How Much Does A Paper Towel Weigh? 

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How Much Does A Paper Towel Weigh? This is far from being a straightforward question and here is the reason why: The thing is, there are so many brands of paper towels in the market that are produced in lots of varieties.

As a matter of fact, a particular brand can produce so many versions of a paper towel, scented or unscented, perforated or not perforated, all in a bid to meet the different needs of the numerous consumers out there.

Weight of paper towel

They are all different! The difference can easily be noticed in its features. The size, texture, material used and even inches varies from one paper towel to another.

Now, these factors mentioned above; the size of the paper towel, the texture (which might be thick or not), the exact paper material used, would greatly determine the eventual weight of the paper towel. 

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However, you can always know the weight of a particular brand of paper towel by reading through the description/details on the pack or by weighing it on a scale. Alternatively, you might be lucky to see details of it when going through the customer reviews of the brand. 


How is the paper used in the manufacturing of paper towels measured?

In the manufacturing of by-products made out of paper, there is a terminology called Reams. In a layman’s language, reams are usually used to describe an enormous quantity of paper or other paper writing materials. 

Paper has always been measured in reams. Right from its initial first use in the printing industry, up until now, reams have been the standard measuring unit. 

Now, like it was earlier said, paper towels are made in varieties using different kinds of paper sheets, texture,s and sizes.

This goes on to say that the printing industry makes use of a lot of different sheet sizes and so, needs to measure a large batch of paper during the course of production. The weight of a large batch of papers is simply called ream weight

In other words, there can be a lot of ream weights for papers with the same basis weight. 

Ever wondered how basis weight is calculated? The simple process is by placing the sample under standard balance conditions at 50% relative humidity. This is due to the fact that paper properties are mostly prone to change alongside moisture. 

Paper samples must be a minimum of 10 sheets and an overall area at 600sq centimeters and not less. The thicker the paper, the bigger the weight of the eventual paper towel product. 

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How is the thickness of paper measured? 

Simply put a sheet under continuous pressure of about 0.49 to 0.63 kilogram/square centimeter. Its density is derived from both basis weight & thickness. This might also differ depending on wide limits. 

What is the size of a paper towel? 

 The size of paper towels might vary from one brand to another. Some paper towels in the United State are usually 11 inches by 11 inches square. Ideally, though, standard paper towel size ranges from 9 to 12 inches with rolls having a minimum of 100 sheets of poly material. 

Will the weight of a paper towel affect the balance of a paper towel stand?

Paper towel holders are very useful devices that are fixed for easy access to the roll. Instead of leaving paper towels lying carelessly about, causing the whole place to be untidy, paper towel holders are mounted to keep the area looking organized and neat.

They are usually mounted on counters, screwed on the walls, or fixed under the cabinets. They are extremely easy to strap and take very little space in your kitchens or bathrooms.

Now, to the issue of if paper towel holders can conveniently take on the weight of paper towels, the answer is a very convincing yes! 

Why else would they be called paper towel holders if they cannot comfortably take on the weight of that which they were invented to hold in the first place? 

Paper towel holders are built to be sturdy and highly durable with weights added to the base for a good balance when yanking off paper. An excellent quality paper towel holder is sure to last and serve you for years.

What to look out for in paper towels – the weight or the strength? 

This is in no way passing off the weight of paper towels as inconsequential because in actual fact, the weight of a paper towel is one of the factors that determine its strength.

Rather, it is aimed at broadening our options as to the various aspects of towel papers that we ought to pay attention to and consider when purchasing. 

When it comes to the production of different paper towels, the towels made from carbon papers are the strongest as of now.

The carbon papers are really thin yet, extremely strong. Very flexible and super light. It was thought about and subsequently created by Rodney Ruoff and his group of expert scientists from Northwestern University, Chicago.

How to identify a strong paper towel

The most basic way of pointing out a strong paper towel is by taking time to read the labeling claims.  Every single detail about a paper towel ranging from its size, texture, and even the number of sheets per pack is clearly stated on the labeling claim.

