How Tall Is A Roll Of Paper Towels?

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How Tall Is A Roll Of Paper Towels: Paper towels are absorbent disposable material, they’re soft, lightweight, and thick. They’re used for absorbing liquid and cleaning things.

Paper Tower roll

The regular size of the paper towels is 11 by 11 inches and there are 60 sheets on a standard-size roll and it’s about 800 feet long.

Although this is the normal size, various brands have various sizes of sheets and rolls. Consumers look at the size and how expensive a paper towel is before purchasing it.


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Things to consider when buying a paper towel

Below are other factors customers consider when buying paper towels.


The size of a paper towel can vary based on the brand. As of 2010, the normal size of a paper towel is 11 by 11 inches. Some brands perforate their paper towels which efficiently helps to split the towels into 11 by 5.5 inches. In Australia, paper towels are all of the same height but differ in length.


Typically a roll of paper towels is made up of about 100 sheets of two-ply material. People usually buy one, two, four, or eight paper towel rolls at a time. But buying in bulk from bulk retail stores will offer more rolls.


In general, the cheaper the paper towel, the more chances it is to tear and the more chances it will not absorb spills properly. There are longer-lasting paper towels available, but these are generally more expensive.

Paper towels made by Viva are thicker, can last 10x longer, can be washed multiple times, it fits somewhere between a paper towel and a cloth.


A ply is the thickness of the sheets. The number of plies and thickness of the papers determine the strength of the towel’s ability to absorb spills, as well as its softness.


Paper towels come in different colours like white, black, yellow, etc, so you can purchase whichever colour you like.

Select A Size paper towels

You can tear off just the amount you need from the Select-A-Size towels by Bounty. For example, you can tear off a 5” or 15” piece, so you are wasting fewer towels. The sheets are 2ply and come in 8 roll packs. They have 74 sheets per roll.

Moreover, they’re quilted, so they’re easy to clean. There are 50% more sheets in the single plus roll than regular rolls. The sheet has a size of 11 by 5-15/16 inches.

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Types of paper towels

We basically have two types of paper towels which are folded and rolled paper towels. There are three types of folded paper towels, which include single fold, c-fold and multifold. While the rolled paper towels come in a single roll.

Facts Related to Paper Towels

  • Paper towels are created from paper pulp, which comes from wood and fiber crops.
  • The first paper towels were made by Arthur Scott. Originally, he perforated toilet paper into small sheets to be used as towels and sold them as disposable towels.
  • Despite their lightweight nature, tissue papers contain multiple layers to improve absorption.
  • During the manufacturing process, bleach is added to make them appear whiter.
  • They should be discarded after only one use.
  • They are typically made up of two or three layers of paper, but some brands may have fewer or more layers.

Uses of Paper Towels


Paper towels break down easily, they are great compost, they help to aid the growth of bacteria by creating compost.

Vegetables and leaves

Adding a moist paper towel to the bag that contains your lettuce, herbs, kale, and other greens in the fridge can greatly extend their freshness. Paper towels help maintain moisture levels without allowing the greens to become damp and rotten.


Paper towels help to clean grease from pans, sewing machines, spills, oil, etc.

Seed viability testing

Will these seeds grow? You can check if your seeds are viable by wrapping them in damp paper towels.

If your seeds are good they’ll sprout, but if they’re bad, they won’t. You can use this to check if your seeds will germinate instead of wasting time planting and they don’t germinate.

Cast iron pan

Cast iron pans are usually expensive, they are usually non-stick, it’s better to use a paper towel to clean after washing so as not to allow it to rust.

History of paper towels

In 1879, two brothers Arthur and Irvin in Pennsylvania started a company that produced tissue paper; they called it the Scot paper company. Initially, the papers were used in the hospital as toilet papers.

It became one of the best-selling toilet tissue papers in 1907. Later, the Scot company ran into problems when a railroad car full of toilet tissue paper was declared unusable because it was too thick to use.

After an outbreak took place in the local school, a teacher took the opportunity to cut out soft squares of notebook paper and distribute them among the children.

He informed the children having a cold to use the paper only once and ask them not to share It with other children. The paper towels were intended to replace the cloth towels found in the community washrooms, which were not only prone to spreading disease but also corrosive.

By doing this, the soft paper could be used only once and then discarded, preventing germs from spreading from one sick student to another.

As one of the world’s leading toilet paper manufacturers, Scot Paper heard from a teacher who had devised a new idea to fight colds in school.

The idea captured Arthur Scott’s attention so much that he was sure he could reuse the discarded paper for that purpose. So he made small  Paper towels and sold them as disposables. He named the product Sani-towel and it had a slogan “for use once by one user”.

Each sheet size was 13 by 18 inches. The paper towels were then scaled down into little sheets and sold in train stations, restaurants, and hotels for broad public use.

Paper towels became very popular by 1931, Paper towels were loved for their simplicity, it was easy to clean spills and it was so convenient they performed the same function as a cloth.

Eco-friendly alternatives for paper towels

Micro Fiber

Whether you’re transitioning to sustainable paper towel alternatives or need everyday cleaning cloths, these microfiber cloths are perfect. Use them on spills, dishes, and counters.

Reel paper bamboo

For those searching for a more classic paper towel experience, Reel Paper Bamboo Paper Towels are a great option. The look and feel of these zero-waste paper towels are identical to ordinary paper towels

Reusable paper towel rolls

With these reusable paper towel rolls, you won’t be using paper towels every day. Each sheet lasts for a week and can be composted when you’re done using it. They’re also super absorbent too.

Reusable beeswax wrap

It can be used as a wrap for avocado halves, lemons, herbs, etc. This wrap is made of cotton and beeswax. As soon as you’re done with the wrap, you can hand wash it in cold water and then compost it.

Reusable paper towels

This reusable paper towel is usually made of natural or blended fabrics. Often called non-paper towels, they can be washed and reused again.


If you’re looking for paper towels that aren’t made from trees, Caboo is a great option. These environmentally friendly paper towels are created from sugarcane and bamboo, both of which are fast-growing grasses that provide a natural and sustainable solution.


If you frequently have to clean dirty counters and greasy pans, you might consider having pop-up sponges handy. There is almost no space taken up by these products and they are gentle on cookware and dinnerware.


Are paper towels made from trees?

Yes, paper towels are manufactured from trees, other products like napkins, tissues, and toilet paper are also produced from trees.

All of these products are used generally for cleaning and absorbing spills, but when it comes to picking up and soaking up large quantities of liquid. Kitchen paper towels are extra absorbent than toilet paper and tissue paper.

Are paper towels harmful?

The paper towels, like any other paper product, are created from wood pulp. According to studies, the chemicals used to make them are toxic by nature, but the damage they cause is not widespread.

What are paper towels made of?

Cellulose is the material that makes up paper towels, cotton, and wood is also made of cellulose fibres. Fibres made from cellulose actually consist of a large number of small molecules bonded together.

What are paper towels used for?

Paper towels are used for cleaning and drying surfaces, objects, or stains. Similar to conventional towels, paper towels are used for cleaning, dusting, wiping windows and other surfaces, and drying hands.

What’s the weight of a single rolled paper towel?

Usually, a paper towel weighs about 10 oz

How Tall Is A Roll Of Paper TowelsConclusion

Paper towels are useful materials, they’re used for cleaning spills and drying up surfaces. They are usually 11 by 11 inches in size and can absorb spills or liquids properly.

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