How To Store Microfiber Towels The Right Way In 2022

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Proper storage of your microfiber towels has immense benefits and greatly contributes to maintaining its durability. Well-organized storage of the microfiber towels would keep them clean, dry, and free from dust or bacteria.

Proper storage of the microfiber towel is an integral aspect of caring for them. It is not enough to have them washed clean and completely dry. We also need to pay attention to how they are being stored. 

The microfiber cloths require proper care in order to provide you with an elongated period of optimum satisfaction. For effective storage of your microfiber towels, what is needed is good storage equipment. 

A lot of people make use of a container with a tight lid, but that has its own limitations, one of which is the fact that you have to buy a lot of them to store the towels according to their different functions. 

Getting lots of these containers is not really the problem as we have a lot of cheap ones out there, the disadvantage lies in the fact that they consume a lot of space in the room.

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The most ideal equipment would be multiple stacks of drawers or a cabinet with different compartments. Below is a step by step guide on how best to store your microfiber towel:

Microfibre towels storing


Expert Steps To Storing Microfiber Towels

  • Properly wash microfiber towels and leave them to dry completely.
  • Once dried, Sort microfiber towels according to their functions. I shall give a detailed breakdown of this process in the course of this write-up.
  • Just before you arrange it into the storage drawers, look closely to see if it has things like thread, a strand of hair, or any form of debris at all clinging to it. You can use a soft bristled brush to yank them off.
  • Shake vigorously then fold neatly. You can simply fold in twos or any other way you deem fit
  • After folding place towels neatly and arrange them accordingly. You can even go ahead to label the compartments, so you know the towels that are there even before opening.

The right storage equipment for your microfiber towel

Setting up proper storage for your microfiber towels is a process. It involves the simple process of sorting and setting up the storage equipment.


The primary essence of sorting is to get these towels arranged in an orderly manner. It is advised that you have different microfiber towels that will serve you in different cleaning capacities.

You can have a separate microfiber cloth for your cars, bathrooms, and kitchen. The sorting process entails separating your microfiber towels into various categories.

The ones used for “dirty” jobs like polishing of wood, application of wax, and the likes are to be placed together, microfiber towels used in the kitchen are to be kept in another corner, and so on.

Setting up the storage equipment

The sorting stage of your microfiber towels gives you an idea of the size and type of storage equipment you need. One of the factors to consider while either setting up or purchasing the storage equipment are the number of categories of the microfiber towels that you have.

That done, you get the equipment designed according to the number or more. Stacked cabinets or a shelf with lots of compartments are usually ideal for the purpose of storing your towels.

A shelf with a lot of compartments gives you enough room to arrange according to the various functions of the towels. Here you can have your kitchen towels in a compartment, your towels for dirty jobs in another, and so on.  

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Rules to follow when storing microfiber towels

Only clean microfiber towels are to be arranged in the storage drawers

Clean and dirty microfiber towels are not to be mixed together. You can, however, get a container specifically reserved for the purpose of putting dirty ones.

Ensure that the microfiber towels are perfectly dried before you store them

This is absolutely necessary as a damp towel is usually an interesting place for molds plus, you risk having your towels develop an offensive odor. What’s more? The odor from one poorly dried one can rub off on the others making them smell the same too.

Your storage equipment should be dedicated to housing your microfiber towels only

Do not store other materials along with them as they may shed lint on the microfiber towels.

Arrange microfiber towels according to their uses

Microfiber towels used in the kitchen are to be in a compartment different from the ones used to clean cars. That way, they are easily reached and you do not have to start scattering a lot of towels to get the one you want in particular. 

Your newer and more vibrant microfiber towels should be kept separately while the old and worn-out-looking ones should be in a different place.

What are the different categories of microfiber towels?

The microfiber towels are specially designed differently to cater to a wide range of cleaning tasks. Naturally, we have microfiber towels for heavy-duty cleanings. Such towels are used in car detailing, polishing wood, scrubbing of toilets and bathrooms etc. 

You can have more than 3 different microfiber towels for different purposes in your kitchen alone. we have towels for some not too intense cleaning chores like cleaning the countertops, glasses, and windows, then stronger ones for cleaning stovetops because of how much oil and grease is expected to be found there, you can also have microfiber towels for a very simple task like drying of plates.

To maintain a high sanitary level, it is advised that you get different microfiber towels for many of these functions.

You cannot possibly use microfiber towels used in cleaning stovetops for drying of plates after wash or, towels used in scrubbing the bathroom for washing your cars that would definitely be a health hazard and put you at the risk of being contaminated.


Purpose of storing your microfiber towels in an organized manner

Organizing your microfiber towels gives you a sense of responsibility. Since you know that only clean microfiber towels go into the storage drawers or whatever storage equipment you have, you will be forced to quickly wash them so you can safely keep them instead of leaving them lying around in an untidy fashion.

Also, storing your microfiber towels properly elongates their life span. The more you care for your microfiber towel, the longer it serves you.

Storing sees to the fact that microfiber towels are neatly placed clean and dry away from anything that might contaminate them or damage their fibers.

Thirdly, it enables you to carry out your cleaning chores in an organized way. An organized way is a quick way.

Since everything is arranged and labeled accordingly, you can easily reach out for the particular drawer housing the particular towel that is used for the particular cleaning task you intend to carry out. Once dirty, you simply toss it into the container kept specifically for dirty microfiber towels.

Can I store my microfiber towels on an open shelf?

Things you do not want to see on your clean microfiber towels are dust or any other form of debris. Though, being that it’s an open space, the possibilities of a lot of dust accumulating on it is limited, but nevertheless, dust still finds its way to them. 

Asides from dust and debris, storing your microfiber towels on an open shelf makes them susceptible to germs and bacteria.

Now, this is a problem because using a contaminated microfiber towel is a very quick way of encouraging cross-contamination within your environment.

Does good storage prevent microfiber towels from gathering lint?

Absolutely Yes. Storing your microfiber towels following the laid down rule that says you must not store dirty and clean towels together nor store microfiber towels with non-microfiber material, would definitely prevent it from attracting lint to itself.

Storage equipment in form of a container with a tight lid or stackable drawers are usually air-tight thereby, shielding the microfiber towels from dust or lint.

Can you store lint rollers and microfiber brushes along with microfiber towels?

The golden rule is the golden rule; microfiber towels are to be stored alone! Lint rollers and microfiber brushes can be kept in a different compartment away from the microfiber towels. This is because, no matter how well you clean them, there is still a chance of them passing on lint to the clean towels.

How To Store Microfiber Towels – Conclusion

Compared to other cleaning materials, microfiber towels do not come cheap. They are quite an investment and behind every investment, is an investor closely monitoring and observing helpful trends and applying them in order not to experience a waste of money or resources.

In the same vein, after purchasing your microfiber towels, there is a need to put in the work and play by the rules in order to ensure you get your money’s worth out of it.

Microfiber though not cheap, is often considered a worthy investment because of its unique durable quality. But, to maximize its potential to the fullest, strict adherence to the rules is required.

Though it might seem like a lot to go by, that is nothing considering the numerous benefits you stand to gain from a microfiber towel in its top form.

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