Another vital information you will familiarize yourself with while reading through the labeling claim is if the paper towel in question is eco-friendly or not. If it is, the environmental certification is sure to be there. 

Structured organizations like the program for the endorsement of forest certification and the forest stewardship council are bodies established to carefully assess and endorse sustainable forest management. 

If you are intentional about using environmentally friendly paper towels, then you might want to go for paper towels with their individual logos. 

Again, if strength is top priority for you when purchasing paper towels, then it’s best to go for paper towels with multiple plies. 

The more the ply, the thicker the paper towel. The thicker the paper towel, the stronger it is.

Lastly, paper towel strength can be ascertained by the power of every single one of its fibers, its length, the tightness of the fiber crossings, and the overall refining process.

Are all paper towels absorbent? 

Asides from the weight and the strength of paper towels, another unique quality you might want to consider is its super absorbency. 

Naturally, paper towels are made up of cottonwood, cellulose fibers, and other plants. These cellulose fibers have void spaces between them which water molecules like to hold on to.

They follow one another closely as they are absorbed by the cellulose and fill up the empty spaces on its fiber. This is the exact reason why paper towels are said to be super absorbing. 

However, even though paper towels are known to absorb effectively, some absorb better than others. The key is to look out for paper towels that are extremely thick and strong as strong paper towels can hold in lots of water before tearing apart.

How can the weight of a wet paper towel be used to measure its strength? 

Different people use various yardsticks in confirming a strong paper towel. For some consumers, a high-priced paper towel connotes a high-quality one; others simply read and bank on the description also known as labeling claims. 

Now, this is a trick for testing and confirming paper towel strength in practical terms.

  • Place a sheet of paper towel over a spill, and then observe the following:
  • How fast does the paper towel soak up the water?
  • How much water does it absorb?
  • How long does it retain water before tearing up?

Do this experiment with about 4 – 5 different paper towels, so you can figure out the strongest brand. 

Generally, we have so many factors that determine the absorbent capacity of paper towels. Factors like the material properties, sheet size, and perforation type would go a long way in ascertaining the most absorbing paper towel.


Why do we have to look out for environmentally friendly labels when shopping for paper towels? 

If you are particular about buying eco-friendly products, it is advised that you watch out for these labels. 

The labels are from certified organizations saddled with the responsibility of investigating and confirming that woods used in the production of an item are either recycled or made from the organization’s certified controlled and authorized sources and are not ill-gotten or contravene any form of civil or traditional right. 

The recycled stamp as the name implies means that the entire product is recycled while the 100% label inscription means that are wholly gotten from certified forests.

PEFC certified stamp, on the other hand, implies that a sufficient amount of the timber used in the item is from authorized sources while PEFC recycled label means that they were recycled. 

Can paper towels be used as toilet papers? 

Strongly not advised. The only thing you will end up doing is blocking the sewer and that would cost a lot of money to repair.

Paper towels do not break down easily which is one of the reasons why they are considered a threat to the environment.

So, they sit pretty in the sewers, never disintegrating but accumulating as you continue using and expanding as they absorb more and more water. The effect, in the long run, would be a complete blockage of the sewers. 

What are the different types of paper towels? 

We have about 4 different types of paper towels but the most common are the ones made from either virgin pulp or recycled. From the name virgin pulp, we can deduce that they are paper towels that do not possess a single recycled fiber. 

Recycled are made from a combination of reused materials that are less toxic to the environment such that they would not end up as a waste in landfills. 

How Much Does A Paper Towel Weigh – Conclusion

There are a lot of questions and concerns bordering on the right and most effective paper towel. This is because, people want all the information they can get that would in turn, help them get the best paper towels in terms of affordability and durability

However, one thing that you should know is that the right paper towel option for you largely depends on your needs and lifestyle routine. 

There is a paper towel that meets every need! Be you a mother with lots of toddlers that spill liquids every now and then, to workers in the hospitality industry, the right paper towel for you exists.  Remember that when next you go paper towel shopping.

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