What To Use Instead Of A Microfiber Towel For Cleaning

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When it comes to cleaning, the microfiber is unarguably the preferred go-to tool for households, cars, hospitals, wherever. Their super absorbing power is second to none plus, they give you an extra advantage of wiping away bacteria and fungi as they clean. 

However, they do not come cheap and are not exactly eco-friendly. So, if you are thinking about getting a substitute or considering an outright replacement because of that or for whatever reasons, there abound an array of options that can be chosen from.

Microfiber towel's substitute

So, What do you use instead of A microfiber towel for cleaning/absorbing water from surfaces?

  • Cotton diaper
  • Paper towels
  • Cotton cloths
  • Wipes
  • Linen


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The cotton diaper

From the name, it is easy to reduce just how soft and absorbent they are. Just like baby diapers collects and traps in urine after urine without breaking apart and at the same time, still providing a soft feel on the baby’s skin, same way these cotton diapers are soft to the touch and absorb all forms of liquid spill. 

Advantages of the cloth diaper

One advantage of the cloth diaper is that they are produced to be a few sizes larger than the microfiber cloth. This means that they can do more and be more for you in all your cleaning chores.

You can easily fold a part previously used in cleaning and use a different side altogether to clean somewhere different. That way, you never have to worry about cross-contamination.

Another added advantage we must not fail to mention would be their easy style of maintenance. Unlike the microfiber which is so delicate and requires extra care while washing, drying, and storing, the cotton diapers require no special process.

Simply toss them in the washing machine along with other laundry items and wash them away. The diaper might however shrink a bit after the first wash. 

They are a lot more affordable. No, don’t get me wrong, they are not exactly cheap, but more affordable than the microfiber towel. 

Cloth diapers are the most ideal when you think of what to fall back on when planning to ditch your microfiber towels. 

They clean so well, extremely well that it all just seems like the end of an effective cleaning era (microfiber)and the beginning of yet another one (Cloth diapers). 

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Other alternatives to microfiber cloth for cleaning/wiping surfaces

As effective as the microfiber is, it is still not perfect. There are other cleaning cloths that cover the lapses of microfiber cloth while still performing the primary purpose of cleaning. 

Cotton cloth and paper towels are other alternatives to microfiber towels. Paper towels can wipe up stains and clean windows and glasses really well as long as you get quality ones that do not leave lint behind. 

However, the paper towel has some limitations. They are definitely not as multi-tasking as the microfiber or the cotton diaper. 

One of the limitations it has is its inability to wipe off the dust on wooden furniture effectively. Instead, it makes a bigger mess out of it. The reason can be traced to the fact that some paper towels can be abrasive just like dust.

So, using them on wooden tables or shelves might just get the smooth coating scratched by it. 

Another viable alternative is cotton cloths. One major advantage of cotton cloth is that they are extremely affordable and very easy to maintain. 

As for their capacity to clean, the cotton cloth does a pretty decent job in wiping off dust and in overall cleaning functions.

However, they are not as absorbent as the microfiber so, you might find yourself exerting twice as much energy when it comes to cleaning up big spills.

Different kinds of cleaning tools and when to replace them. 

 We have a variety of other cleaning tools serving dexterously in different capacities. Ordinarily, you should not worry about changing them so often as long as you see to their proper care and maintenance. Below is a list of some cleaning tools and how to know when they need replacement. 

Microfiber cloths

let’s begin with the Almighty microfiber cloth. This absolutely fantastic cleaning material needs a dedicated care and maintenance routine for them to serve you for multiple years. 

Be that as it may, they cannot work forever. You will actually know they have gotten to their breaking point when they become rigid and leave marks and scratches while cleaning.


Dishcloths are used specifically for drying up dishes before they are stored. When it comes to dishcloths, they can be used for various cleaning rounds before washing however, you must ensure they are used for the specific purpose of drying dishes only. Not converted to cleaning up other kitchen spills, nor for wiping hands too. 

After usage, allow it to air dry before its next use. Leaving them damp causes them to have a musty smell and become inviting for microorganisms. Thankfully, they are not so thick and dry up pretty fast.

A direct message the dishcloth gives you that makes you know they need to be replaced is when they fail to perform their primary assignment effectively. 

Dishcloths are very absorbent hence, the reason why you can dry loads of dishes with just one. The minute it loses it absorbency power is a clear signal to you that they are to be replaced.

Toilet brushes

Used in keeping the toilet clean. Toilet brushes should be washed and disinfected after every use and replaced when their bristles start falling apart. 


Mops are essential cleaning materials used in cleaning floors and keep them shiny. Check out for the amount of wash it is expected to do.

This is usually stipulated on the care tag. They vary from one product to another. A cotton mop should last for about 50 washes while that of a microfiber mop being more durable can serve for 450 washes and more. 

Any indication that they need replacement is when they get so obviously old-looking and worn out. For sweeping brooms and scrubbing brushes, watch out for when the bristles start falling off and thinning out. That’s your clue to get another one. 


These are cloths used in the bathroom used to scrub sensitive parts of the body while bathing. Washcloths are to be washed after every use and replaced when they begin to fray. 

Dishwashing sponges

This should be replaced as soon as they begin to shred.

What are the advantages of microfiber towels? 

When you talk about microfiber, you talk about durability at its finest. The microfibers are very cost-effective as the towels out last other cleaning materials provided, they are well taken care of. They free you from having to make cleaning towel purchases for many years to come. 

Asides from that, the microfiber is the best absorbing cleaning material there is. It soaks up water and other liquid spills 7 times its size! The microfiber was built for this. Providing overall cleaning and sanitary functions in the most efficient manner ever.


What advantages does the microfiber have over other cleaning cloths? 

The most outstanding quality the microfiber has over its counterparts has to be its superior absorbent power and durability. 

Other cleaning cloths might have the ability to absorb liquids but are not as effective as microfiber. When it comes to microfiber vs cotton, the question of durability comes into play. The cotton cloth is likely to fray faster than the microfiber. 

On the flip side, the advantage other cleaning materials have over microfiber is that they are very much environmentally friendly while microfiber is not. 

Secondly, other cleaning materials do not require the intensive maintenance culture that applies to microfiber towels. 

Can you use hot water to wash cotton cloths? 

Cotton cloths are able to withstand hot water because of their increased tensile strength. Its fibers are not as delicate as microfiber towels. As a matter of fact, hot water can be used to wash cotton cloths on occasions where it needs to be thoroughly disinfected. 

Can cotton cloths be used for waxing cars? 

Even though the microfiber seems just like the right tool for car waxing, the cotton cloth can equally be used and wax just fine too. Just be sure to use one that is squeaky clean and free from any form of debris. 

What To Use Instead Of A Microfiber Towel – Conclusion

A dirty environment is an unhealthy environment. One which dirt and bacteria’s are allowed to roam unhindered causing the spread of germs and diseases to its inhabitants. 

A clean environment is not optional, it is a necessity and should be the priority of every right thinking human.

To this end, it is imperative we see the purchase of cleaning cloths as highly important and go for that which will do the work of cleaning excellently well. 

As you consider ditching microfiber towels for other cleaning cloths, whatever your focus might be; from affordability, durability, absorbency, eco friendly etc, there is always a type of cleaning cloth that fits your every need.

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