6 Best Paper Towels For Tattooing You Need In 2022

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A tattoo is a kind of indelible mark on any part of the body generally created by inserting various pigments into punctures made in the skin.

However, it is noteworthy to know that not all tattoos are permanent since there are temporary ones. The act of making tattoos is known as tattooing, which consists of 3 categories: purely decorative, symbolic, and pictorial.

In tattooing, a lot of paper towels are always used. Therefore, we should ask, what are some of the best paper towels for tattoos?

Papel towers used for tattooing

If you’re in a hurry to just grab the best towels for tattooing, we strongly recommend the towels below, they are most efficient based on several criteria we considered.

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Best Paper Towels For Tattooing – Buyer’s Guide

Design and effectiveness of the tattoo towels

All towels for cleaning tattoos should be properly sterilized and dry to guard against needless infections. Also, these tattoo towels are convenient, pre-folded, and ready for use.

They are produced using premium materials and they are known to be highly absorbent too. In addition, these tattoo towels are also latex and alcohol-free.

Furthermore, tattoo towels are also nontoxic, soft, durable, long-lasting, and less irritating too. Another quality of good tattoo towels is that they are completely biodegradable and hence constitute no harm to the environment.

These tattoo towels are simply the best and safest towels to dry a fresh tattoo thereby keeping it fresh. They are commonly used after showering.

These towels are also known to be much softer than conventional paper towels. Most notably, tattoo towels do not clog the tattoo needle, they can last a complete cycle and they are also sterile and disposable as well.

Furthermore, any leftover tattoo towels can be given to the clients for the protection of the new tattoo. They are much softer than normal towels and they can also be taken along when travelling safely. 

 These towels are very soft and durable too. In addition, they are free from any chemical substances that may infect or contaminate the injuries on the skin.

Availability and terms of sale

Very good tattoo towels are widely available for sale such that you can get them anywhere for purchase. They are sold at prices that are considerate of the customers.

In addition to that, these towels should be sold with long-term warranty agreements too. This will make them eligible for return or replacement of the product if there is any dissatisfaction with the product.

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Best Paper Towels For Tattooing – Reviews

1. Wipe Outz Tattoo Towels

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In every pack of these paper towels, there are 10 sterilized towels for drying and keeping your tattoos clean. They are also very convenient, pre-folded, and ready to use.

With this product, you will no longer have to use the sink since you need not rinse, and neither is there any mess too. They are perfectly safe and they lessen the risk of germs as well as promote a much better chance of your tattoo healing in no time at all.

They are highly absorbent, are made of premium materials. Furthermore, they are both alcohol and latex-free. These paper towels are also non-toxic, do not sting, and are soft as well.

Other qualities of these paper towels are that they are soft, durable, long-lasting, and equally perfect to travel with. They are sold at affordable prices and are readily available for purchase anywhere.

They are also sold at affordable prices and covered with lengthy warranty terms that make them eligible for return or replacement of the product after purchase if you have any complaints.

The product is also free of any chemicals that may irritate the skin or harm the environment which makes them very eco-friendly.


  • It is very durable.
  • It is sold at customer-friendly prices and is widely available.
  • It is soft and highly absorbent.


  • It smells awful when newly opened.

2. Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towels

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These paper towels are fast drying and are also equipped with absorbency pockets as well. In addition, since they do not contain any substance that may irritate the skin or harm the environment, they are generally said to be very eco-friendly too.

The product makes it possible for you to choose between several types of multi-fold paper towel options whether as basic towel, cloth-like softness, or anything in between the two extremes.

They are simply paper towels to meet all your basic needs. They are widely available and sold at affordable prices too. They are covered with a long warranty that makes them eligible for return or replacement in the event of any dissatisfaction with the item after purchase.

Specifically, drying with paper towels is a much more hygienic means than the use of air dryers, which can introduce germs and other microbes to the hands.

With these sterilized towels, you can keep clean by just making sure to touch only the towels. They are designed to dispense one at a time without the need for tabbing or tearing.

They guarantee a reliable balance of efficiency, impressive performance, and value for money spent on them. For either commercial or office cleaning, paper towels are just excellent and more economic.


  • It is as efficient as advertised.
  • It is very durable.
  • It works perfectly whether dry or wet.


  • It smells awful.

3. Bounty Quick Size Paper Towels

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These paper towels are now more absorbent than they previously were for more versatile cleaning. They provide you with 4 more days of extra paper for every pack bought, which translates into 40 more sheets in every pack.

With their assured strength and superior absorbency, these paper towels will come in handy for every speedy clean. Their rolls are also about 50 per cent longer, which means that there will be no spills laying around anymore unless you let them.

You can get them for purchase at very affordable prices anywhere you live. Furthermore, their warranty makes them eligible for either return or replacement if you have any disappointment with the product after purchase.

