How To Keep Towels From Falling Off Hooks (For Good)

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Did you purchase hooks for drying your towels? Perhaps you dried your towel on a hook fixed in your bathroom and before you went back there, the towel had fallen off.

This is one problem that a lot of people face when they dry their clothes. We want to assume, you didn’t dry the towel properly on the hook. So, let’s discuss the said topic.

So, how do you keep towels from falling off hooks? Below are the ways to keep your towels from falling off the hook. 

  • Spread out the towel horizontally
  • Repaint the hook
  • Change the knob’s position 


Expert Ways To Keeping Towels From Falling off Hooks

Method 1: Spread out the towel horizontally 

Typically, when you want to dry your towels, you should lay them flat so they can dry properly. Likewise, drying on hooks.

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You should spread them out horizontally to prevent your towels from falling off. Ensure you do not fold your towel in any way before you hang it. 

  • When you spread the towels out horizontally, proceed by enclosing them over the hook.
  • Then, the towel would create a delicate triangular shape when it’s placed on the hook.

Method 2: Repaint the hook

The knobs on the hook are always painted or made with glossy material that could make dry clothes or towels fall off when they are being dried on them. So, repainting the knobs or the hook generally can stop your towel from falling off.

  1. Use satin white paint (non-glossy).
  2. Then, spread your towel horizontally on it, and it will stop falling off.

Method 3: Change the knob’s position 

The way the knob was shaped and positioned could make your towel fall off the hook, but you can stop it by changing the position of the knob. 

  1. Unfasten the bolt on the hook.
  2. Shim the underside of it to make the knobs point slightly at an upward slope.

Do hooks work for towels?

Oh, yea! Hooks work for towels, but you’d have to spread the towel out horizontally forming a triangular shape which means it’s balanced.

While you can dry your towel on hooks, you can’t dry more than one on it, or it will fall off. Towels falling off hooks or racks is one of the things you should avoid as germs could get attached to them when on the floor. 

Are towel hooks worth it?

Yes, towel hooks are worth it. They are made in sets with good material to hang multiple clothes or towels. If you are thinking of purchasing towel hooks, it’s a good choice.

This is because towel hooks can be used to hang a lot of things, aside from towels. Let’s take a look at some hooks that you can purchase. 

Towels are falling from hooks

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Best towel hooks you should check out on Amazon

1. DELTA Polished Chrome hooks

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This is one of the hooks that you can purchase for your bathroom or kitchen. This hook was made beautifully to fit your bathroom. Below are more pieces of information about this hook.


  • Amazing design- This towel hook is a wall-mounted designed hook for your bathroom convenience. It has a stunning combination of deep and warm tones for an amazing look.
  • Durability- It has a long-lasting and durable finish to prevent discolouration or corrosion so that you can enjoy the hook for a long period.
  • High-quality- The hook was crafted with zinc material for long-term use.
  • Multiple-use- It can be used for hanging bags, towels in the kitchen and bathroom, clothes, and other things. 
  • Easy to install- You can easily fix this hook in your bathroom, room, or kitchen. You just need to get your screwdrivers and screw ready.


  • Easy to install.
  • It can be used for a lot of things.
  • It was manufactured with high-quality material.
  • Worth the price.
  • Long-lasting and durable.


  • It’s just one in the package 

2. Simple Solid Metal Bathroom Shower Square Hook 

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Another towel hook you can purchase is this hook. It is one of the best hooks you can purchase for your towel and other clothing. Below are more pieces of information about this hook. 


  • Versatile space saver- It is made with a sleek and active hook with a modern design for hanging different types of clothing that include robes, towels, and so on. 
  • Attractive complement- It has a shiny and coated chrome finishing that is rust-resistant and would match your bathroom or kitchen attachments. 
  • Substantial material- This towel hook is made in a square form with metal which guarantees durability and is hard-wearing.
  • Compatible- It is a beneficial hook added with an ornamental and unique touch for your bathroom or kitchen.
  • No slipping off- Clambering hardware for simple assembly. Plus, this hook is also huge enough to clasp your towels or clothes in place. 


  • It’s durable and sturdy.
  • Easy to install and adhesive.
  • Worth the price attached. 
  • It was manufactured for multiple uses.
  • Contemporary and ornamental design.
  • Handy and versatile.


  • The material can peel off later on.

Do towels dry better on hooks or bars?

Towels dry on towel bars better, but you can also be the judge of that after reading the pros and cons of the two objects. 

Towel bars

Towel bars are often found in big bathrooms, and they are also referred to as towel rails or radiators. They are made in long meters to make it easy for you to dry your towels. Below are the pros and cons of a towel bar. 


  • Strong- Towel bars are made with metals and when fixing the bars, it is also precise. Plus, they are built very strong to hold your towels perfectly, regardless of the weight.
  • Amazing design- Towel rails are made with a wonderful aesthetic design that makes your bathroom so organized. 
  • Large surface- These bars are made to have a large surface for you to dry your towels or clothes. They are usually one, but some radiators are in steps. So, you can dry your towels separately. 
  • Dries towels fast- It takes a little time for your towels to dry on rails because the bars are large enough.


  • Hard to fix- Towel bars are hard to fix as you’d have to use the user guide added to the package to fix them in your bathroom. You might even have to get an expert to help you fix it.
  • It takes over the space in your bathroom- If you have a small bathroom, a towel rail would occupy the spaces in there as they are always long. 
  • Few clothes- Depending on the type of towel rail you purchase, you might not be able to dry more than one or two clothes at a time. If you dry more than that, the clothes would fall off.

If you would like to install a towel bar into your bathroom, I have written a short guide on how to do it.

Towel Hooks

Towel hooks are made small with curved knobs to hang your clothes. They are sold in sets which means they are a lot. Below are the pros and cons of hooks.


  • Easy to fix- Unlike towel bars that are hard to fix, towel hooks are easy to fix in your bathroom. You do not need to call an expert to help you fix it. You would just need a screwdriver and screws to fix the hooks. 
  • Mobile- Towel hooks are movable and they are small. So, you can use them in a small or big bathroom, but they are mostly used in small bathrooms. Plus, they will also save space in your bathroom, unlike the towel bar that occupies space.
  • A lot of clothes- unlike towel bars that you can only dry one or two clothes at a time, you can dry multiple clothes with hooks. Although this depends on the number of hooks present in a set. For instance, if it’s 10 that is in a set, then you can spread 10 clothes on each hook.


  • Towels or clothes fall easily- As I said earlier, towel hooks are small. So, due to the Size, your clothes or towel can easily fall because they are not well-balanced. 
  • Take a lot of time to dry- However, unlike towel bars, it would take a lot of time for your clothes and towels to dry on towel hooks. This is because towel hooks have a small space.
  • Not strong enough- Who would want to spend money on something that breaks easily? Towel hooks break easily when you put a cloth or towel that has a lot of weight on it.

Conclusion – How To Keep Towels From Falling off hooks

Hooks are good for drying clothes and towels. You can prevent your towels from falling off the hooks by following the methods provided.

However, if you would want to choose between bars and hooks to dry your towels, you can go through the pros and cons in this article to decide. 

Also, if you decide on using the hook to dry your towel, the kind of hook you can purchase has been listed. Kindly click on the links to check the price of the towel hooks. 

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