How Many Towels Do I Need For Baby? Find Out

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How Many Towels Do I Need For Baby? As a new parent or mother, it’s quite a difficult task trying to figure out how many packets of diapers, pairs of socks, clothes and most importantly towels. You will need three to four baby towels for a newborn.

This is specifically because health experts recommend that you should use a towel just two to three times and after which you must wash it.

Considering that Babies’ immune systems are still fragile and trying to adapt, it makes them very delicate. That means you must be keenly attentive to everything the baby uses, especially their towels.

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Why should I have more than 3-4 Baby towels?

It is very important for you to, first of all, know the relationship between towels and germs. Towels could serve as a ground for breeding germs, it doesn’t matter if it is for your personal use as an adult or you are using it for your baby.

Now it seems more of a hindrance than help right? Because we all have a towel and we don’t expect to hear such a thing based on how comfortably we use them on our skin after a shower or bath.

How do towels contact dirt easily?

Know that, whenever you begin to rub yourself with your neat towel after a bath, you eventually begin to rub off dead skin, which clings to your neatly washed towel.

And after some time, the towel becomes olfactible, sending out some offensive smell due to accumulated dirt from your dead skin.

Another easy way for your towels to pick up dirt is the surface you keep them on and this is because every surface is a potential keeper or place for germs.

There is dust all over these surfaces along with germs carrying debris too.  So at any point you drop your towel, it gets in contact and transfers the collected germs to you when you use it.

Considering all of these, you will need to have plenty of towels for yourself as an adult and especially for your baby. Here are a few baby towels you should consider the premium bamboo cotton towels and the Burt’s Bees baby towel.

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Safety tips for using Baby towels

Although it is very important to have plenty of baby towels, there are also some other precautious acts to adhere to in order to ensure the safety of your baby:

  1. Clean the towels on a regular basis like I have highlighted before, at least after you must have used them two or three times. However, this should be increased if there is someone ill, especially with a contagious health condition in the house. To avoid contamination, you can wash the towel after every use.
  2. Always use a clean dry towel when wiping the skin of your baby If your child has a skin condition, maybe eczema. Make sure the affected skin areas are not wet as that could multiply the condition when wiping your baby with a wet body or towel.
  3. There must be no sharing of towels between the baby and anybody, not even with Baby’s mother. Any towel that is the baby’s towels should only be and always remain the baby’s. It doesn’t matter how much confidence you may have in your washing detergents or your washing machine, never share a baby’s towel with even another baby.
  4. Properly dry the towels after every use. I’d advise you to dry them on the rod because it is not ideal to use the hook due to the fact that the towels may not dry evenly. Use a fan in the bathroom if you can’t air dry during winter to make sure the towels dry properly.
  5. If you reside in an environment characterised with high humidity, wash your baby towels frequently. This is because, the higher the humidity, the easier the increase and transfer of microbes.


What towels to use for a Baby?

I’d suggest you buy the Tommee Tippee Newborn Swaddle Dry Towel for your newborn when baby shopping. This is safe for the baby’s sensitive skin due to its hypoallergenic microfibre features and also for its durability. This towel is good enough to retain quality even after repeated washing.

Do babies need soft towels?

Babies need all the fluffy, cuddly towels to keep them cosy as it is very easy for them to get cold. This implies that it is pivotal to have a warm baby towel readily awaiting to provide them warmth as soon as their bath is over.

Are baby towels microfibers?

Baby towels are extremely soft and absorbent. They are also Extra thick and very easy to breathe through. They are made from soft microfiber material, with ventilated and very nice elastic features, and absorb water fast. They should be washed in warm water with the same colour clothes.

How often do you bathe a newborn?

Bathing your baby too often can be bad for their skin. They shouldn’t bathe daily as there is no urgent need for that. They won’t get dirty easily if you keep them away from possible contact with dirt.

So bathing your baby at least 3 times a week may do, pending when your baby begins to crawl or move around. Too much baby bathing could easily dry out their delicate skin.

What month should I start baby shopping?

A lot of parents expecting a baby would prefer to wait until it’s 18 to 21 weeks to find out the gender of their baby before they go baby shopping which is quite justifiable. Some other parents find out even in the 12th week of pregnancy.

But why the wait? There are a lot of baby clothes that are not gender-based. You can go baby shopping as early as you may want, depending on your financial inflow. So you don’t need to wait until you have your baby’s gender revealed before you go shopping.

How much money do you need to have?

On a normal basis, a  pregnancy is expected to cost you between $30,000 and $50,000 if you’ve got no insurance but may cost an average of $4,500 if you’ve got insurance. The cost of necessary tests for moms who are already over age 35 are not completely under the cover of insurance. Plot to save nothing less than $20,000.

This is because after pregnancy you’ll need to take care of your baby with baby food, buy diapers, buy clothes, acquire sets of towels, and probably go for post-birth check-ups too.

Are all baby towels hooded?

Not all baby towels are hooded. Hooded towels are more of a fancy fashion necessary improvement for the comfort of babies.

These may now be rampant which makes them easy to get (but could also be difficult to get for expecting parents due to inexperience) and parents who have them in their baby collection are always grateful for their amazing features and benefits.

They are easy to use and stay on babies’ heads when worn, keep babies warm, comfortable, and protect them from sunlight when under them.

Why are my towels so hard?

Accumulated detergent residue is a good reason for your towels to feel hard after washing because they build up and when they dry up on the towels, they cause it to be stiff.

But you know what? I got good news for you: With just a simple trick of washing them with warm water, you can easily restore your towels back to their original softness and make sure that they always maintain that form.

And also, always wash with liquid detergents or properly dissolve your powder detergents before tossing your towels into your washing machine.

How do you make baby towels soft?

One major thing to do is to first cut on the usage of detergent, especially powder. This is simply because towels feel stiff when they build up soapy residue.

Wash your baby towels in warm water always. Use vinegar instead of fabric softeners, use baking soda, lighten your load, toss in a tennis ball or dryer ball during the process of drying and ensure go easy on the tumble drying.

How Many Towels Do I Need For Baby – Conclusion

Typically, just a number of 2 to 4 towels or washing clothes will serve your baby to an extent. But you can have more or less if you are cash strapped. But it is necessary you wash a towel adults use after the second time you use it, let alone a baby’s.

That implies that you need to have 3 or 4 towels, to maintain the usage of a fresh one at all times necessary. If you decide to wash your baby two times a day, you should at least have 3 to 4 towels.

Not minding how many times you may decide to wash your baby’s towels in a day, three or four towels are just the perfect number for your must-have number of baby towels. You should have up to 10 baby towels if you want. There’s no harm in having more but rather benefits.

Wash your towels regularly so your Baby does not get skin irritation from coming in contact with towels that must have collected germs.

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