They are very eco-friendly and do not irritate the skin since they do not contain any harmful production chemicals. All the fibres used in producing these paper towels are from sources that are 3rd party certified to ensure that they adhere to all responsible sourcing principles and conditions.

Therefore, for every tree cut down in their production, at least one new tree is regrown as a replacement to maintain the balance in the ecosystem.


  • It is highly soft, absorbent, and very durable.
  • It is sold at pocket-friendly prices.
  • It works effectively whether dry or wet.


  • It smells and feels odd sometimes.

4. Amazon Brand Presto! Flex-a-Size Paper Towels

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They come in huge rolls for peak performance in cleaning responsibilities. They are sold eligible for return or replacement in their warranty agreements.

Their size is due to their measurements which is 22.25 × 16 × 11.5 inches, and that makes them one of the largest rolls you can get on the market today.

They are very strong, long-lasting, and highly absorbent too. They last about 3 times longer than conventional paper towels and are efficient at cleaning even the toughest messes in the home or office.

Refunds for defective products will be made not more than one year after purchase. These paper towels are about 75 per cent more absorptive than any traditional ply brands you may patronize.

It is a flex-a-size that can conquer any messes you may have around the house or office effortlessly. They are widely supplied at affordable prices anywhere for easy purchase.

They are certified eco-friendly and do not irritate the skin too since they are free from any harmful production chemicals. You are certain to get the service you deserve with these highly researched paper towels in your home.


  • They are strong, soft, and highly absorbent.
  • They are widely available in most places.
  • They are as good whether dry or wet.


  • They are not as absorbent as advertised.

5. Tork Paper Hand Towel

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These paper towels are rated highly for their exemplary softness, durability, absorbency, and value for money spent on them. They are also widely available and sold at affordable prices too.

In case of any dissatisfaction or complaint, you are assured of getting a refund not more than a year after purchase. They are also eligible for return or replacement too.

They do not contain any substances that may irritate the skin or harm the environment in any way. In other words, they are completely eco-friendly.

For every tree cut down in their production, at least one other tree is grown as its replacement. You simply can’t go wrong with these paper towels.


  • They are very absorbent.
  • They are widely available in most places.
  • They are soft and very durable.


  • Their price is a little bit on the high side for most people.

6. Scott 75143 Scott Shop Towels

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These paper towels enjoy multiple star ratings from customers for their impressive durability, ease of use, absorbency, softness, and value for money.

Each pack contains 3 rolls of multi-purpose paper towels that are guaranteed to absorb all messes in the house or office efficiently. They work impressively regardless of whether they are wet or dry.

Whatever the case may be, these paper towels are highly reliable for spills during changing oils, refilling fluids, wiping up spills, stain removal, painting, polishing, and cleaning pretty much any other thing you may use them for.

They are eco-friendly and do not cause any skin discomfort due to their non-content of harmful chemicals from production.

These paper towels can also be perfect for any standard towel holder for more effective dispensing of a fresh and clean towel at any time you need it.


  • They are as good as advertised.
  • They are very long-lasting.
  • They work equally well whether wet or dry.


  • They are not as absorbent as they ought to be.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

(1). Why do tattoo artists wipe with a dry paper towel?

Tattoo artists use dry and absorbent paper towels in wiping tattoos because these towels are sterilized and as a result, the chances of infecting the tattoos are reduced to the barest minimum, if not eradicated.

Furthermore, they use dry paper towels because, in that way, you keep the tattoos dry which will improve the healing process as well.

(2). Can you wrap the tattoo with a paper towel?

You should never use paper towels to wrap your tattoos or even allow small flecks of paper towels to rest on your new tattoos.

These may seep into the wound and get you infected. Similarly, do not use any fabric with a rough texture too since that can irritate. Therefore, use only clean towels or fabrics if you wish to intermittently pat your tattoo dry.

(3). How long should I keep the paper towel on my tattoo?

Make sure to remove the paper towel in a clean bathroom or washroom in at least 2 to 3 hours but, not more. Leaving it bandaged overnight may irritate and cause infection.

(4). Can I dry my new tattoo with a towel?

Yes, you can keep your new tattoos dry with a clean paper towel by just patting the wound with it gently, but do not wrap the tattoo wound with it altogether for fear of irritation and infection.

(5). Can you use baby wipes for tattooing?

Yes, you can use baby wipes for tattooing, but they have to be pure and with no chemicals whatsoever. In addition, you can use tattoo aftercare like hustle butter or bepanthen. Simply wipe over the tattoo gently with the baby wipes. This will assist in the removal of any moisture or leftover ink on the tattoo.

Best Paper Towels For Tattooing – Conclusion

Tattoos are just like any other skin wound. Therefore, great care should be taken when handling them. Specifically, you must not use any substance on your new tattoo that will leave behind particles which may cause irritation or even infection of the wound. It is for this reason that tattoo towels are very hygienic and always sterilized.

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