Will A Bath Towel Scratch A Car?

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Sometimes, it’s easy to choose a cheap solution such as using a normal towel to dry the water on cars, but we aren’t sure of the harm it would cause. I have also made this mistake too but stopped once I found out the damages. Let’s find out the harm the use of a normal towel would cause to a car surface.

Bath towel on car

So, Will a bath towel scratch a car? YES! A bath towel will scratch a car. Technically, bath towels were not produced to dry a car, so, using the towel would result in imperceptible scratches, and reel imprints on the car coat paint. This is why a different kind of towel was made to dry cars. 

These towels are microfiber, fluffy, sterile, and suitable to safely dry cars. Now that you know that bath towels shouldn’t be used for cars, let’s know why they are not the right material for drying a car. 


Why should I not use a bath towel for a car?

Although using a bath towel seems like a cheap and simple way to dry or clean a car, they cause damage to a car. There are reasons why bath towels shouldn’t be used for a car as stated below. 

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Bath towels pull dust along the lacquer 

This is one way that bath towels cause scratches indirectly on a car. After washing your truck, dust is bound to resolve on the veneer even though it was washed in a garage. However, the thing with bath towels is that they brush dust across the lacquer.

Keep in mind that dust is produced of solid grains, so it can easily scratch the coat-paint of a car. Bath towels cannot catch up the dust into their fibres, rather, the dust would remain in between the car and the towel. The more you use a bath towel, the more tiny scratches you make. Nb- The paint of a car is so subtle. 

The materials used for bath towels are tough 

As aforementioned, the paint of a car is so subtle, so you need to use a towel made with soft materials. The material of a bath towel is tough and harsh for a clear coat of a truck.

The harsh fibres cause imperceptible scars and revolution imprints on a car. Let me give a little explanation of car lacquer. 

Before the car body, there are different layers of paint including Electrocoat, primer, base coat, and clear coat. The two main focuses are the base coat and the clear coat.

Typically, the base coat gives a car its actual colour, while the clear coat is placed on the base coat to protect it from any form of damage. 

The clear coat isn’t as strong as it should be, as it could easily have imprints when harsh materials are used on it. You can’t even use super fluffy bath towels on them, they are special types of towels that should be used on clear coats. 

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What should I use for a car?

Since you can’t use a bath towel to dry a car, you should use a towel made with microfiber. Microfiber towels are more effective than other types of towels to dry a car. However, when using a microfibre towel, you need to keep a few things in mind. 

Here are the reasons why microfiber towels are recommended to dry cars. 

  1. Towels made with microfibres can easily dry a car without leaving imprints.
  2. Dust gets trapped into the fibres, instead of pulling it along the paint. 
  3. The towel fibres are very soft and won’t damage the truck’s clear coat. 

Things to note while using a microfibre towel

  • While using a washing machine to wash microfiber towels, do not mix them with other clothing materials. 
  • Never use a dryer to dry a microfiber towel. The fibres could get hard when in contact with heat. Let your microfibre towel air-dry.
  • Ensure your towel is always clean and not in contact with sand and dust. 

Which towel should I purchase for a car?

There are different types of towels, but only a few are made with materials that are suitable for a car. You need a towel that wouldn’t damage the cleat coat of your car. I would recommend a few towels that I’m familiar with to make your purchase easy. 

1. Car Chamois Drying Towel Natural Chamois Cloth for Car 

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This towel is one of the best towels you can purchase for your car. Trust me, if you purchase this particular towel, you’d never want to use another towel for your car. Below are the features of this towel. 


  • Material- This drying towel was made with 100% sheepskin leather that wouldn’t scratch your truck’s clear coat, the mirror, or other parts of the truck. 
  • Fluffiness- This Drying Towel is super soft, absorbent, quick-drying, and long-lasting for drying your car. 
  • Easy to clean- It is easy to clean. You can choose to hand wash or machine-wash this towel using warm water and mild soap. 
  • Multi-purpose- This Drying Towel can be used for different purposes. It can remove stains, liquids, dust, and other things. 


  • Multiple uses.
  • Easy to wash and use.
  • It can be cut into smaller sizes.
  • Fluffy, absorbent, and durable.


  • It could get damaged when dried in direct sunlight.

2. KinHwa Microfiber Car Drying Towels

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This is another drying towel you’d love to purchase for your car. It is exactly the type you need for drying your car. It is one of the best and it has amazing features.


  • Material- This Drying Towel was made with the exact material indicated above. The drying towel was made with microfiber that doesn’t cause any scratches when used to dry a car.
  • Multi-purpose- it can be used for different purposes which include cleaning windows, car surfaces, removing dust, and so on. It can be used at offices and homes.
  • Premium quality- The quality of this towel is top-notch with reinforced edges that will make this towel strong and long-lasting. 
  • Durability- The towel is durable with high-quality material that absorbs water easily. The fibres are also long enough to trap dust into them. 


  • Unique microfibre fabric with long fibres to trap dirt.
  • Super durable and improves while used to wash.
  • Scratch and Lint Free. Also, Ideal for any surface.
  • Fluffy and porous.
  • Easy to use and wash.


  • Too light. 

3. Carcaticz Microfiber Towels for Cars

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As aforementioned, microfiber towels are one of the best you can purchase for your cars. They are highly effective without leaving a single scratch on your truck. Below are the other features of this towel. 


  • Specially designed- This towel was double designed with microfiber to be situated for cleaning a car. It could also be used with other car products like car wax.
  • Super Absorbent- the material of this towel makes it super porous to dry up water and trap dust and grits. 
  • Multi-purpose- it can be used for different purposes which include cleaning windows, car surfaces, removing dust, and so on.
  • High-quality- This towel wasn’t just made with microfiber, it was made with other materials such as polyester, and polyamide. 


  • Made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.
  • Extremely absorbent.
  • Reusable and machine washable.
  • Designed with the perfect size.
  • Superior durability. 


  • It would get damaged when dried with a dryer. 


What else can I use to dry a car?

You can use a car dryer to dry your car. Aside from using a microfibre drying towel for your car, another safer material you can use to dry your car is a dryer.

This method is safe as you would not have to get in touch with the clear coat of the car that could cause scratches. 

You can also use this dryer on cars with ceramic paint or hydrophobic wax. In addition, you can also use an air-filtered leaf blower. 

Are microfiber cloths safe for cars?

Of course, microfiber cloths are safe for cars. They are safe for cars due to the extremely absorbent component the material possesses.

They can be used for detailing, Waxing, washing, drying, and so on. The long fibres are super effective for trapping any form of dust, grits, or dirt. 

When they are used on cars or windows, they do not cause any form of scratch or Lint on the surface. The materials are reusable and super easy to use and wash. They can be used for other purposes aside from washing or cleaning cars. 

Conclusion – Will a bath towel scratch a car?

Instead of using a simple solution (bath towel) that would cause damage to your car surface, you should purchase the right towel for your truck.

The type of towels you can purchase has been indicated in this article. Also, some products that would be helpful to you have been recommended, kindly click on the link to check them out. Have a blessed day! Cheers…

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