How Many Towels Should I Bring To College?

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There are things to consider when buying towels for college, These things include the storage space, and how often you do your laundry. There are situations where people take 7 towels to college to use one towel for each day of the week.

Most colleges hostels are usually small with small storage spaces. So it is better to err on the side of less rather than more due to limited space.

Towels for college

So, How Many Towels Should I Bring To College? It is best to take 2 or 3 bath towels and 5 to 10 washcloths to college. In this manner, while one towel is undergoing laundry, there are still 2 clean towels that can be used.

Wash clothes have dual usage as they can be made use of in the morning after taking a bath, and at night before bed to wash up and clear off makeup.

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Other necessary materials for college that can be very useful include a pair of flip-flop slippers for the shower area, an over-the-door hanger, and also a tote bag for your toiletries and even underwear.


Factors That Determine How Many Towels You Should Take To College

There are different things a student must consider while preparing for school, but the two main things are storage space and laundry.

 Storage Space

Most college dorms spaces are not usually big except you want to pay more, or rent an apartment to get the big and comfortable space you want, but if for example, you do not have that kind of money, the best thing to do is to reduce your load for you have enough space. If you’re going to carry 5 bath towels you can reduce them to 2, or 3 depending on the available space.


If you’re the type of person that loves to wash every week then carrying more than 3 towels should not be an issue if you’re ready to keep them clean.

Some people can be so lazy to the point where they can use one towel for 2 to 3 weeks without washing it or they will use one towel a week and ply them till when they’re out of towels.

People like that should either work on themselves to be neat and also take two towels if they don’t want to have too many thick materials to wash.

How Do I Pack Towels For College?

There are certain ways to pack your clothes and towels when preparing for college to conserve space. If you want to use the space-saving method, make use of space bags to pack your clothes, towels, and bedding.

Space bags are a revolutionary vacuum-sealed storage system that reduces the space your things take in your bags; they are airtight, waterproof, and reusable bags.

You can use space bags to store bedding, towels, sweaters, clothes, etc. You can pack your towels and bedding in one space bag depending on how big it is.

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Types Of Towels Needed By College Students

There are various types of towels and their uses. They include the hand towel, kitchen towel, bath towel, gym towel, spa towel, beach towel, foot towel, face towel, etc, but in this article, we will discuss the types of towels a college student is supposed to carry.

Wash Cloth

This type of towel is usually very small, it is the smallest type of towel. The main purpose is for washing the skin, but there are situations where you would need to use the washcloth to clean your face after bathing.

Some people prefer this towel to a sponge because it is softer, and it also can remove dirt, old skin cells, and toxins. The size of a washcloth is about 12″ X 12″ It is safer to use towels that are made from either cotton or cotton polyester.

Bath Towel

We all have bath towels in our homes. To have a good bathing experience you must have a quality towel. Typical bath towels are made to have about 2 to 3 findings depending on the manufacturer’s choice.

Bath towels are of different sizes, but the common size is 28” X 55” or 30″ X 56″ Most bath towels are either made from cotton, bamboo, cotton-polyester blend, or linen.

The bath towel can be used to dry both the body and hair, but some people prefer to use a separate towel for their hair because they do not what hair products are on their body.

Face Towel

The face towel is very similar to the washcloth, but it is used for drying the face after washing it. It has a square shape, and it is smaller.

Some females use face towels to clean their makeup, but it is best to use them for cleaning the face. Most people have acne and pimples because they tend to use their bath towels to clean their faces. It is advised that you have a separate towel for your body and your face.

This is because the hair products, body creams, fragrances, and also moisturizers are not great if they end up on your face. They can cause the accumulation of dirt with can cause skin infections like eczema, pimples, and even rashes. So, to avoid this, it is best if you have a separate towel you use to clean your face only.

Uses Of Towels

There are different types of towels to serve specific purposes. For example, the kitchen towel is mainly used in the kitchen; you can not use a kitchen towel to clean your body after bathing rather, you make use of the bath towel. The following are the uses of the different types of towels.

  1. A bath towel is usually the largest; it is used for drying the body after bathing.
  2. Beach towels have different uses, but it is mainly used to lie on at the beach to prevent sand from touching the body and hair.
  3. The kitchen towel is generally used for drying and cleaning spills, liquid, plates, hands, etc.
  4. Hotel towels are of different types for different purposes like drying yourself after bath, drying your hair or hands, as foot mat to step on after bathing, but in this part of the world, most hotels just have one towel which is the bath towel.
  5. Basically, spa towels are used for spa chemicals, this spa chemical can change the colour of the towel and would also require replacement except the towels are used for drying and shampooing the hair.

How Many Pillows Are You Supposed To Take To College?

Hostel beds, to a certain degree, are one of students’ greatest discomfort, especially on this side of the world. In light of this, you might want to make use of pillows that would enhance the sleeping experience.

It is suggested that you have at least 3-4 pillows on your dorm bed depending on how big the bed is. One to two pillows for sleeping on, a body pillow for multi-use, and a back pillow for when you’re studying in bed.

Along with pillows, blankets, or even stuffed animals with special meanings(they could even just be normal ones) can be brought along.

To be on the safer side, it’s best to bring one stuffed animal that helps lighten your mood because a lot will take up too much space, of which you do not have an abundance of.


What Are The Necessary Things To Carry To College?

Many of us know the necessary things to carry to college but most times it is hard to think of everything. College necessities are more than laptops and bedding.

Some colleges don’t allow students to bring certain things for different reasons best known to them. Consider following the school rules and regulations and also talk to a current student on what to pack and what not to pack. If the school allows the use of gadgets like phones, laptops, and others you can take them. 

What Materials Are Towels Made Of?

Different towels are made of different materials. Most of us have no idea about the type of material used in making the towels we use. The materials used in making towels are bamboo, organic cotton, cotton-polyester, and microfiber.

How Often Should I Wash My Towel?

Many people don’t wash their towels often because they assume they are clean when they use the towel to dry their bodies after bathing.

They forget that bath towels host different types of microorganisms when they’re damp. Also, some dead skin cells you wash out when you bathe might end up on your towel. For these reasons, you should wash your towel once or twice a week.

Lastly, one of the best ways to kill microorganisms and prevent them from growing on your towel is to dry it thoroughly after each use and also wash it often.

How Many Towels Should I Bring To College – Conclusion

The number of towels you carry to college depends on the storage safe and also the ability to keep them clean always. If you have enough space for two or three towels then taking them shouldn’t be an issue.

It is also important if you take wash clothes along with you. You can use it to dry your face and also wash your body. There are different types of towels like kitchen towels, spa towels, beach towels, etc, but the most important towels to take to college are bath towels and washcloths. 

Lastly, you must obey the college’s rules and regulations on what to bring and what not to bring to avoid getting yourself in trouble. I hope this article has answered most of your questions. Enjoy your stay in college!

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