Do New Homes Come With Towel Racks?

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Purchasing or building a new house has quite a lot of benefits that includes customizing the rooms to your preference. You might be wondering if any of those things include a towel rack which leads to the question, do new homes come with towel racks?

Towel rack in new home

No, new homes do not come with towel racks. After purchasing or building a house, you’d still need some extra cost to put some things in place. Those things include lighting, window frames, towel racks, tissue paper holder, and some other interior essentials. 

If you are building a house, you can get all of the materials ready, and those in charge of building the house would fix all of the things you have bought. While if you are buying a house, you can get a building expert to help with the interior fixtures. 


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What are the things that will not come with a new home?

When your property is in construction, the cost of the finishing touches would not be included in the main cost of the building.

This means that certain things such as interior essentials won’t be fixed under that cost. Below are the things that won’t come with a new home.

Bathroom amenities

For your bathroom to be effective, it will need some equipment such as a bathtub, tissue holder, mirror, towel racks, and some other things.

In some already built houses, all of these would have been fixed, but the cost of everything would be added to the payment of the house you’d be buying. While If you are just building your houses, all of those would require extra cost. 


You might get seeds planted around the house you are building or trying to purchase, but it won’t be more than that. If you need flowers and other decorative equipment, you’d spend extra money to get them. The same cost goes for a garden if you need one.

Light fixtures

A lot of those new properties have lights fixed, but you’d need to buy the lighting equipment such as a chandelier (if you need one), bulbs in the rooms, or probably outside the house. Most times, all of these would have been added but might not look good to you, therefore, you’d have to spend extra on the upgrade. 

Closet shelves 

Of course, you’d need closets in your home as they are important for your clothes, bags, shoes, and so on. In some houses, wardrobes would be included but they might not look like the size you need. This is mostly for those with a lot of clothing equipment, you’d need to spend extra cost to enlarge the closet. 

Window coating

All homes need a window covering and for a new house that you bought, you might not be satisfied with the shades of window covers used for your window.

If this is the case, you’d need to spend about $200 to $300 for each covering. You might spend more if the sizes of the windows are irregular. 


A new house cannot come with appliances, you’d need to get them yourself, such as TV, Oven, fan, soundbars, gas, and so on. Although some new houses come with dishwashers, stoves, and ovens. 

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What are the best towel racks you can purchase?

Since towel racks do not come with a new house, you’d have to purchase them so they can be fixed. I would recommend a few towel racks you can purchase below.

1. Moen CSI YB5222BN Wynford 24-Inch Double Towel Bar

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This towel bar is one of the best for your towels that can be fixed in your bathroom. It is what you need in a towel rack. Read through the features below to know more.


  • Material- This towel bar was made with metal, fine metal. It is strong enough to lift heavy towels.
  • Versatile design- The rack has a chrome final work that is highly reflective for a mirror-like look that flows with any decorating style. 
  • Flexible placement- It can be used in different places in your new home such as the kitchen, or bathroom.
  • Easy fixing- it was designed with a hassle-free installation. 


  • Easy to fix to your wall.
  • It has an amazing design.
  • It was made with high-quality solid material. 
  • Multi-purpose towel rack.


  • The towel bar requires quite a lot of tweaking. 

2. 5 PCS Matte Black Bathroom Hardware Set Square Towel Bar 

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This is another towel bar you can purchase. Luckily for you, it has about 5 pieces of the holder for several purposes and in different sizes. Below are the features of this bathroom towel bar. 


  • Finishing- The towel rack has a quality anti-rust 304 stainless steel. Matte Black finished, which was manufactured to resist daily scratches, corrosions, and tarnishing. 
  • Unique design- This towel rack has a concise square design, hidden mounting screws, double bolt installation making it more stable.
  • Easy to DIY- The rack is easy to DIY at home without any difficulties.
  • Compartments- Just like it was indicated in the name, this Hardware is 5 sets of holders for different purposes. There are holders for tissue, sponge, face towel, bath towel, and so on.


  • Easy to DIY.
  • Strong material used in production.
  • Durable, versatile with amazing designs. 
  • Multi-purpose compartments included.
  • Anti-rust and protection against scratches. 

3. JQK Bath Towel Bar 

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Finally, the towel rack I’m so familiar with and presently using. With no doubt, I present to you one of the best towel bars you’d never regret purchasing. It is absolutely everything that you need. It is strong and durable. Find out the rest of its amazing features below.


  • High-quality material- This bar was made with Solid T-304 premium-grade stainless steel (Brushed finished) to protect against corrosion & rust.
  • Reusable bar- if you intend to move to another house after this has been fixed to your old house, you can unfasten it and take it along with you. 
  • Long inches- This rack inch is about 24 inches which are big enough to contain your bath towel without folding it. Also, it has about 2.4 inches demarcation distance which is enough for fast drying of Bath towels.
  • Simple to fix- It has a user guide for fixing and this makes it easy to fix without any issue.
  • Durability- This towel rack is long-lasting due to the material used. Also, it is super sturdy enough to carry heavy bath towels.


  • Long inches with enough space for your towel.
  • Easy to fix.
  • Long-lasting and very sturdy.
  • Reusable Adhesive towel rack.
  • Made with high-quality material.


  • The mounting hardware might not be complete. 


What comes in a new house?

You should not presume that all the things you see in a house tour would be in there when you want to buy the whole place.

The only exception is if you’d pay for all of the things in it, however, some things are perpetually fixed in a house. Below are those things that come in a new house


When purchasing a new house, there’s always a mailbox outside of the house, either mounted or sidewalls. 


Some things are already attached to the building to avoid any further cost, except if you aren’t satisfied with the one there. Built-ins such as cabinets, window pads, bookshelves, wardrobe, etc will be in the house. 


This equipment is not available in all-new apartments as some landlords would sell off dishwashers with the house, but mostly the cost of it would be included in the payment without your knowledge. 

Smoke sensors

All house sellers should leave a smoke sensor in a house. If the new house doesn’t have a smoke sensor, try to ask for one. However, if the house has a smoke detector, ensure you check if it’s still working. 

Some light fixtures

A new house must come with light fixtures that include a chandelier, pendants, bulbs. You might need to change them if they are old-fashioned, but at least they come with the house. Also, if these fixtures are very expensive, the cost would be added to the price of the house. 

Garage doors, gates, and other entry equipment

The seller of the apartment would always leave all of these entry devices and also tell you the code used. However, you can change the code later on for your safety. On your own, you can get security for the entry area. 

Do New Homes Come With Towel Racks – Conclusion

While moving to your new house, ensure you purchase a towel rack for your bathroom as you would or might not find one in the house.

I recommended a few towel racks you can purchase for your new house, so kindly click on the link to find out the prices. No need to worry, they are affordable. Please put down your comments in the comment section below. Cheers!!!

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