Do Towel Rails Have Thermostats?

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Towel rails are specifically designed to maintain your towels hot all day long without the fear of any fire hazards breaking out. Commonly, these rails run on between 120 and 150 Watts, because of this special design, they can keep your towels hot even in your absence without the fear of anything untoward happening.

How are they able to do this? As should be expected, there are different types of towel rails; the more modern versions that are equipped with the latest features and the older models, whose features are limited.

Thermostat on tower rails

So, Do Towel Rails Have Thermostats? Some of these rails are produced without a thermostat mechanism that can control their temperature changes, especially the dry types of towel rails that have no water or any other liquid in them.

One thing about these towels rails is that because of this provision, they are not designed to run at very high temperatures since their wattage is limited within a specific range only.

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Although, nowadays, there are some newer models of towel rails that are designed with a built-in thermostat and also a timer, such as those from Solaire’s online shop, UK. These thermostatically controlled towel rails are both easy to use and can be operated even remotely as well.

In addition, if you wish to have effective control over your heating, you can easily install what is called a Thermostatic Radiator Valve(TRV) on the heated towel warmer.

Although the TRVs do not regulate the temperature of the towel rail, rather, they regulate when the heated towel rail comes either on or off,  depending on the severity of heat in the environment.

There is another way of controlling the heat in a towel rail by adjusting the knob when you twist it clockwise to turn it off, and when turned in the reverse direction, to turn it on.

However, you should know that turning the knob is not very easy, for that reason, you may require a set of pliers to do it. All in all, electrically heated towel rails come equipped with a few options.

One, you can either get a non-thermostatic (single heat device) or a heated towel rail( one with a thermostatic variable heat).

The non-thermostatic rail operates at alone temperature, whereas the thermostatic type permits you to alter or regulate the temperature at will. Thermostatic-controlled rails also allow you to maintain your towel rail at a constant temperature.

In addition, they accord you the chance to have superior control. For instance, should the temperature rise to a pretty high level, the thermostat will promptly trip off the rail until it cools. And when it cools enough, the thermostat will kick in again.

This cycle goes on and on repeatedly all day long. So, Yes, towel rails have a built-in thermostat, although some older models of the gadget are not built with it. Consolably, most newer models now come equipped with thermostats and other features.

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What is the purpose of thermostat the towel rail?

If you are conscious of energy usage, then, towel rails with thermostats are essential, since they will keep down your consumption to the nearest minimum.

In addition to giving you much superior control over all bathroom heating, these thermostats also keep your towels heated at a constant and controlled level with greater precision.

However, it is viewed as very important for you to know that TRVs are not very recommended for use in tower rails. Consequently, it is recommended to install at least one radiator in your house to have manual valves, without a TRV.

At least, one radiator in your house ought to be TRV-free, which is a sort of safety mechanism. A non-thermostatic rail utilizes a single temperature to work, whereas its thermostatic counterpart will enable you to alter the temperature at will and to your preference too.

How do I find out if a towel rail has a thermostat?

Most, if not all, electric towel rails with thermostats are designed to have a silicon sealed piece of wire in the bars or tubes which heat the tower rail.

They are generally the easiest and fastest to install. However, when it comes to differentiating them from other types of towel rails without thermostats, there is a single feature to look out for.

When a towel rail has a thermostat, it does not operate at a single temperature, like the non-thermostatic types. In their case, towel rails with thermostats permit you to vary the temperature at any time you want.

The moment this feature that gives you variable temperature regulation is not there, you are assuredly dealing with a non-thermostatic towel rail. That’s it.

Is it safe to use a towel rail with the thermostat?

It is a lot safer to use a towel rail that has a thermostat than one without it. One, a thermostatic towel rail can maintain your towel rail at a steady temperature for pretty long times.

In addition, it can also control the temperature fluctuations of the towel rail. Therefore, whenever the towel rail is becoming too hot, it turns it off to cool it down.

Eventually, if the towel rail has cooled down enough, the thermostat will again switch back on, to start providing heat. In this manner, the thermostat can control any risky temperature deviations that can elicit a fire accident. Therefore, it is very safe to use a thermostatic towel rail than a non-thermostatic one.

Can I fix the thermostat on a towel rail?

Yes, it is very easy to install thermostatic radiator valves (TVs) on your towel rails, which will give you more control over its temperature regulation.

TRVs do not exercise any control over the temperature of the towel rail, instead, they regulate when the heated towel rail comes either on or off, which is dependent on the average environmental heat at the time.

But if you want to install a thermostat in your towel rail, it is best to seek the assistance of experts in the matter, unless you are an expert yourself.

Can thermostats on towel rails be adjusted to preference?

Yes, the thermostat on towel rails can be easily adjusted to regulate the temperature at which the towel rail operates. In other words, it also regulates how hot, or rather warm, the towels kept on the rails are.

This can be done quite easily by just adjusting the knob conspicuously sited on its control panel. This makes it much safer to operate with little or no fear of the device getting unnecessarily hot for any accident to occur.


Do electric towel rails have a timer?

Whether heated towel rails have timers or not will depend on whether they have a thermostat or not. For towel rails that have a thermostat, the towel rails are equipped with a timer also, which monitors how the temperature varies, when to turn the gadget on or off.

On the other hand, most of those towel rails that are non-thermostatic are not equipped with a timer either, since their temperatures are kind of static and hence, with no need for any regulation and timing.

Although in some very few cases, you may find a towel rail equipped with a timer, mostly, it is a common feature of the thermostatic towel rails.

Do heated towel rails warm the bathroom?

Yes, the heated towel rails do not only heat the towels alone. The heat generated by these towel rails is dissipated throughout the room, which can effectively warm up the air in it.

The rate at which the rails warm up the room will essentially depend on certain factors, such as how much air comes in and goes out through openings in the room like windows.

As air moves about freely, the hot air leaves the room as colder air freely comes in. In this way, the heat that builds up in the room will be continuously dissipated thereby causing some cooling.

Again, the average temperature of the surrounding will also determine how hot the room becomes. Conversely, the towel rails heat rooms more when the temperature of the atmosphere is hotter compared to when it is colder. Therefore, yes, heated towel rails warm up the bathroom as much as they do the towels kept in the rails.

Do Towel Rails Have Thermostats – Conclusion

Towel rails are of two types; those manufactured with a thermostat and those that are the non-thermostatic type. The thermostatic types of towel rails are designed to have controlled regulation of how heated they become.

In addition to this, you can also easily adjust when they come either on or off. Without any doubt, this is a provision that makes the static types of towel rails much safer than the non-thermostatic and older models.

Another added advantage to these towel rails, regardless of whether they are thermostatic or not, is the fact that they do not just heat the towels only, but also the entire bathroom or wherever you have kept them.

As a result of the differences between the two types of towel rails, it is good to know that the thermostatic models accord you more control of the gadget than the older models, which operate at static or fixed temperatures.

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