Why Do They Give You A Towel At Tanning Salons?

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There are many laudable reasons why people receive skin tans. Tans improve your overall appearance, enhance your mood, and also boost your vitamin D concentration in the skin. Furthermore, experts also posit that exposure to sun rays may even lengthen your life, and is also associated with improved energy and elevated moods.

Several reasons can be attributed as to why they give out towels at tanning salons. Generally speaking, it is known that the towels given at tanning salons hardly do the job they are meant to unless very close precautionary measures are taken. Otherwise, it may be an effort in futility.

Towels in tanning salons

So, Why Do They Give You A Towel At Tanning Salons? One of these reasons is simply to safeguard your face or even your eyes from getting unduly exposed to potentially harmful rays.

Consequently, many tanning salons give you a towel whenever you are tanning, which kind of fools the customers into thinking that they are protecting their faces.

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All in all, towels at tanning salons do not completely block UV rays, for instance. As a result, it is left to the tanners to monitor closely the quantity of UV rays to which you are exposed and to equally take appropriate countermeasures against any such development.

Specifically, different fabrics or clothes provide different levels or degrees of protection, but towels are exemplary in this endeavour.

Therefore, sometimes, long-sleeved-shirts, long pants, or long skirts can be used to protect most parts of the skin and are very protective as well, but towels are a preferred choice at most salons.

Notably, however, you should know that just covering up does not necessarily block out all the UV rays, but only reduces them.

Consequently, if you can see light rays through any fabric, UV rays can get through them, and for this strong reason, towels are the best option.

Even with regards to the towels, it is best to use bright or dark-coloured fabrics, which are reputed to have a much stronger ability to provide an even higher ultraviolet protection factor( UPF) than any light-coloured clothes.

Also, densely woven, lightweight fabrics can do the job of protection very well too. Although, despite this obvious advantage or importance of towels during tanning, some people still prefer to have their tans in the nude to avoid lines on the skin.

Others may choose to wear a bathing suit, a bikini, or other undergarments. As long as there is nobody in the tanning room but only you when you tan in a bed, you can be very comfortable tanning in any way that is preferable to you.

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What is a tanning salon?

A tanning salon is a place that uses a kind of device which emits ultraviolet rays to produce what is commonly called a cosmetic tan of the skin.

Found in most tanning salons are gadgets or facilities like gyms, spas, hotels, and other sporting facilities too. They are less regularly built-in private residences.

One of the commonest devices in a tanning salon is a tanning bed which is also called a  solarium. Put in another way, a tanning salon is a sort of establishment that provides services for artificial tanning and beautification of the skin.

They mostly specialize in one type of tanning or the other. These include tanning through the use of UV bed light tanning, or the application of booth spray tanning treatment. Commonly, tanning salons include spas and several other personal care salons all in one place.

What are the towels given at tanning salons used for?

Although it is claimed that there is no such thing as totally safe tanning beds, tanning booths, sun lamps, or certain measures can effectively reduce the effects on your skin.

Specifically, it is believed that just one session of indoor tanning can increase the chances of developing skin cancer or melanoma and other ailments in tremendous amounts.

To counter these ugly and unwholesome developments, tanning salons give out towels that are meant to protect both your face and eyes from injurious UV rays that may come in contact with them.

Although even doing this does not give total protection but only limits the chances. Consequently, the types of clothes or towels used should be carefully chosen and the process of tanning should also be properly monitored.

Can I tan without using a towel?

It is strongly advised not to tan without a towel for obvious reasons. One, even with the use of a towel, the possibility of your skin, face, or eyes getting affected by UV rays cannot be eliminated.

Therefore, it is very easy to see why the use of a towel is highly necessary whenever you are receiving a tan, and you choose as few transparent towels as possible which allow the least amounts of rays to pass through them.

Are towels at tanning salons clean?

As much as possible, the towels given out at tanning salons are clean and treated such that the chances of you getting one skin condition or the other through their use are reduced to the barest minimum if not eliminated.

However, if you wish, you can make an alternative arrangement provided the towel or fabric you choose is thick enough and made of preferably cotton.

Specifically, trusted tanning salon suppliers will not use recycled cotton in producing tanning towels that are less absorbent with short life spans. Similarly, faded and stained dirty towels do not have any use in tanning salons.

Can I bring my towel to a tanning salon?

You can bring your clean towel to a tanning salon. However, you should be aware that any such towel you come along with is both clean and thick enough according to laid down requirements.

The towel you come along with should be as thick as possible such that not even water or UV rays can go through it. In addition, it will be most preferable if you come with a towel that is made from cotton fabric, and the cotton must not have been recycled and hence weakened.


Can you use indoor tanning lotion on your face?

Specifically, it is of tremendous importance to be aware that not all self-tanners are supposed to be used on the face. Most times, you may be advised to apply them in only certain areas such as below the neck.

Should you want to have skin tan all over the body, it is recommended that you use only one self-tanner for the face and another for the body.

It will also be good to know that applying any tanning lotion to your face by just rubbing it and washing it is not the proper way to go about it, especially if you want satisfactory results.

Finally, before you apply any tanning lotion to your face, you should use a pre-tan exfoliator to scrub off both dry and dead skin on it.

Also, you should shave to prevent any tanning lotion from pooling in your hair follicles, and finally, wear something you are okay with if it gets stained. 

You should squeeze a generous quantity of tanning lotion into your palms before applying it to your face. Note that too much lotion is better than too little of it especially since dry skins would not absorb as much UV rays as moist skins.

Rub the lotion evenly over the skin and avoid applying too much of it. If you take these precautionary measures, you can apply tanning lotion to your face, but not otherwise.

Can you bring your phone to a tanning bed?

Certainly, you can bring your phone to a tanning salon if you so wish. However, tanning salons strongly suggest that you don’t bring your phones with you to the salon.

This is basically because, if you are using the phone to either place calls or dispatch text messages, then, it is simply a distraction from why you are at the salon in the first place.

As a result of this, it is simply better if you do not bring your phone with you to the tanning salon. Whatever will distract you or make your mind stray away from what brought you to the tanning salon in the first place should be avoided.

Consequently, handphones, computers, organizers, and the rest are not advisable even in the least, except in very dire situations.

Why Do They Give You A Towel At Tanning Salons – Conclusion

Tanning of the skin gives your skin a very appealing luster and increases your overall health too. However, it is very important if you know that there is no such thing as completely safe tanning of the skin.

Should you overdo it or apply the lotions wrongly, the chances of coming down with various skin ailments including skin cancer increase significantly.

As a result of this, make sure that whatever is done, the experts are pretty well aware of it and that it is also done with their unreserved consent too.

Even when it looks as though we can take liberty with certain expert recommendations when it comes to tanning, we should refrain from that, since tanning is replete with severe risks if you allow things to go south.

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