Can You Wash Towels With Underwear?

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Can You Wash Towels With Underwear? No, you should not, don’t wash your underwear with towels, please. There are multiple reasons you should not wash your underwear with your towels, one of them being the fact that it is very unhygienic, depending on the type of towel, whether it’s a bath towel or a kitchen towel.

Towels and underwear

Your underwear should be washed alone, by itself, colour-coded. They are a personal, very personal belonging and should not be treated with disregard, treat them delicately and with respect.


A few other reasons you should not wash your underwear with towels


A towel has a different level of thickness as underwear, if you have underwear as thick as a towel then you need to rethink some of your life decisions, that must be the most uncomfortable thing in the world. They’re basically diapers.

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Anyway, I digress, the thickness difference makes it vital when washing because they have to be washed for different variations of time.

If you wash your towels with your underwear, it’s either the towels won’t wash properly because you didn’t wash them long enough or the underwear may begin to rip because they were in the washing machine too long.


Do you often bleach your white towels? I know you may be thinking you may as well do the same for your underwear and just wash all of them together.

That is a bad idea, do not bleach your underwear, if they get stained for any reason, you should try to wash the stains out with a regular detergent, if the stains don’t come out then you should throw them away and get a new pair.

Bleaching your underwear may weaken the constitution and make it more prone to tear, since it covers a very delicate part of your body, you should not be using corrosive chemicals to wash them anyway.

Wash your underwear separately from your towels. Clorox performance bleach. the best bleaching agent for whites.

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Fabric softener

We often use fabric softeners on our towels when they begin to lose their fluff, the fabric softener helps revive the fibres and makes them soft.

This fabric softener is not ideal for all materials, and if you use them on your underwear it will ruin the texture and make it more prone to tearing. HEX performance fabric conditioner for the best results of fluffy towels.


The detergent used to wash towels are usually different, with some having antibacterial properties depending on what the towel is used for.

Underwear are made with a soft material or linen-like cotton and silk, this makes it paramount to use the appropriate detergent when washing them so as not to ruin the fabric.

Also, since it’s a delicate piece of clothing it’s important to remember not to use corrosive detergent when washing so as not to cause skin irritations.

Skin irritations around your private areas will definitely embarrass you in public, you will be all itchy and if you can’t control the urge to scratch you know how it goes.


For towels that you use in the kitchen to clean utensils, they may be contaminated with grease and other food items. And when you wash your underwear with them the grease stains will end up in your underwear, it also may make your underwear smell like food.

Your underwear is supposed to smell like freshly picked flowers, and that’s not even an exaggeration. When they end up smelling like food, it would make you uncomfortable whenever you wear them.


Towels are the one household that’s most prone to bleeding because the cotton fibres are so loosely spaced together. If you wash any towel that is bleeding and losing colour, the dye will end up staining all your underwear, ruining them permanently.

If you do not want your underwear changing colours anytime soon, then wash your bleeding towels at a different time. Preferably after you’ve washed your underwear.

After washing a bleeding towel, ensure you clean the washing machine thoroughly. The residue from the dye can get into your other clothes when you’re washing them.

Mould (Bacteria)

Damp towels are the number one most favourable ecosystem for bacteria, that’s where they thrive. Bacteria is the one thing you do not want in your underwear under any circumstance.

When you wash your towels with your underwear, especially with cold water, the bacteria may end up on your underwear and when you put it on, it will transfer into your pubic area.

Bacteria in your pubic area is bad news in every sense of the word, it will end up feeling like you’ve contracted an infection. The easiest way to avoid this gory image is by washing them separately, and if you feel your towels may have bacteria (you can usually tell by the smell) then wash them in super hot water.

Lint Transfer

Towels are notorious for producing lint, especially old towels. Lints are hard to get off clothing items when they get stuck on them when you wash your underwear with a towel that’s producing lint.

The lint will get all up in your underwear and this will ruin the aesthetic, it will make them seem like they are old. Whatever you do, avoid washing your old towels with your underwear, so the lint don’t get all over your underwear.

Size difference

Your underwear is small while towels are often large, washing them together may mean your underwear won’t get cleaned properly.

That’s Because it will disappear into the towel and get stuck while the towel gets all the action from the washing machine paddle. Wash your underwear separately to wash them appropriately, that’s the best way to go.

Grease stain

For your kitchen towels which you use to clean your grease-stained table tops, when you wash those same towels with your underwear, the grease will get into your underwear and stain them permanently.

Have you seen a grease stain before? It makes the area darker and almost translucent, it’s not really a good look. Just avoid the possibility all together and wash your underwear separately.

Wash modes

You don’t wash your underwear with hot water, especially the ones made of silk. Unlike most towels that require hot water washing to remove the greasy stains and kill bacteria, if you wash your underwear with hot water it may cause it to shrink. The fact that the modes of washing are different makes it very obvious that they should not be washed together.


Can you wash underwear with bath towels?

Yes, you can, but you probably should not. Some of the points outlined above apply to bath towels as well, like the size difference bit. However, it makes more sense to wash your underwear with bath towels than kitchen towels. That is just plain wrong and should be avoided at all costs.

Can I wash sheets and underwear together?

Again, it’s the same thing with the size difference and all. You can wash them together, but to ensure your underwear gets washed properly, you have to wash them alone and separately. That way it gets the appropriate treatment it needs.

Is it bad to wash your socks with your underwear?

Socks tend to get smelly, especially when you wear them in a shoe on a hot day, all day. It’s not bad to wash them with your underwear however if your socks have a funk to them, then it’s best to wash them separately from your underwear to avoid getting the smell in your undies.

Should underwear be washed with hot water?

No, you should not, especially your underwear that are made with silk materials. Those tend to shrink pretty easily when exposed to heat, even underwear made of cotton are also prone to shrinkage under excessive heat. The best way to preserve the shape and texture of the undies is to always cold wash them whenever they’re dirty.

How often should I wash my underwear?

You should wash your underwear after every use, that means every day. Not that you should be wearing the same underwear daily anyway, but when you change into fresh underwear, immediately put the old one in your dirty clothes pile for laundry.

Ensure you own multiple underwears, at least 10 if you can afford to. That way you can switch between pairs daily.

How do you disinfect dish towels?

You disinfect your dish towels by using antibacterial laundry detergents to wash them, and also use hot water when washing them in a washing machine. The heat will help kill off all the microbes and will have them smelling clean and fresh when it dries off.

Can You Wash Towels With Underwear – Conclusion

Underwear is a delicate piece of clothing, and should always be washed properly and ideally. With detergents that are safe for the human skin, avoid washing your underwear with kitchen towels for hygienic reasons, and also so your undies don’t end up smelling like curry and having grease stains all over.

Wash your underwear properly, own multiple pairs so you can wear them on alternating days. Never hot wash a pair of silk underwear so they don’t shrink. Stay safe!

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