Does Putting A Dry Towel In Dryer Help?

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Does Putting A Dry Towel In Dryer Help? Depending on what you’re hoping to achieve, putting a dry towel in a dryer can help.

Dry towel dryer

If you want your clothes to dry faster, you can put a dry bath towel in with the wet clothes and it will help absorb the moisture from the wet clothes.

Hence making them dry faster than they usually do, on the flip side, you now have a damp towel that needs washing. But you’ve achieved your goal right? Your clothes have dried faster. Thank the towel for its service and get back to work.


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Other Reasons why it’s advisable you put your dry towel in the dryer

Here are some other reasons you may want to put your dry towel in a dryer, some may be relatable, others not so much.


It’s not new information that heat kills off certain bacteria, if you didn’t know this, well now you do. If your towels have a funky smell because Bacteria have begun to have a feast on them, the dryer could come in handy.

All you have to do is throw the towels in there, turn on the dryer for a couple of minutes and watch it spin till you’re convinced all thriving life forms are dead.

Mould is also caused by bacteria, therefore, if you find mould growing on the surface of your towels then you can apply the same treatment to it, however, I suggest you wash the towel properly after this process.

Do your towels smell of mildew because you didn’t store them properly? Throw them in a dryer. Then wash immediately afterwards. Make it double jeopardy for the microbes.

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Helps reduce wrinkles

If you have some clothes that are super prone to wrinkling while tumble drying, you can throw in a dry towel in there with them.

The towel will act as a buffer of sorts and the clothes won’t toss around as much which will, in turn, make them less wrinkly. Does it make sense?

There are some articles of clothing that are simply a hassle to handle, especially when they get wrinkled because it takes forever to straighten out with an electric iron.

To save yourself stress and time, you can implement this dry towel trick whenever you’re washing those clothes to keep your life simple.

Get rid of Lint

Lints, one of the most annoying defective features of cotton garments. If you find your towels are producing lints or another item of clothing and it has somehow spread onto your towel which makes it a hassle to get rid of.

The best trick would be to throw the towel in a dryer after a while, take them out and wipe the lint off the surface and you’re good to go. It’s not a permanent fix though, a permanent fix would be a new towel.

Saves Power

Like I mentioned in the intro, throwing your dry towel in with your wet clothes helps them dry faster. And this translates to you saving energy because your dryer will run for a shorter time which helps means your electricity bills will be lower this month.

If you’re that worried about high electricity bills, you should probably Sun dry and Air dry your clothes once in a while, those are completely free and you can do it in the comfort of your home.

Saves time

Are you in a hurry? And you need the clothes to dry as fast as possible because you have an appointment, or there’s a particular outfit amongst the wet clothes you’re trying to ball out with.

By using the dry towel trick, your clothes dry super fast which means you save time and you can still meet up with your date or job interview? However, always ensure you plan ahead next time.

Warm your towel

If you need your towels warm for any reason, probably it’s freezing out and you just came out from the shower and need a hot towel.

Putting it in a dryer while you bathe would be the best move, by doing this the dryer warms up your towel to the temperature which you set it at, and it will be warm and ready for you as you’re done bathing.

However, there are better ways to do this that do not involve you risking ruining your towels in your dryer. These things called “Towel Warmers” have heard of it?

These devices will help warm your towels appropriately without ruining the fabric of the said towels. If you need one for your home, here is a recommendation; Keenray bucket-style towel warmer.

Other ways to dry your clothes faster

If you’re using a dryer to dry your clothes, and you don’t want to use the dry towel hack to dry them quickly. There are a few other tricks you can always implement to speed up the process and save time.

Sort laundry out by thickness

A great hack for speeding up the drying process of your clothes is by sorting the clothes out by weight. Common sense dictates that the lighter clothes will surely dry faster while the thicker clothes will dry relatively slower.

Therefore the best way to have your clothes dry quickly is by drying the lighter clothes alone, so they dry quicker on their own without the thick clothes slowing down the process.

For the thicker clothes, you can change the dryer settings, add a little bit more heat, it wouldn’t ruin the fabric since they are so thick. This sorting method will save you a lot of time and you’ll get your laundry done faster.

Clean dryer

The one thing that makes a dryer run real slow is dirt, when pieces of lint and specks of clothing clogs the air shafts, it becomes slow. Therefore you have to routinely clean out your dryer and get rid of all the dirt in it to make it run more efficiently.

