Why Do Towels Take So Long To Dry? Find Out

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Why Do Towels Take So Long To Dry? There are several reasons your towels could be taking longer to dry, from internal to external factors.

An example of an internal factor extending the drying time of your towel would be the thickness of the fabric, while an external factor affecting the drying time would be something as negligible as “humidity”.

Towels long to dry


Other reasons why your towels are taking so long to dry

Water used to wash

If you use impure water to wash your towels, either the water is hard water or it is filled with dirt and other particles. This may cause your towels to take forever to dry because the particles may hinder the evaporation process making it less likely to dry at the normal rate.

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Always use clean water when washing your towels, not only for the drying time but also because it is more hygienic and dirty water may cause skin irritations.


Humidity is a key factor when it comes to drying of anything, humidity in layman’s terms is the amount of moisture content present in the air or atmosphere.

If it is super humid out like in when it rains, it would take significantly longer for your towels to dry completely. If this happens best to just use your dryer to dry your towels because it may take all day otherwise.

Fabric type

The kind of fabric the towel is made of may what’s causing it to take longer to fully dry, if the fabric is super thick it would surely cause it to take really long to dry completely.

If your towels are on the thicker side then you need to be patient, and it is ideal to have at least 2 towels you can switch between.

So whenever you wash one, you can use the other one and not be anxious about your towels not drying fast enough. Patience is key!

Quality of towel

The quality of your towel may also affect the drying time, with low-quality towels. They are less absorbent and when you wash them they tend to retain water a lot, and may even have a sort of slimy texture after drying.

You need to get high-grade towels not only for the drying time but for the elevated comfort level it provides. Here are a few high-quality towels you should purchase Cabana stripe towels.

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Fabric softeners

When you use fabric softeners on your towels, it helps keep them fluffy however it may cause the towel to retain moisture for longer periods. This shouldn’t be used often in other not to ruin the towel and make them more prone to tear.

If you apply fabric softeners, don’t be alarmed if your towels take a longer time than usual to dry. Just be patient and use your other towel.

Faulty dryer

If you usually dry your clothes in a dryer and for some reason, your towels aren’t drying as fast as they usually do, it may be that the dryer has developed a fault and isn’t producing sufficient heat to dry a towel. If that’s the case then you need to get a professional to take a look at the dryer to ensure it’s working properly.

If the fault persists and you need a new dryer that would last longer than the one you had before, here is a portable dryer for your consideration Panda electric portable dryer

Properly strain

After washing your towels, ensure you properly attain them before drying especially if you’re hand washing. Because the more water is retained in the towels after straining, the longer it takes to dry.

It’s basic science, ease up on the straining, however, because if you end up squeezing too hard you may end up ripping your towel or cause them to shrink permanently. So light, strain, get as much moisture you can put and dry properly.

Lack of Proper Ventilation

If you’re drying your towels out in the open indoors, you need to ensure there is proper ventilation and airflow to ensure the room is well aerated.

Air is a key component when drying your clothes indoors, not enough air would mean linger drying time. If you want your towels to dry quicker indoors, switch on a couple of fans. Face the fan on the towels if you can.

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Not properly washed

Dirt is a limiting factor to quick-drying if your towels aren’t properly washed. The dirt or particles still present on the surface of the towel will curb the evaporation process and it will take a lot longer than usual to fully dry. Always wash your towels properly and with the right detergent, so it dries quickly and you don’t get skin irritation.


Could it be that for some reason you’re just inherently impatient and that makes you micromanage your towel and it seems like it’s taking long, meanwhile it’s just the regular drying time. Relax for a bit, have a drink.

Air drying

It is usually advised to air dry towels out of direct sunlight to help them retain their shape, the heat of the sun may cause them to shrink. If you end up air drying your towels, it will take longer than when you dry them under direct sunlight.

However, your towel will stay the same and it won’t fade over time. Practice the art of air-drying if you want your towels to retain their size and colour, it will take longer to dry but it’s going to be worth it.


This also has to do with the quality of the fabric, low quality fabric use cheaper alternatives to dye the cotton used to make the towel fabric.

And this dye has a high water retaining ability, so whenever you wash your towel you would find that it takes super long for it to completely dry. Again, get yourself quality towels to avoid this mishap.

