6 Best Paper Towels For Cleaning Car Windows 2022

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To put it simply, a paper towel is a kind of absorbent paper mainly used for wiping up liquids or drying things. They are absorbent and disposable towels made of paper tissue.

They are soft and thick so that water or any other liquids can be soaked easily in their fabrics. How do you choose the best paper towels for cleaning car windows?

Cleaning car with paper towels

If you’re in a hurry to just grab the best towels for cleaning car windows, we strongly recommend the towels below, they are most efficient based on several criteria we considered.


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Best Paper Towels For Cleaning Car Windows – Buyer’s Guide

If you want to choose the best paper towels for cleaning car windows, there are certain things to look out for. The article will take an in-depth look into each of these factors that determine the best paper towels. 

Affordability and effectiveness in cleaning

The best paper towel for cleaning car windows should be thick, soft, and highly absorbent. Through these characteristics, these paper products will be able to soak up water and spills of any other liquid into their fabrics to make surfaces dry once again.

They should not contain any chemicals that are likely to contaminate surfaces or any other objects they are used to clean. Preferably, they should be sparkling white with dimensions not less than about 25.7 × 15.5 × 22 inches in size, although their sizes may vary.

Since paper towels are commonly used to dry up the hands for one reason or the other, paper towels should therefore not contain any production chemicals that could be irritants to the skin.

They should be widely available such that you can easily get them wherever you may be. Furthermore, their prices should also be readily affordable to the customers.

These paper towels are also expected to be fully biodegradable and not in any way hazardous to the environment as well.

It is common for some paper towels to flake while cleaning surfaces thereby leaving marks or tiny paper marks on them. The best paper towels do not leave such marks or flakes on the surfaces.

Terms of sale

All good paper towels should be sold with lengthy warranty terms that will make them eligible for a return, full refund, or the complete replacement of any defective or bad product after purchase.

Size of the rolls

They should also be large enough such that their ability to soak and absorb fluids will be highly enhanced. These paper towels should therefore be thick, soft, and highly absorbent.

However, the sizes of the rolls of different brands vary. All the same, whatever the size may be, it should be enough to effectively accomplish the task you have set before it; getting surfaces clean and dry in no time at all.

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Best Paper Towels For Cleaning Car Windows – Reviews

1. Sparkle Paper Towels

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It is sold on terms that make the product eligible for a return, refund, or replacement where the product is defective due to production errors.

It gives you a little extra paper towel at affordable prices, and because it can effectively be used anywhere in the house for every clean up whether big or small.

It enjoys great acceptance and wide popularity with a whopping increase of more than 1/2 inches in each paper towel sheet you buy.

It does not contain any production chemicals that may either contaminate surfaces or irritate the skin. It works effectively to clean up any messes or brighten your home whether it is the kitchen, garage, or bathroom.

This paper towel will absorb every moisture and leave your counters and mirrors free of any streaks all day long since it is a white paper towel equipped with thirst pockets specially designed to be strong and super absorptive. It is rated highly for its absorbency, value for money, softness, and exceptional durability.


  • It is very soft and highly absorbent.
  • It does not contain any harmful substances.
  • You get an extra sheet for every roll purchased.


  • It is said to smell off sometimes.

2. Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towel

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It is said to be fast-drying with absorbency pockets supplied in 16 packs per case, and about 250 multifold towels per pack. It is sold eligible for a return, refund, or replacement in case of any complaint with the product.

Furthermore, it is said to be very eco-friendly since it is fully biodegradable and does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is widely available and can therefore be purchased with relative ease anywhere you live.

It also has absorbency pockets for more effective and fast hand cleaning. Its multifold feature is meant for one at a time dispensing.

Since it is highly absorbent, it means that there will be less waste generated. This paper towel is a cross between basic or traditional towels and cloth-like softness to suit your every need.

These paper towels dispense with neither tabbing nor tearing. They are manufactured to reduce wastes in the office, home, or business premises because they fit into any universal dispenser for twofold paper towels or even for multifold towels too.

It is manufactured with 40 per cent post-consumer waste and 60 per cent recycled fibre content. Hence, they satisfy the EPA standard and are also FSC and Eco Logo certified safe.