By cleaning the dryer, it not only helps speeds up the drying process but also ensures your clothes don’t smell musty after they dry, there needs to be proper air ventilation in the dryer for this not to happen. Cleaning your dryer will also extend its longevity and it will serve you for years.

Wool dryer

There are these small balls made of wool called “wool dryers” which are used in place of dry towels by throwing them in the dryer with your wet clothes.

They will help absorb some of the moisture from the clothes in the dryer and help the clothes dry more quickly. This is more effective than a towel and it reduces the risk of your towels ripping in a tumble dryer.

Since the wool is made strictly for drying it is made to be super absorbent and will get the job done 100% of the time, it is completely reusable and you can put as many as you can fit in your dryer as you want for more efficient drying.

It cuts down the drying time significantly, if you need these wool dryers, you can find them by clicking on this link— Dryer Woolies.


Vinegar is known to speed up evaporation rate in clothing items, therefore after washing your clothes, if you put white vinegar in a spray bottle and gently douse the clothes with whiffs of the vinegar.

It will cause the moisture to evaporate faster in the dryer when you pop them in. Faster evaporation means faster drying, and also don’t worry about the vinegar, it has no effect on the quality of your clothes.

Strain properly

In order for the dryer to do its thing and dry your clothes, you need to meet it halfway and properly strain as much moisture as you can from your clothes after washing. By doing this, it reduces the drying time because there is now less moisture to be removed by the dryer.

However, while straining, make sure you don’t overdo it and rip your clothes. Squeezing them too hard will make them more prone to wear and tear because the fabric will become weaker.

High heat

If you want your clothes to dry faster in a dryer, the easiest way would be to increase the temperature at which you’re currently running it.

However, this may have long term effects on the quality of your clothes because the excessive heat will gradually begin to break down the fibres making them weaker over time.

Therefore if you’re not in a hurry, run your dryer low and slow. Take your time so you don’t ruin your clothes, haste makes waste. I know it sounds corny but it tracks.


Is it better to hang dry towels?

Depending on some factors, it may be better to hang dry your clothes over-drying them in a dryer. Some of these factors are —

  • Quality of Fabric— for low-quality fabrics that are prone to wear and tear because the material is so flimsy. When you apply excessive heat to them, the dye used is usually cheap and applying heat to it makes it come off. Therefore, the best way to prolong the shelf life would be to always hang dry them after washing.
  • Saving energy— if you usually get high electricity bills, the best way to curb this would be to use your dryer less and hang dry your towels. It typically takes about an hour to dry towels with a dryer and that long hour running the dryer will make your bills skyrocket. Although it takes significantly longer to hang dry your towels, in the long run, to save money the best way to go would be hang drying.
  • Kitchen towels— when it comes to kitchen towels, it’s always advised to wash them after every use. And since you cook almost every day, the best thing to do after cooking and washing the towels would be to hang dry them to preserve their absorbent nature. Putting them in a dryer every day would bristle overtime, so if you don’t want to purchase new kitchen towels after a couple of months. Practice hand drying.

Do clothes dry faster more in the dryer?

No, they do not. If you think about it logically, why would clothes dry faster when they are more in the dryer? It just means the dryer has more work to do and has to distribute the heat evenly amongst the clothes which will lower the overall temperature.

If you want your clothes to dry faster in the dryer, you have to lighten the load and sort them out by thickness. By doing this, you allow the dryer to run more efficiently, therefore speeding up the drying process and saving you time.

Is it okay to put really wet clothes in a dryer?

Do not put really wet clothes in a dryer, it is an electrical appliance and it should not be soaked in water because it’s made for drying. After you wash your clothes, always ensure you strain most of the liquid out, or as much as you can get out.

By doing so, you will allow the clothes to dry faster and also not damage your dryer, and also not get electrocuted, which is the most important point if you ask me.

How can I dry my jeans in 10 minutes?

If you want your jeans to dry in 10 minutes then don’t wash them, instead of spot clean. By taking a sponge of brush and getting soap, use the sponge to scrub spots on the jeans that are dirty or have stains.

This way the jeans are not completely soaked and when you dry them in a dryer the dryer has less moisture content to absorb. That’s how you get your jeans to dry in 10 minutes.

Does Putting A Dry Towel In Dryer Help – Conclusion

Putting a dry towel in a dryer with your other clothes to make them dry quicker is a really smart hack that has saved people time and money.

However, there are other ways to get the same results without the risk of tearing or damaging your towels which I have outlined above. I hope this piece helps you out as best as you need it to, have a great day!

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