Why Are My Towels Turning Blue?

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Why Are My Towels Turning Blue? Do you wonder why your towels begin to look blue after a wash or sometime of usage even when they are white? This is because you may have used too much blue on it, or used a detergent with too many blue particles in it.

Also, if you wash a white towel with a blue one, it can pick up blues stains if the towel’s dye is not fading-resistant. A faulty water pipe can also cause your white towels to pick up blue stains. And a rusty washing machine is prone to give your white towels blue stains after washing.

Too much or the wrong disposal of bleach into the washing machine also pose a threat to the whiteness of your towels. And now, let’s go through a brief moment of explanation on why your white towels are looking blue.

Blue towels


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7 Reasons why your towels are turning blue or changing colours

Too much “bluing”

The blue solution has been in existence for hundreds of years and it has served as a brightening solution over the years. When your white begins to lose its sparkles, just a little mixture of blue dye with water can help revive it.

But we all know how too much of everything is bad. An excess application of blue dye on your white towels could savage its original look

Thereby, turning it into blue. A pinch of this solution is all I would advise you to use if you are mixing it with water less than a litre.

Colour washing

One of the major causes of white towels turning blue is washing them with other clothes or towels of different colours.

When you wash white towels with a blue one that does not have a strong fading resistance, the blue dye fades out and when it does, you can guess what is going to happen next.

So make sure you rightly select, separate your clothes and wash based on colours anytime you want to do laundry. This will help curb bluish stains on your white towels.

Washing Detergent

If you observe your powder detergents carefully, you may notice how some blue particles are in them. These are solely to maintain the colours of your clothes. Too much undissolved blue residue eventually turn your white towels into blue.

When you often use a lot of detergents, your white towels will start to have this awkward dingy look as a result of too much detergent build-up. On the other hand, your towels could eventually turn grey after some time due to dirt build-up if you don’t use enough detergent to properly clean them off.

Bleach solution

Bleach is a whitening solution produced to help keep your white towels sparkling. A drop of bleach can do so much harm to your clothes especially if it is not supposed to be there. Be very cautious at avoiding such a scenario.

If your washing machine has an automatic bleach dispenser, there are possibilities that there is residue in the dispenser. If this is true, this extra bleach may once in a while leak out into your clothes in the middle of a wash and affect clothes you never intended to use bleach on. This eventually causes discolouration.

If you dispense your bleach using spray bottles, airborne droplets may settle on your clothes during the process and affect the colouring of your towels.

Initially, the contact won’t cause any immediate effect but will change the colour as it eventually settles, thereby stripping your clothes of their original colour. For bleaching your whites, the ideal bleach solution to use is the Clorox HE performance bleach.

Faulty pipes

Faulty pipes carrying unclean water into your washing machine is one of the major causes of blue stains on your clothes, especially white towels. As your pipe begins to deteriorate over time, the water begins to turn acidic.  And this acid that appears as blue stains on our fabrics are from carbon dioxide that dissolves in the water.

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There is a human condition called chromhidrosis that turns our body sweat and oil into a blue or sometimes grey colour on our clothes. There’s a common sweat gland called the lipofuscin in our bodies.

You will probably observe blue stains on your clothes, bedsheets, towels or even your skin if you by chance suffer from this condition. Ensure to properly treat yourself if you have or notice this condition on your skin or the effects on your clothes anytime.

Overfilling your washing machine

When your laundry is coming out looking bluish or carrying blue stains, there is the implying chance that the fabric softener department or the detergent compartment has been overfilled. When you overfill these compartments, the detergent or fabric softener will dispense immediately into your laundry, which will result in stains on your clothes.


How do you get blue tints out of white towels?

The first thing to do is heat water and dissolved oxygen bleach in the warm water, you could make the water warm by adding cold water if you can wait for it to get cold. Then the next thing to do is soak your towels in this solution for about 15 to 30 minutes, after which you then rinse them.

If the stain persists, try to wet the stains with at least 3% of hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you allow it to soak into the towel(s)  for a few minutes and then thoroughly rinse them and dry them properly.

Can OxiClean remove dye stains?

If you don’t have one, you can simply just mix a solution of oxygen-based bleach with cool water. There are directions to guide you on how much product to use per gallon of water on the package. Soak the items that are stained and allow them to submerge for like 8 hours at least.

Can you make coloured towels white?

It is very easy for a towel to fade or for its original colour to be removed if it does not have special finishes. However, it can be absolutely impossible to remove the colour from towels in order to make white towels without employing any damage on the cloth fibres to the slightest extent.

If you can remove the colour gently, it will limit possible damages to its minimum, but using a harsh approach will definitely cause maximum damage.

How do hotels keep their towels so white?

Most hotels like to stick to white standard towels in order to have a tally with their interior design. They, first of all, treat all stains on the laundry, then toss all of them into a big pot that is full of a mixture of baking soda, soap or laundry detergent and cold water.

According to one hotel management. You can follow the steps to also keep your towels looking sparkling white always. You also deserve a matching towel colour for your interior design.

How do you whiten towels with Vinegar?

When you run the washing machine, add just a  cup of white vinegar during the rinse cycle. The vinegar can help improve whites and also thoroughly clean the fabric for the rest of the washing cycle. There are a lot of benefits to using vinegar in washing and removing stains from clothes, especially on white towels.

How do you get my dish towels white again?

The best approach to getting your dish towels white again is to use white vinegar or non-chlorine bleaches that are made with hydrogen peroxide.

This is not just beneficial for the towels themselves but also for the immediate environment. Follow this simple method and you will smile like it is a one time moment.

How do I get my towels white again?

You can just load up your white towels into the washing machine, pour like ½ cup of baking soda and your laundry detergent. The baking soda and detergent will combine and help lift stains with ease out of the fabric and make the towels sparkling white again.

How do you whiten towels in the front load washer?

Place your towels in the washer with a cup of baking soda and don’t add detergent, that is if you have a HE, front-loading washer.

The next thing to do is start the washer and let the water fill for about a  minute. And then, add two cups of vinegar to the liquid without detergent still. And lastly, allow the load to run through.

Why Are My Towels Turning Blue – Conclusion

You can just mix the bleach in 1 quarter of water and add this mixture around five minutes into your washing cycle, that is if your washing machine may not have a dispenser for bleach. This is because, if you use too much bleach, you can damage it. The harsh reaction can leave your towels looking yellow and brittle.

Avoid overfilling the bleach compartment. This is simply because it will dispense if overfilled. Avoid using too much of a blue solution to brighten your whites.

Mix your detergents in the washing machine full of water for like five minutes before you start to toss your clothes into the mixture.

By doing that, the detergent if not liquid must have been dissolved into the water, properly mixed and ready for a smooth laundry time.

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