This product certainly gives a perfect balance of efficiency, performance, and value for money spent for commercial, office or kitchen uses.


  • It is highly absorbent and soft.
  • It is widely available for ease of purchase.
  • It is very eco-friendly.


  • It may smell odd when the pack is newly opened.

3. Bounty quick size paper towels

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This product, like all others sold on Amazon, is eligible for a return, full refund, and complete replacement if you happen not to be satisfied with the product after purchase.

For this reason, it is covered with a long warranty term. It is described as very eco-friendly since it is fully biodegradable and does not contain any hazardous chemicals.

It is a soft and large paper towel that measures 24.02 × 12.44 × 11.58 inches, and that explains its super absorbency. It is also supplied in a clutch for speedy cleanups.

With this paper towel, you can clean up many messes with as little as just a single sheet. Furthermore, for every purchase of this paper towel, you are provided with 4 more days worth of extra paper towels or 40 more sheets on every pack.

Therefore, make sure to choose Bounty for a more sustainable paper towel. In the production of this paper towel, for every tree cut down, one more tree is planted as a replacement to maintain the balance. For all its exemplary qualities, this paper towel is rated higher than other competing brands worldwide.


  • It is very soft and absorbent.
  • It is sold at affordable prices.
  • It is eco-friendly.


  • Sometimes, they are said to feel weird to the touch.

4. Amazon Brand- Presto! Flex-a-Size Paper Towels

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This product, the Amazon Brand, widely acclaimed as large regular, soft and absorbent paper towels, is also as durable as any similar product on the market.

It is sold eligible for refund or replacement with gift-wrap available. Its measures 22.25 × 16 × 11.5 inches in size, which is larger than most, if not all.

Surely, it is a very strong and absorbent flex-size-sheets manufactured for very tough messes. Refund for rejected products is assured not more than a year after purchase.

It is assumed to be up to about 75 per cent more absorbent than many other competing ply brands and lasts equally 3 times longer than any conventional paper towel.

It is certified eco-friendly, which means that it is not only quickly and fully biodegradable, but also harmless to the ecosystem. This is due to its non-content of any harmful chemical substances.

Furthermore, it does not flake or leaves behind smears and marks on any surfaces after cleaning, nor does it irritate the skin. It is extremely durable and widely available for easy purchase anywhere. When it comes to reliable paper towels, the buck, I should say, stops here.


  • It is sold at pocket-considerate prices.
  • It is adjudged as highly soft, absorbent, and durable.
  • It does not affect the skin.


  • It is said to be a little too expensive.

5. Tork Paper Hand Towel

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It is made of recycled fibre and is eligible for return or replacement after purchase in case of dissatisfaction. Gift wrap is also available and paper towels are a much more hygienic way to dry your hands.

It is adjudged to be recycled, compostable, and third-party certified. Professional hygienic solutions for businesses. This paper towel is assured to meet the particular needs of restrooms, industries, kitchens, and dining places.

It saves time, money, and effort, to enable you to remain focused on your business and nothing else. For business concerns, it is assured to satisfy your guests and customers such that they’ll want to return; a key to deserved success.

In matters of health it is specifically meant to improve the quality of every patient’s life; specifically produced for the use of caregivers to cut down on the risk for infection.

It reduces consumption to also minimize waste and cut down on carbon release. It certainly meets all primary washroom needs for natural hand paper towels.

It improves hand feels as well as provides optimum absorbency. It is produced with 100 per cent FSC-certified fresh wood-based fibre.

They are soft, strong, and very absorptive by offering the complete mixture of quality, performance, and value. With these paper towels, you will surely use fewer towels for every hand dry; it will certainly reduce maintenance costs and at the same time maximize satisfaction.

It is made with 100 per cent recycled fibre containing a minimum of 40 per cent post-consumer fibre, which is replete with environmental benefits.

It will certainly make washing and drying a pleasant experience, and also improve restroom hygiene by simply refilling with this paper towel.

Interestingly, you refill less frequently with this product since its rolls have 800 feet for high-frequency restrooms and large dispensers.


  • It is as durable and absorbent as any.
  • It is sold at friendly prices and available everywhere.
  • Your satisfaction is taken care of in terms of sales.


