lot of weekly laundries.

Germs accumulate on your towels only when they are denied proper cleaning attention. So, when towels are frequently washed, it restricts and holds them off from coming close enough to harm you through inhabiting your towels.

Why Do My Towels Smell Like Corn Chips – Conclusion

The only way to keep a towel smelling nice at all times is to treat it like it was human. Care for it like it means the world to you and wash it like you would bath your child.

The towel is instrumental in the aspect of abortion because of its soft and succulent material. It absorbs easily and retains water for a long time which makes it hard to dry off easily.

Ensure to always sun dry or air dry your towels as that would always keep them looking and smelling fresh. Always keep your towels in a cool dry place to keep them smelling nice and fresh.

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