How To Remove Debris From Microfiber Towels Easily

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Debris!!! Those waste remains of anything you can think about, are not what should be closely associated with a microfiber towel. Whatever the case may be, debris has no business staying on a microfiber towel for too long, especially if the towel is expected to do another round of cleaning.

Of a truth, getting debris off your microfiber towel would be a task that you might have to perform very often especially if you are ignorant of the right ways of caring for your microfiber towels.

Why is this so? It is because the microfiber towel, being positively charged, steadily attracts negatively charged substances to itself.

To remove debris from your microfiber towel, you would need one or all of the following items: a lint roller, mask tape, and a brush. 

Debris on microfiber towels

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How To Remove Debris From Microfiber Towels – Steps

Be it surface debris or debris that are ingrained, it is important to know that they are not to be housed on microfiber towels.  You can find below, the practical ways in which you can get them out.

  • Shake microfiber towels to let out surface debris.
  • Rinse thoroughly under flowing water. Use hands to get some of the ingrained debris as you rinse.
  • Give it a good wash and be sure to sieve out the debris that floats on top of the wash water else, they just might get reintroduced into the washed towels.
  • Sometimes, there might be certain debris lurking within the microfiber towels even after washing. This might be from the dryer or even washing machine. To rid your microfiber of them, get a lint roller. A lint roller is an object that aids in the removal of debris and lint from not just your clothing materials, but upholsteries and the likes.
  • Get a masking tape, roll it into a ball and pat it around the microfiber towels to give it a perfect finish.

Reasons why you would keep having debris on your microfiber towels

Normally, the microfiber towel is designed to pick on debris, but the fact that they keep on getting debris on them even after they have been washed just goes on to tell you that there is something you are not doing right.

    • You might not be getting it right in your purchases. All microfiber towels are not the same, there is always a visible difference in quality. It is up to you to do your due diligence in selecting the right microfiber towels produced to suit your needs and not go for that with a very low quality. Before purchasing, it is advised that you go through its descriptions so you can have an idea of its properties. Microfiber towels are made from polyester and polyamide. The right blend of polyester to polyamide is usually 80/20 or 70/30. Anything short of that is definitely not of good quality.
    • You do not wash them properly. For your microfiber towels to stay debris-free, it is imperative that you take the time to give them a good wash.
    • You wash them with other materials. Microfiber towels are meant to be washed alone to avoid them attracting lint and debris from other materials.
    • Pay attention also, to how you dry the towels. Natural drying is said to be the best as microfiber towels can easily latch on to residues left in your dryer.
    • You lack an effective storage system for your washed microfiber towels.

How to prevent debris on your clean microfiber towels

A microfiber towel even when washed clean can still attract debris. Even when you are not instructing them to carry out any cleaning function, they stay vigilant, looking to see and suck in any form of debris.

To avoid having your clean microfiber doing jobs it has no business doing, you should start thinking of erecting a proper storage facility for them.  

The best way of preventing debris on your microfiber towel is by imbibing the best care practices for them. This includes proper maintenance and storage.

Microfiber towel maintenance spans through the proper process of washing to drying and finally to its storage.

Consider every single stage important in your quest to keeping your towel’s debris free. The most vital, however, is storage.

What is proper storage? Hanging your washed microfiber towels on doors, placing them carelessly on top of cabinets, or folding them neatly on open shelves is an effort in futility.

Your microfiber towels do not stay debris-free because they are washed clean alone, they stay debris-free because they are washed and stored safely.

Proper storage equipment ensures that clean microfiber towels stay safely tucked away from debris. They are usually in form of air-tight containers or cabinets with a lot of compartments.

Getting either one will keep your microfiber towels squeaky clean, debris-free, and super ready for your next use.

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Can microfiber towels be debris free?

That’s nothing short of irony, don’t you think? Microfiber towels are naturally wired to attract debris; their fibers are somewhat like a magnet constantly pulling up dust, dirt, and debris to them.

While we do not have a debris-free microfiber towel, there are certain microfiber towels that are designed in such a way that you can easily remove debris from them.

For less thick microfiber towels or towels with very short fibers, removing debris is like a walk in the park.

In the first place, the fibers are short so it is almost impossible for them to retain the debris. Microfiber towels with long fibers can be likened to sharp claws that drag and holds firmly onto debris.

So if you are having a hard time, getting debris off your microfiber towels, the alternative options available to you is to look out for towels with short fibers while purchasing or better still, adopt the usage of disposable microfiber towels.

With the disposable microfiber towel, issues of washing and storing them properly are eliminated because you don’t get to use them a second time.

You also don’t need to bother about removing the debris; you simply toss it into the bin as soon as you are done with the cleaning. The best part? You still get to enjoy the same magical cleaning power just like the non-disposable ones.

Is debris on the microfiber towel dependent on where it is used?

A microfiber towel is likely to take on a few debris irrespective of where it is being used. Debris differs from environment to environment.

For every environment, there are specific waste substances that would qualify as debris, peculiar to that particular environment.

Debris from the hospital would be different from debris found on a construction site. A lot of people think that only microfiber towels used for heavy-duty purposes do have the potential to collect debris.

That is so not true. As enclosed as the home is, it is still very possible to find debris in it. What might constitute debris in the home might be ropes, threads, hair, tiny pieces of materials, and even paint coating.

Use a microfiber towel outdoors and it is bound to get leaves and tiny sticks stuck on them. Regardless of where you use them, be it in hospitals, bathrooms, on your cars, or in restaurants, debris is bound to be found on them.

Should a microfiber towel filled with debris be thrown away?

Throwing your debris-filled microfiber towel would be classified as an extreme action in my opinion. This is because there are ways you can remedy the situation and reclaim your towel from the unsanitary clutches of debris.

Soaking your towels and giving them a deep wash is sure to remove the debris trapped in them. However, you might have a few more strapping on to it in the process of drying but that can easily be shaken away or removed by a lint roller.

The only time you can consider throwing your microfiber towels away is when they have been rendered ineffective either due to dirt, debris, or elongated use. When their sensitive fibers are no more functioning as before, when the texture of your microfiber towel is no longer smooth and soft, instead feels coarse, then it’s time to do away it. 

How To Remove Debris From Microfiber Towels – Conclusion 

A microfiber towel is an all-purpose tool with superior cleaning qualities. It is uniquely designed with split fibers that make it easy to trap debris. There is this ‘grippiness’ you feel even when you touch it.

The problem is that is very improper to use them for a second time with debris still trapped in it. That can limit in no small measure, its efficacy. 

Using microfiber towels that are full of debris can lead to cross-contamination. Aside from that, it is one of the ways of ruining it. Proper maintenance and storage is the right way to keep debris at bay.

Commit yourself to the process that would ensure your microfiber towels stay around long enough to keep on serving you with its excellent cleaning abilities.

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