  • Sometimes, there are complaints of this paper towel not being as absorbent as it ought to be.

6. Scott 75143 Scott Shop Towels

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They are multi-purpose paper towels that can absorb all grease smears effectively even when it is wet. The product is known to be highly efficient and very satisfying in cleaning smears from changing oil, refilling fluids, wiping up spills, stains, painting, polishing, and cleaning without any compromise. It is sold at very commensurate prices and is widely available for ease of purchase anywhere. 

Furthermore, it contains no production chemicals that will either irritate the skin or constitute any environmental hazards. After purchase, the product is eligible for a full warranty, if you don’t need it anymore for whatever reason.

It is highly durable, soft, and super absorptive as well. That is why this widely appreciated paper towel receives great recommendations for its incomparably high performance in all parameters.

It helps you to manage environmental wastes since it cuts down on the quantity of paper used at all times. This paper towel is an indispensable ally in office buildings, schools, hotels, health care outfits, and also places where food is prepared.

Should you be faced with difficult automotive cleaning or just wiping windows, this product promises to efficiently take care of it.

It is extremely strong even when wet and easily absorbs liquids, oils, refilling liquids, and automotive maintenance. Just attach it to a standard towel holder for effective dispensing of a fresh and clean towel.


  • It is highly absorbent.
  • It is very soft and durable.
  • It is sold on friendly terms.


  • It sometimes smells odd straight from the pack.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

(1). Is it okay to use paper towels to clean windows?

You should never use paper towels in cleaning glass windows. Doing this will most likely leave your glass tables, mirrors, and windows covered in lint and with tough dry film to clean.

If you must use paper towels, then, go with untreated towels like Scott Glass Towels. In this case, the best item to use is a soft microfiber towel.

This is because they absorb more solution and enable any dirt particle to sink into its fibres and away from the surface while cleaning.

It is a known fact that paper towels are much more abrasive than you think. However, to prevent minor scratches and lint that may occur with the use of paper towels, use microfiber towels, which are said to have an effective means of grime-grabbing properties.

(2). Will paper towels scratch car glass?

Paper towels not only scratch glass, they can also leave smudge marks behind or even linty streaks as well, which may be too tough to eliminate afterward.

Consequently, you are not advised to use paper towels in cleaning glass surfaces. As a result, you are recommended to use microfiber cloths instead.

Commonly, they are treated for absorbency which makes them simply great for wiping up spills, but they are bad for cleaning glass surfaces.

Should you persevere in cleaning glass surfaces with paper towels, you’ll most likely end up getting your glass tables, mirrors, and windows smeared in lint and dry film. If you must utilize paper towels, then, you should use untreated towels like Scott Glass Towels.

(3). What kind of towel do you use to clean car windows?

For one, you should never use paper in cleaning car windows since they are mostly made of glass. Doing that will not only leave on the glass surface ugly smudges, but also very tough linty streaks that are very tough to eliminate afterward. Instead, go for any smooth and absorbent microfiber towels.

(4). Will paper towels scratch my windshield?

Yes, paper towels can and do scratch glass windshields more than you may care to believe. It will surprise you how abrasive paper towels are sometimes.

Therefore, if you must prevent minor scratches and lints on glass surfaces, which includes windshields, that mostly occur with paper towels, use any microfiber towel for cleaning your windshield or any other glass surfaces, but not paper towel.

(5). Which other items can I use to clean windows?

To clean your car windows, one of the most effective cleaning agents to use is vinegar. This substance is quite capable of cleaning all kinds of things, one of which is car windows.

It is capable of cleaning off dirt and grease or even disinfecting surfaces. Other items that can be used in cleaning car windows are isopropyl alcohol, spray bottle, distilled water, and soft lint-free microfiber towels.

Best Paper Towels For Cleaning Car Windows – Conclusion

The cleaning of car windows is most effective with vinegar or other cleaning cloths like microfiber but not with paper towels, which are much more abrasive than most people care to believe.

Should you use paper towels in cleaning glass surfaces, you may end up with linty surfaces that could be tough to clean over time. Instead, use any of the other glass cleaning agents discussed earlier in the article.

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