Can You Apply Wax With A Microfiber Towel?

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It is a fact that microfiber towels are a bunch of multipurpose and multifunctional cleaning tools but, can they really be used to apply wax?

Is wax appliable with microfiber towel

Although, there is a school of thought that believes that microfiber towels are not exactly suitable for applying wax. Their position is premised on the fact that the microfiber towel can be super absorbing and might soak in too much wax which might imply wastage but, in actual fact, microfiber cloth is very effective and I dare say, the most suitable for the application of wax.

Here is the twist though, When waxing, use your microfiber towel to scoop in a little amount of wax. This is advised because, in waxing, less is more.

It would also be very unhygienic to use the microfiber towels used in cleaning the kitchen or bathrooms for the application of wax.

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Actually, most waxing products do come with a small microfiber cloth which you are to use in applying the wax. You are to make use of that then either discard or rewash and keep for other similar functions. 


Are microfiber towels ideal for applying wax?

Now that we know that we can actually use microfiber towels to apply wax, the next big question would be if they are indeed suitable for applying wax or if there are other materials better suited to apply wax.

As a matter of fact, the microfiber towels are incredibly ideal for use in applying wax. Their unique soft texture makes it impossible for frictions to occur or scratches done on the coating.

Still wondering if they truly won’t scratch. It’s okay to be sceptical especially if you are just trying to apply wax with a microfiber towel for the first time. However, the truth remains that the microfiber towels are extremely soft and specially designed to be tough on stains only. 

Microfiber towels are even more suitable than cloth towels because, unlike cloth towels, the microfiber towels smoothly crease and clears out germs as it goes. But, to get the best results, ensure you use good quality microfiber towels that are extra soft and lint-free

Benefits of waxing

Wax is a sticky substance that is typically applied to protect or polish. Wax can be used on the body, chairs, book stands, tables, etc.

Waxing your body leaves your skin smoother and brighter. Applying wax on the skin is aimed not just at removing ugly looking hairs, but cleaning away dead skin cells as well. 

One of the reasons why most people prefer waxing to shaving is that with waxing, they are not at the risk of cutting themselves or having the kind of rough finish that sometimes comes with shaving.

What’s more? You experience no reactions whatsoever. This is because of the tiny amount of chemicals used in the production of wax.

Wax serves as a protective cover to whatever it is applied on. Most of our wooden furniture stay exposed to heat and moisture. Wood waxing gives your furniture a brighter look.

It’s super easy to apply plus some of them are produced to be non-toxic. When it comes to maintenance, all you have to do is to reapply wax on the desired area. Although, a wax well done, can last for up to six months and sometimes a year. Waxing serves as a shield from dust and airborne pollutants.

When purchasing a wax for whatever reason, your primary focus should be durability, environmental friendliness and non-toxicity. High-quality wax is sure to give you the right results.

The right way to apply wax using a microfiber cloth

To get a perfect finish in waxing using a microfiber cloth, there are simple guidelines you must follow. Let us assume that you are about to wax a set of wooden furniture.

Furniture waxing is one preferred way to go about rejuvenating your furniture. It makes them come alive again by giving them a shiny glow. Now, to get a brilliant finish of your wax application using microfiber towels, here are a few steps you should follow.

  • Firstly, make sure the microfiber towels are washed and clean. Even if they are new, be sure to wash them before the first use. Washing microfiber towels and ensuring they are clean before use, removes lint which may mar your waxing. Washing it makes it lint-free and ready for use.
  • Next, you scoop wax into a container such as a bowl or even better, a disposable paper plate.
  • Third step is to take a small amount of wax from the bowl using your washed microfiber towel. Emphasis on a small amount, then rub onto the furniture piece starting with a small section before moving on to another section. Ensure that you have a section fully covered before moving on to the next. You must take caution that the area does not dry off before you return to buff off the excess wax. Ensure you must have rubbed it in evenly before leaving to dry off. Failure to do so will result in a rough and untidy looking finish.
  • You can decide to apply a second layer of wax if the coating is too thin for you using the same method.
  • You can go on rubbing in your piece even after it is dry. The more you buff, the brighter it glows.
  • Last step is to soak your microfiber cloth for some hours so as to get rid of the wax, then wash thoroughly afterwards. You can then keep it ready again for the next waxing activity

What other “dirty jobs” can the microfiber do?

Finding out now, that the microfiber cloth used in cleaning areas and eliminating bacteria and germs can be used to apply a sticky, greasy substance like wax seems so much like an irony doesn’t it?

Well, you have to somewhat get dirty to achieve a sparkly clean. The microfiber cloths are not just for interior use only, they are also capable of getting down to doing some really tough and dirty work outside. 

Just as the microfiber towel can be used to apply wax, it can also be used to clean off wax too! Its super absorbing quality makes it very easy to clean off wax completely leaving no streaks at all.

Asides from that, you can also use your microfiber towel to wipe off excess polish seamlessly without having to worry about smudges. Did you also know that the microfiber towel can be used for auto detailing, washing cars, cleaning and sanitizing equipment and scrubbing bathroom walls and floors?

There is a lot of downright dirty cleaning activities that your microfiber towel is capable of handling and that’s why I call it the multipurpose cleaning tool.


Are there any negatives to waxing?

For body waxing, you can either find waxing a little painful or extremely painful, depending on your threshold for pain.

This is because the hair is yanked out directly from its root. Again, if you don’t take precautions and follow the instructions, using hot wax can burn your skin too. 

For wood and other wooden furniture, wax can be easy to apply but extremely difficult to remove. Waxes enhance the appearance of wood, but reapplication of wax in the process of maintaining it, soon makes it look old.

Can paper towels be used as wax strips?

The answer to this is a resounding No. However, if you don’t have a microfiber towel, thick cotton cloths can also come in handy and do the job just fine. 

Do we have different types of Microfiber cloths? 

We have so many clothes described as microfiber and that can be misleading. But, to differentiate between microfiber and non-microfiber cloths as well as low quality and high-quality microfiber cloths, you need to pay attention to the particular brand and the ingredients at the back of the pack.

A good microfiber towel should contain about 50% of polyester and 50% polyamide which is another name for nylon. The production of a good quality microfiber towel entails the combination of two plastics that are made to go through a narrow pipe and then heated up in order to weave together.

The merged fibres are then broken up into microfibers that are about 20 times smaller. The amount of fibre on a microfiber cloth, the better they clean. The thinner the fibres also, the more effectively they disinfect. 

Can You Apply Wax With A Microfiber Towel – Conclusion

The microfiber towel is a highly effective multipurpose cleaning tool. As a matter of fact, instead of asking questions like can a microfiber towel be used to apply wax? We can rephrase it to “My microfiber towel should be able to apply wax, right? This is as a result of its dynamic cleaning strength and versatility. 

The latest microfiber cleaning cloths are specially designed to make life a whole lot easier for you. As a matter of fact, they are necessary sanitary items that must be present in the home and public places. They clean, scrub and sanitize the entire area effortlessly well and in no time too. 

Microfibers are specially formulated with the ability to attract even the tiniest of dirt particles. The hundreds of fibers on the towel, work closely together to take on dirt and keep them in.

The dirt and germs are then released and killed in hot or warm water while washing the microfiber towel. Do you now have a clearer understanding of the many potentials the microfiber towel is bestowed with? Now, try utilizing it maximally.

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