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How to dry towels fast

If you need your towels to dry fast for some reason, maybe you have just one or it’s raining constantly. There are a few hacks you can do yourself at home to speed up the drying process without harming the towel fabric. Check them out— 

Direct sunlight

If you don’t have a dryer or you’re trying to save power, then your best bet would be to wash your towel and dry them under direct sunlight, no matter how scorching it is, in fact. The higher the better, this is the fastest and most natural way to get any cloth to dry rapidly. And it is completely free.


If you own a dryer, then your prayers are answered because the fastest way to dry clothes is with a dryer. Just pop them in on medium-high heat, you want to dry your towels not bake them.

And to do it faster still, ensure to do it one at a time to allow the dryer to work its magic. You should be good to go in like 10-15 minutes, if that’s not quick then I don’t know what is.

Flapping properly before drying

Want to avoid direct sunlight at all costs? Then if you’re gonna be simply air drying your towels you should strain as much of the water out as you can, and flap the towels like your life depends on it.

After about 5 minutes of constant flapping, simply spread your towels out in the open and wait a couple of minutes or an hour max. You would find that it has completely dried.


Your radiator that you use to keep yourself warm in cold weather can also serve another purpose. If it’s raining out and you need your towels to dry fast, you can just spread them on your radiator for a while and it will dry off completely.

However, you have to keep a close eye on it because it’s a fire hazard. When it completely dries off and you’re not present to remove it. It can start a fire pretty easily. A bit risky, but desperate times. Right?

Use vinegar

A lot of people are unaware of this but vinegar speeds up the drying process by making the water thinner and more prone to evaporation.

Vinegar can also be used as a substitute for fabric softener, so it serves two purposes. While washing just use a few teaspoons of the vinegar and strain. It would work wonders and make your towels dry faster than they typically do.


How long should it take for towels to dry?

Depending on the mode or medium of drying, if you are using a dryer then it may take about an hour for the average towel to fully dry.

If you’re going to be sun-drying then it may take about an hour and 30 minutes to two hours depending on the cloudiness and whatnot.

Air drying may take as much as 3 hours to 5 to fully dry out of direct sunlight, whichever medium you’re using. They all have their pros and cons.

Do you dry towels on low heat?

Always dry your towels on low heat, exposing your towels to high heat will make them shrink which is a phrase I find myself repeating over the course of this article. Low heat is the most ideal temperature to dry a towel.

Why is my towel not drying?

If they are in the dryer, then your dryer probably isn’t plugged in or it probably has developed a fault. If you’re air-drying then you should check the moisture content of the towel and properly strain it before you spread them on the drying line. If you fix these issues, your towels should dry in no time.

What is the fastest way to dry clothes?

The fastest way to dry clothes would be using a dryer, the temperature is controlled manually and you can determine how fast it dries off completely.

The most natural and cheapest way to dry your clothes fast would be under direct sunlight because sunlight is free. At least the last time I checked, with everything being monetized nowadays it would come as a surprise if sunlight wasn’t free anymore.

How can I dry clothes faster indoors?

If you want to dry your clothes faster indoors, you should get a dryer to make the job easier. If you can’t afford one, then if you own a radiator, you can throw the clothes on the radiator as you closely monitor them. So you don’t burn down your apartment.

What do I do if my towel shrinks?

When a towel shrinks, depending on the cause it can be irreversible. If the shrinkage was caused by excessive heat the chances are the damage done is not reversible, you have to use the towel as is or purchase a new one.

If it shrinks because it was compressed during storage, then all you have to do is a warm wash for a short period and when it completely dries off it would return to its original state.

Sun-drying and using a dryer which is faster?

Using a dryer is definitely faster, however it does more damage to your clothes, especially the ones made of cotton, as I’ve said, again and again, cotton shrinks when excessive heat is applied to it.

If you’re going to use a dryer, even if it’s faster. Use it on low settings to avoid mishaps. Don’t ruin your clothes because you want to save a couple of minutes.

Why Do Towels Take So Long To Dry – Conclusion

The fluffiness of towels becomes a con when you wash your towels because it makes it take a lot longer to dry than regular clothing.

Not only that but there are other factors that may cause your towel to take forever to dry, I went into details to explain some of the reasons.

If any of the factors stated above applies to you and your towel directly, there are steps to take to avoid this and speed up the drying process.

However, when you own multiple towels you would not focus much drying time because you have other ones you can use while the one you washed dries. Sometimes all you need is patience. Have a great day!

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