Why Do They Give You A Hot Towel On planes?

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It is common knowledge for airlines to give out towels to their passengers while in flight. All the same, people are owed an explanation as to why the airlines do this. Depending on the situation that prevails, hot towels or ‘oshibori’ are commonly given in packages, or removed and offered to guests in hotels and flights on a tray or as a part of the table setting. At the personal level.

Plane and hot towel

So, Why Do They Give You A Hot Towel On planes? To start with, airlines give out hot towels to passengers for them to use in washing either their hands or face or both as the case may be both before and after flight meals.

Consequently, the towels are meant for any of these uses both before and after the meals provided on the flight by the airlines.

However, it is kind of curious or weird or both to use any hot towel on your face or hands, and then almost immediately, use the same towel on the meal table.

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It is certainly confusing, although that is a personal opinion. Conversely, it will be good to always keep a few towels or wipes in your bag just in case.

Apart from alcohol and any sanitizing spray which tend to dry out the skin, hot towels can be effectively used in keeping your hands clean while at the same time maintaining the skin fully moisturized too.

Advisedly, if you find the use of hot towels on planes vulgar, you can adopt a hygienic sequence if you wish. For example, select what you use the towel for in acceptable sequences.

First, begin by using the towel to clean your face before the back of your neck, and finally your hands, in this order. This will limit much of the suspected contamination you want to avoid, but many people tend not to use these towels altogether. It is a personal thing though.


What purpose does the hot towels serve on planes?

The commonest reason why hot towels are given on planes by airlines is for use in cleaning both your face and hands before and after a flight meal as the case may be. You can also use this towel to clean other parts of the body, such as the back of the neck if you wish.

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How do I make use of hot towels?

There is really nothing special in how you use hot towels while on a plane. First, you are at liberty to use the towel in cleaning your face or hands either before or after the meals served by the airline during flight. It is also at your discretion what other part of the body you clean with these towels, but you should not be vulgar while doing it.

Can you request a towel on planes?

Of course, you can request a hot towel on a plane if you feel like it, but it is good to remember that it is the standard practice to hand out hot towels to the passengers whenever flight meals are served. Alternatively, you can carry along with you any clean towel or piece of cloth for use when necessary.

What happens if I refuse to use the hot towel offered on a plane?

First and foremost, it is at your discretion and preference to either refuse or accept the hot towel given to you on a plane for use during or after meals while in flight.

To make sure that you are comfortable with the tradition, the airlines mostly give out these towels along with your meals on the supply tray.

Therefore, whether you use the towel or not, it is your decision to make. Oftentimes, some people refuse using these towels either because they are not conversant with the practice or because they do not consider the practice acceptable or even that they are not comfortable with the towels.

Do all planes give out hot towels?

Most airlines that ply international routes are known to furnish their passengers with these traditional towels during meals while in flight.

However, in the event the airline skips the practice and you happen to need one, you can always request for it, and almost without any doubts, they are bound to have some in stock.

On the contrary, if you care so much, you are also at liberty to carry your towel with you for just such an occasion in your bag.

In a nutshell, most airlines give out these towels and stories of some that may not very common. Therefore, it is expected that most, if not all airlines, give out these meal towels to their passengers.


How do airlines make hot towels?

There are several ways through which airlines make hot towels. First, airlines can make their hot towels by simply running these towels under steam water from the faucet.

This involves running your high-quality hand towel under hot water from either the bathroom or kitchen and allowing it to soak for a couple of minutes before squeezing it to eliminate any excess water in it. This is the simplest and fastest method. 

Second, airlines can also make hot towels when they nuke the high-quality hand towel in a microwave. It is also very fast but you need a durable hand towel such as Mizu towels which can withstand the persistent abuse common in this procedure.

Simply put the towel in a bowl or dish and thereafter, run it under the kitchen faucet for one minute or so before putting it in a microwave.

Allow it to remain in the microwave for about 30 seconds only. You can then remove it and place it on your face or use it however you may wish. If you can’t withstand the temperature of the towel, allow it to cool for a hot first before dabbing it on either your face or neck as the case may be.

Third, it is also common to make hot towels by using the teapot. Where there is no water faucet or microwave for whatever reasons, you can adopt this method.

To do this, just pour enough water into a kettle or teapot and allow it to boil. After the water has boiled, pour it on any high-quality hand towel that is already in a bowl.

Leave it to soak for some minutes, drain any water in it and allow the towel to cool for a bit before use. You should also squeeze the towel to get rid of any excess water in it. Other methods of making hot towels may be available, but these are some of the fastest and most common too.

How long should I keep hot towels on my face?

How long you leave hot towels on your face depends mainly on how hot the towel is and also how comfortable you are doing it.

However, as a general rule of the thumb, most people prefer to keep these towels on their faces for a period of not more than about 5 to 10 minutes, or until such time when it becomes cool to your liking.

Thereafter, you can remove the towel and pat your face dry with a soft hand towel too. Putting a hot towel on your face improves blood circulation.

This is simply because the combination of warm steam and an increase of perspiration dilates the blood vessels and hence, increase your correlation.

This blood circulation boost nourishes your skin and delivers oxygen more properly too, which results in natural and healthy growth of the skin.

Also, warmth and moisture on the face help to loosen the contents inside the pores of the skin and also draw excess dirt or oil to the surface of the skin.

In this way, you can treat large, inflamed pimples by alternately applying both hot and cold compresses. If you want to make a hot compress, you should soak a towel in hot water. This towel should be hot, but not scalding.

Why Do They Give You A Hot Towel On planes – Conclusion

It is a common practice for airlines to hand out hot towels to their passengers during flights. These towels are meant to be used either before or after meals for cleaning the face, hands, or back of the neck.

There are several ways that towels are produced by airlines which have been discussed in the article. Where you are not comfortable with the towels provided by the airlines, you can carry along with you any piece of clean cloth you can use for the same purpose too.

The choice is actually yours to make whatever happens. There are many advantages to applying hot towels to your face, for instance. One, it improves the health of your skin by boosting blood circulation to it, and second, it helps the skin to get rid of unwanted and injurious substances such as oily deposits, dead skin cells and so on.

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