Does A Wet Towel Absorb Smoke?

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Smoke particles can be prevented from entry by physical barriers or at least get the number of particles that pass through the barriers reduced. Be that as it may, smoke particles are curiously able to seep through virtually all sorts of barriers ranging from concrete to plumbing work and down to ceilings. If that is so, and it is, what happens when smoke particles come in contact with a wet towel?  

Smoke absorbing wet towel

Yes, wet towels can absorb smoke particles when these particles cling tenaciously to them and thus become immobile. Does anything out of the ordinary happen when water comes in contact with smoke?

Generally speaking, it is recommended very strongly that you should never allow smoke to flow into the water, especially frigid water.

When you allow this to happen, the particles of smoke can absorb the water and become a little less buoyant. This could cause the smoke to fall to the floor and interfere with visibility.

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Whatever may be the position of things, it can be shown easily that clothes, depending on their types, all absorb smoke or scent.

You can try sealing up a scented garment with an ordinary cloth in an air-tight bag and find out for yourself.  The ordinary cloth would have absorbed the scent of the garment and so would smell just like it.

It has been known for very long that certain substances absorb smoke particles which reduces their inhalation. However, when you use a wet cloth, it reduces the smoke by absorbing its particles such that you can escape the smoky condition.

Although it is said that the difference in towels absorbing smoke does not depend on whether the towel is wet or dry, but still, it is expected that wet towels will absorb smoke particles better than dry ones. However, additionally, a wet towel will help to keep some of the heat out as well. 

Yes, a wet towel can absorb smoke particles because its solid particles will stick to the wet portion of the towel thereby eliminating the odour of the smoke, or at least reducing it.

Whenever you use a wet cloth against smoke, such as a wet towel or handkerchief, it reduces the effectiveness of filtering from vapors.

Additionally, wet garments are difficult to breathe through. Therefore, by putting a wet towel at either the bottom of a door or window, it does not protect against the vapours going into the room.

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What is the logic behind a wet towel absorbing smoke?

Although it is said that it makes no difference when it comes to the absorption of smoke whether the towel is wet or dry.

However, in principle, it can be understood or expected for a wet towel to be more effective in trapping a little bit more smoke than a dry one.

In addition, a wet piece of cloth or towel will help to keep out some of the heat as well. So, the basic principle is that of absorption and nothing else.

Another very scientific and logical explanation is the fact that smoke particles are physical substances carried in the surrounding air.

Therefore, any effective barrier that prevents their mass movement across different media is checkmating their free movement.

Therefore, in addition to all other previous explanations, a wet towel equally serves as a barrier against the free movement of smoke particles, and that’s additional logic to the whole idea of a wet towel absorbing smoke particles.

In other words, these smoke particles in the air are either physically restrained or end up clinging to the wet surface of the towel, which means the same thing.

How does a wet towel absorb smoke?

In general principle, a wet towel is slightly able to absorb a little more smoke particles than a dry one because it can trap these particles more effectively than when the cloth or towel is dry.

And when these particles are trapped, the quantity of smoke or strength of scent/stench is significantly reduced, since fewer particles will eventually seep through.

Does a towel have to be wet for it to absorb smoke?

As a general rule of thumb, a towel does not have to be either wet or dry before it can absorb smoke. However, still, it is logically believed or understood why a wet towel will do the job of trapping smoke particles much more efficiently than a dry one.

So, although a towel does not have to be wet before it can absorb smoke, a wet towel is expected to absorb a little more than a dry one.

Can a dry towel absorb smoke?

Yes, a dry towel can absorb smoke particles much as a wet towel does. However, since it is only logical to expect smoke particles to stick or cling more to a wet towel than a dry one, the wet towel should absorb or trap more of these particles than a dry one.

Despite this obvious advantage, it does not imply that dry towels do not absorb smoke, they do, but not as efficiently as the wet ones. That’s just it.

What other clothing can absorb smoke aside from a wet towel?

Several types of clothes or fabrics can efficiently absorb smoke other than just wet towels. Virtually all types of clothes can absorb smoke regardless of whether they are wet or dry.

However, it is generally understood that wet clothes will do a better job at absorbing smoke particles than dry ones. As a result of this, most, if not all clothing materials, can and do absorb smoke particles from the surrounding air.

After all, smoke particles can be effectively prevented from circulating whenever any physical barrier stands between them and prevent access through any separation, which can be done by any piece of clothing, although at different rates.


Do air purifiers help with smoke?

It is common knowledge that air purifiers are very efficient when it comes to allergens such as mould, pollen grains, and so on.

However, and fortunately too, is the fact that using an air purifier can assist you to eliminate smoke from the surrounding air as well.

Not only can these air purifiers help to remove odors of smoke, but they can also additionally capture or trap injurious substances as well.

For example, any good HEPA-accredited purifier can efficiently minimize smoke particles in your home. Again, HEPA purifiers with very high chemical adsorbent properties will tremendously reduce those smaller VOCs too.

Regardless of all these possibilities, the most reliable way to reduce smoke in your house is simply by finding a way to avoid exposure in the first place.

Although it is agreed that some air purifiers work well in removing smoke particles, there are still purifiers that do make a good job of it.

Some of those recommended air purifiers that enjoy impressive customer reviews are those that come equipped with  HEPA filters.

This filter has an electric fan that is used to force pungent air through a fine mesh that will effectively trap the air particles. However, rooms bigger than about 350 Square feet, are a lot better at removing smoke particles than smaller ones.

Can smoke travel through walls?

 Yes, smoke can effectively travel through even very thick and hardened walls. Surprisingly, smoke particles have been established to be able to squeeze through most types of physical barriers.

Smoke is known to travel through doorways, cracks in strong walls, electrical routes, ventilation devices, and/ or plumbing work among many other things.

In addition, secondhand smoke is said to be able to travel through even multi-unit dwellings from several other places, including crevices and vents in walls or even floors too.

You should not forget that whenever your house is exposed to smoke, for instance, chances are pretty high that the smoke has permeated through the walls themselves and even the ceilings too.

This will very well cause strong odours and smells or even stains. After all, tar and nicotine are known to produce a kind of yellowish discolouration on walls, particularly the part of the wall towards or close to the ceiling.

Therefore, it should be known that smoke particles can indeed travel or pass through pretty much almost everything including walls and other strong solid barriers easily.

Does A Wet Towel Absorb Smoke – Conclusion

It is not surprising that smoke particles can be carried along among air particles and be transferred easily even across or through very strong demarcations.

As long as any barrier can physically restrain smoke particles, it can stop them from getting through, or at least limit the degree.

Although both wet and dry towels can prevent smoke particles from going through barriers, wet towels or clothes are adjudged better at it than dry ones for obvious reasons.

Fortunately, there are common household items that can effectively be used in getting rid of the smell and odour of smoke particles and other gases. Some of these substances are vinegar, washing soda, air purifiers, and so on.

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